Warning: Yaoi, check. Explicit, check. Drama, check. Good show, check. Let's get this show on the road!

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Polly: Jenna! That was mean!

Jenna: So. It's the truth. We don't own any of it.

Layla: True, we're just using it.

Polly: Layla! Don't listen to that devil!

Jenna: Layla, ignore the angel.

Layla: [glances between the two confused]

Naruto: [from backstage] Am I on yet, am I on yet?

Polly, Layla, & Jenna: No!

Layla: [sighs inwardly and thanks Naruto for saving her]


She sighed, finally finished as she watched the man-eating cattle run wild. They were interesting animals, that lot. The only cattle that ate man that she knew of.

"My lady, he's here." She turned at the sound of that voice. It was her faithful servant…what did he call himself this century? Oh, yes. Seth.

"Bring him over, my dear." She called. She was suddenly very interesting in playing with the flowers in the beautiful garden with her toes. Sauntering over was Seth and Ryou.

Ryou looked around before breathing in a sigh. The place was beautiful. They stood in a garden that would make a blind man weep for joy. "So this is the Fields of Elysium. How befitting."

"Isn't it? That's why I stay here," she offered. She looked around longingly. "I cannot bear to be separated from it for too long." She turned and smiled at him, making him frown. There was something off about her. "Thank you, Seth. You can go now." Seth bowed low before disappearing in flames.

She reached her hand out to Ryou, but he hesitated. "Join me?" she finally said.

"No thanks. I'm fine where I stand. What is your business with me?" Ryou asked instead. He was being as polite as he could from his mother's teachings, but she was unnerving to him. She did not take her hand back, but only smile sweetly at him and stood. She stepped forward but he did not move an inch. There was something off about her. Something in her haunting beauty, dazzling smile and odd orange eyes…

"Join me?" she asked once more. Her voice was a singing tone. Beautiful, haunting, making him want to do everything she asked of him. He would do anything. He loved her. She was his life, his soul. And there she stood seeking his company. He berated himself for foolishly declining. But she didn't seem to mind. Maybe he was forgiven.

"Of course." He stepped forward and took her hand, kneeling and kissing her hand like she was a queen.