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Chapter 1

Unstoppable Guardian

It was quiet night in Middleton, the full moon illuminating it with its silvery glow given of a sense of peaceful mystery and calm with the occasional cloud passing by it plunging the city in temporary darkness; however this serene atmosphere was soon broken by the frantic cries of two young women, running for their lives and safety.

Tara King (age 16, blond hair and blue eyes, with an athletic figure) and Bonnie Rockwaller (age 16, brunette hair and green eyes also with athletic figure) had just left the Gym of Middleton high school, after a late cheer practice with the team. After a shower and a change they decided to head home Tara requesting a ride from her best friend so she wouldn't be past curfew, had been anyone else Bonnie would have no problem ditch them but Tara was one of her few if only friend and maybe the only person who she could trust and understood why she acted like she was queen of the world.

Most people didn't realized just how much pressure Bonnie was under at home to maintain the Rockwaller name, a fact that her sisters Connie and Lonnie reminded her every chance they could, her mother like any parent just thought it was a phase, of course this of course causes her to try stay at what she often referred as the "Food Chain", the natural order in High school, were everyone fought in a way for they're place in it.

At the top were cool people like the athletes and cheerleaders like Brick Flagg or Tara, next the ones who seem to exude a vibe of greatness (whether or not they achieved it is unknown) people like Joss Mankey or Kim Possible, next those with connections whether to someone outside or within the "Chain" like Monique (By way of Kim), next the normal's people who went about the daily grind and finally the outcasts (labeled so by choice or forced upon them) they simply were the ones existed outside the chosen groups often trying to find a place to belong to, even if with others like themselves.

Bonnie had a firm belief of it, do to her sisters constant harass… i mean influence, so she had no problem enforcing it, she dated the cool guys, dressed in the most expensive clothes and flaunt it for the world to see. She took the liberty of reminding everyone of its existence, especially the people she considered her biggest rival and the biggest loser she knew Kim Possible (the girl who could do anything she set her mind to) and Ron Stoppable (the guy who loses his pants…A LOT).

The only one she really didn't bothered to alienate was Tara, she's been her constant companion through many trying times whether in school or at home she always listened to her, and didn't judge like so may others knowing full well her situation at home, the only criticism she found with her best friend was her strange (to her and many others) crush to Stoppable, in Tara's eyes he was a diamond in the rough, just waiting to shine.

Currently they were getting into Bonnie's Porsche convertible, it was only 9:30 yet for some reason they felt a rather oppressive atmosphere, as if a veil had been placed on them leaving them feeling vulnerable it the open space of the school parking lot, naturally this speeded their departure more promptly or it would have had the car started.

"Come on, come on you piece of junk" said Bonnie while twisting the ignition key, the car whining and sputtering but not staring, "Great of all the times for this to happen, I'm just glad Possible isn't here for this it the last thing I need little miss I can do anything " she thought.

"What's the matter is it out of gas or something?" Tara questioned while looking a little worried "the parking lot looks a lot scarier at night then it does during the day, I hope nothing bad happens" was her thought.

"I don't know, it was working fine this morning" her friend replied knowing full that neither really had a clue as to the inner workings of automobiles and their repair, as she continued to get the car to start.

"Hey girls! Need a hand". A voice suddenly asked.

"AAAAHHH!" was their intelligent response.

"AAAAHHH!" was their visitor's.

"Stoppable! You idiot, you nearly gave us a heart attack, you spas" Bonnie exclaimed, clearly upset at the boy (man by Jewish standards) for his spontaneous arrival and greeting.

"Whoa chill Bon-Bon, I just saw that you girls were having trouble and thought you might need some help" was the now identified Ron Stoppable replied to the angry brunette.

"Hi Ron" Tara said to her secret crush still a little rattled by his sudden appearance and blushing a little at his concern for them, although also feeling glad he was there she felt safer around him, especially after that incident with the mutant Gill at camp Wanna Weep, although lately her attraction toward him had been growing more than before, mostly because of recent physical changes he'd undergone recently, changes he attributed to a sudden growth spurt.

Tara blushed a bit at some rather vivid thoughts she had entertained recently about him, only through sheer force of will did she not act upon them, although she wasn't the only female who had same ideas or more, Bonnie although still openly hostile toward him, inwardly she was at war with herself in regard to Ron, heck even she could admit he was HOT now though she made it a point not say it out loud and in public.

The boy in question was still waiting for a response to his request, although he did notice the looks he from Tara and Bonnie, though Bonnie's were a bit more subtle.

"Seriously Stoppable how could you possibly help with my car? Do you happen to have any idea at all about how car even works" she snipped.

"Not really, I mean my scooter isn't that hard to fix, so it should be the same only bigger and with a lot more parts involved, look pop the hood and I'll check things out, ok?" Ron requested the irritated brunette hopping she complied without another snide remark.

"You know what? Fine it's not like I expect YOU find anything" she replied while pull the lever to the hood. "I must be out of my mind to even con…".

"Found it! Looks like you've got a burned out spark plug here Bon-Bon" Ron stated in matter of fact tone of voice.

"…" was her reply, while looking a little shocked that the school buffoon actually found the problem.

"Wow Ron! I didn't think you'd find it so quick" said the female blond to her male counterpart."Can you fix it?" She asked hoping for the affirmative as she was starting to get a bit worried that she wouldn't make in time before curfew and avoid trouble at home.

"Sorry T, but Bonnie needs a replacement and the Ron man don't carry this kind of thing on him" replied to his fellow teammate "Id give you a ride but my scooter only has room for two and it wouldn't be right to leave one of you here alone while I took the other one, maybe I could walk you girls home or to the nearest bust stop?" he ask although knowing full well Bonnie would probably shoot him down out pride than sense.

"Nice try doofus but will be fine on our, so your services are no longer required" Bonnie responded once again letting her pride get the best of her.

"Ok Bon, if that's what you want, ill be going now so be careful girls, see ya tomorrow" was his reply although he was hopping she would take him up on his offer, something tonight about felt off and ominous.

"Bye…Ron" Bonnie's companion replied as she watched her secret crush walk away into the night.

Grabbing their things and making sure Bonnie's car was sure to be there in the morning, they set off to the nearest bus stop to head to Tara's house, she thought it best if Bonnie spent the night there so she didn't have to go to her home alone so late.

''I can't believe that guy, as if we need HIM for protection guy can't go two seconds without loosing his pants and he thinks we need his help" commented the brunette to her best friend while they made their to the bus stop.

"Come on Bonnie he isn't that bad, I think its kind sweet they he was looking out for us" she answered.

"Yeah right I bet he wanted to score some points to get into our pants" was the reply.

"I certainly wouldn't mind if he got into mine" her blonde companion whispered low enough not to be heard by her friend.

"What you say T" her friend asked oblivious to her friends comment train of thought.

"I said I don't think he had that in mind Bonnie" Tara quickly replied hopping her friend didn't see her blush when she said her earlier comment.

"I still don't get what you see in him T, I mean sure he has clean up a bit but sill its Ron Stoppable, Kim's doopy sidekick" Bonnie commented still trying to figure out what she saw in him, even before his extreme make over.

"Well his very kind and sweet and gentle and looks out for his friends and teammates plus he's kind of cute" "Not to mention he has a great body" once again her mind going down a rather interesting tangent.

"Riiiight, so you say T" her friend replied while rolling her eyes, although subconsciously she agreed with her "She is right about some things plus he does have great body" secretly blushing with that particular thought.

"Man, how much farther is the stupid place? Feels like its been hours since we left my car behind, god I hope no one gets any ideas about messing with it" the brunette said changing the subject so as to avoid anymore embarrassing and somewhat alluring thoughts.

"It's only been a few minutes Bonnie although I agree we should get there sooner I'm starting to get a bit creep out here". Her friend said in a slightly nervous tone.

"Easy T I'm sure there is nothing to worry about, its just a little dark is all", Bonnie said trying to reassure her friend.

"Its not that, it's just haven't you've seen the news lately? About the sightings of a strange creature at night for the last three weeks" the cheerleader's teammate said.

The brunette let out a soft sigh, in response to her companion's comment she of course had seen and heard the rumors about the "creature", of course she just thought it was someone's bad idea for a joke or publicity stunt to get some attention from the media, she would know being part of the gossip column of the school newspaper, she would on occasion use the tactics to stir thing up every now and then, although recently there was talk about trying to get the feel the school had in regards to the rumors even going as far as making an expose if possible on the topic.

"T, I know you've lately shown an interest in this stuff after what happened in Wannaweep, but it's just some crazy rumor that's all, I mean nobody has even seen it, and if they did who could believe a bunch of gang members and criminals" she said having heard that the supposed witnesses were captured criminals babbling about some kind of monster beating them up "it's probably some nut in a suit, heck it could be one of "Team Possible" for all we know" she finish as she saw them nearing the bus stop after what seem like an eternity.

"I guess it's possible" feeling a bit dejected with her friends answer, it was true she had recently shown an interest in the strange and supernatural after their episode with the mutant Gill, also because a certain blonde embraced the strange and bizarre as a part of life, his motto being "never be normal" accepting in a way his status as the outcast of the school with a cheerful outlook and never being dragged down for long by anybody.

"So did get started with the math assignment Ms. Plats left for us" she asked her friend, changing the subject of conversation.

Before she could answer though, she was interrupted by a voice.

"Well, well what do we have here boys? Looks someone got out late from school" a man said suddenly stepping out of the shadows and into the streetlight near the stop, followed immediately by five other shady looking characters all brandishing some crude weapon you'd typically expect from their kind.

"B-b-bonnie" Tara asked making no effort to hide the sudden fear etched on her face as they were slowly advancing toward them, their eyes roaming over their bodies giving a clear idea of what they wanted.

"Stay calm T" she said to her increasingly frighten friend trying to both calm her and herself, while also thinking of a way out of this situation and cursing her pride for not accepting Stoppable's earlier offer "I'm such an idiot, at least we would have had distraction while we escaped and called the police" she thought bitterly, "Listen we don't want any trouble, we were just waiting for the bus that's all" she stated hopping for a miracle right about now.

"What a coincidence, so are we, isn't that right boys?" the apparent leader of the group declared while looking at his posy.

"Yeah boss, maybe they would like to wait with us a keep us company" one of individuals said while leering at Tara as is marking his prey.

"That's a great idea Frankie, I'm sure they wouldn't mind and maybe we could have some "fun" while we wait" he replied to the now identified Frankie.

"N-no that's all right we could take another route" Bonnie said while slowly edging away with Tara behind her, while searching for any opening to escape.

"Actually, I'm afraid we'll have to insist" the leader said while reaching behind his back to pull a rather long knife.

Immediately one of the punks made a grab for Tara, reacting as quickly as possible Bonnie responded with a well placed kick to the groin, now any man hit in that area will say that its one of the most painful experiences they could go through, however what the goon felt was the most excruciating pain his ever experienced in his crooked life, given the fact that a life filled with high kicks and exercise had given Bonnie very strong muscles in her legs, same muscles that were now being put to use as she grab Tara and made a break for it.

-Gasp- "Get those bitches!" gasps their "wounded" comrade as he kneels to the ground holding his privates.

This brings us to their current situation as they ran as fast as they could to get away from their pursuers.

"Bonnie -gasp- I cant -gasp- keep going" the blonde managed to say through her labored breathing indicating that they had been running for a while.

"Come on, we just have to loose them and were home free" urged the agitated brunette to her best friend while pretty much dragging her by her arm.

She knew that if they got caught, they would probably never be seen or heard from again, and she had no intention of letting those scumbags even near her friend.

Looking desperately in every direction for a means to escape or hide she zone in on a darkened alleyway, thinking it could lead to an escape route.

"Over There T" she said as loudly as she dared to her friend hoping the gang was close enough to see or hear her voice.

Running as fast as possible they made their way through the darkness and obstacles, hoping they're fright driven heartbeats didn't give their position away.

"Where are they?! Spread out and find those two" they heard the leader of the group yell making no effort in being subtle or to makes his anger known.

Huddled behind a dumpster the pair of gasping teens tried to be as quiet as possible while they waited in the darkness, the moonlight blocked by some passing clouds adding to cover but at the same time hindering their sight even further, which unfortunately for them ended up costing them, as a Tara accidently jostled a bottle loose from a nearby garbage can that in turn startled a cat nearby.


"Over here I heard something!" one of the gang members yelled, prompting the girls to run further in the alley, only to run straight into a chain link fence with razor wire on top, cutting them off from any further escape.

"Were trapped Bonnie" cried the blonde who by now had tears streaming down her face, at the thought that they were about to be violated and probably killed.

"No shit, bitch" immediately turning to face the group that had hounded them since the start of the chase.

Grabbing a nearby plank of wood, Bonnie charged at the leader hopping to at least create some kind of opening for her friend to escape at least.

Sadly luck was not on her side this time as the gang leader grabbed her arms while applying pressure to her slender wrist to make her dropped her makeshift weapon.

"Gah!" she exclaimed as she released the piece of wood from the pain and pressure exerted.

"Nice try, but this time you wont get lucky, Joey, Tom bring her friend over here" their boss ordered while enjoying the fear and despair in the blondes eyes.

"Leave her alone!" Bonnie screamed at him only to receive a nasty back handed slap to her face.

"Shut up bitch, were in control here now" replied gang leader with smug satisfaction when he sees some blood on the side of her lips were he "disciplined" his elusive quarry "Hey John keep an eye for trouble while we have some fun with these girls" he ordered one of his subordinates.

"Come on Leo I owe that brown haired whore for that kick she gave me" John replied to the now identified leader while still holding on to his manhood from the earlier pain he'd received before the chase.

"Dude, just keep watch and you'll get first crack at her friend while she watches when were done with this one" compromising with his "wounded" friend.

"Fine but try not mess her up to much, I'm going to teach her not to cause so much trouble" he answered.

Tara having heard, what was going to happen cried even harder, wishing that anyone could come and save them, going so far as to hope that Ron would rescue them.

"Keep crying Blondie, nobody's going to hear you and nobody's going to save you, not the cops and not Kim Possible" Joey said to the girl he held on to.

"You bastards! You'll never get away with this" Bonnie spat at no one in particular.

"You really need to watch your mouth girl, it get you in trouble" Leo said to her while holding her face roughly with one hand while the other holding the knife slowly slipping beneath her blouse and moving down parting the material as it went.

Bonnie shivered not only to the feel of the cold metal as well at what it represented.

Having sliced it in half Leo proceeded to remove the ruined piece of wardrobe, and taking great pleasure in seeing her breasts contained in a black brassiere "looks like someone isn't as innocent as she seems if you're wearing something like that" remarked the leader as he enjoyed the view while he heard her sobbing and the tears that appeared on her face "let the party begin".

-Clank, crash-

"What was that?!" Leo asked the group startled by the sudden noise.

"It's probably just a stupid cat chasing a rat or something" John said also a bit unnerved.

"Check it out" Leo said to John.

"Oh come on man! Why do I have do it" his friend whined.

"Because you're the damn lookout, so go look, god what a moron, now where were we my sweet" Leo said as he proceeded to pick up where he left off before the interruption.

Unfortunately they suffered another one, only this time a bit more pronounced than before.

"Grrrr" was heard throughout the alleyway.

"What the fuck was that!" the man named Dennis exclaimed as the they all heard the distinct growl that could only come from an angry animal possibly some kind of dog… a really big one.

"Dude be cool its probably just some mutt looking for food or something, let John take care of it, were busy right now" said Leo to his unnerved companion although inwardly he was just as disturbed as him.

"Yeah you`re probably right let keep going, I want to finish up before…" the words never made it as another sound broke the silence, making them understand this were no dog but something else… something worse.

"AAAHOOOOOO" reverberated in the desolate alley as both victims and perpetrators froze at the primal noise.

"That's no fucking Dog!" Joey exclaimed inadvertently releasing his hold on Tara´s arm while Tom´s grip loosened allowing her slip through and head directly towards Bonnie who was as frozen as their captors at the howl they just heard.

"Everybody just calm the fuck down! John! What the hell is going on over there man?" Leo asked.

Silence was his reply.

"John this isn't funny man" he continued.

More silence.

"John?" he finally said in a quiet voice, as he slowly started to walk towards only way in to the alley they were currently in trying to see in the darkness ahead, only to duck as something was hurled from it hitting the fence making vibrate as catches the unknown object.

Everyone turns to look at the object only to gasp in shock as the object is revealed to none other than John bloody and bruised, his obviously broken his left eye swollen shut and few teeth had been knock out.

"Grrrrr" immediately they turned towards the entrance where the sound came from. Once more gasping in shock fear written all over their faces as they saw the origin of the noise or at least they saw its eyes.

Indeed 2 golden yellow eyes stared at them hardly blinking as it looked at group of people with a calculated look, taking in each individual stopping momentarily on Bonnie shirtless form and Tara who held her, both fearing now more than ever for their continued survival, the next shock came when moon finally was released from its blanket illuminating the alley and revealing their visitor causing another wave of shock only this time a deep sense of fear was mixed in as well.

Standing before them was a thing only heard of in Horror stories and movies, bent forward as if ready to spring and tear them to shreds was a real live werewolf, they couldn´t tell its size because of its current posture but they could tell it was big if not bigger than a full grown man, its body covered in black fur as black the night as if the darkness itself gave birth to it showing a very powerful frame built for speed and grace while also radiating a savage power, with massive furred hands and feet that ended with claws that looked like they could rip a man to shreds wearing what appeared to black silk pants seen in a martial arts movie tied by a crimson red Gi belt, a long bushy tail was swishing behind it, finally its head looked as if someone took a wolf head and placed it on a man´s body, a long snout that was drawn back revealing white fangs and wolf ears that were drawn back as it snarled with a slicked back mane of ebony fur.

The 5 men who are still conscious along with the 2 women who´ve slowly descended to the cold cement are in fear and awe at the being before them, however they're blown away one final time when it creature does what according to the movies it shouldn´t do… it speaks.

"Let them go" it says in a deep gravelly voice which only disturbs them further as they see it as further mockery of reality an everything they hold true.

"That's it I´m out of here!" Frankie screams hopping that by some miracle he can get past the monster before them.

Sadly it wasn´t meant to be, as the creature grab him by the throat with a speed that belied it size and slammed him to the unforgiving cement knocking him out.

This immediately prompted a reaction from the other observers, Bonnie and Tara held each other tighter, Leo pulled out his knife putting up a mask of false bravado, Tom and Dennis grabbed some discarded pipes and finally Joey pick upped the same wooden plank that Bonnie had used earlier these men showing clearly how terrified they were by the wild look in their eyes and the trembling in their limbs.

Everyone stood deathly still, waiting to see who would make the first move, the wait wasn´t a long one as the beast took a single step forward, immediately getting a reaction from the terrified men as the rushed the creature before them, sadly they would greatly regret that decision later on.

Tom was the first to get close using a downward swing with the pipe aiming for its head, hopping to end the threat quickly, he wasn´t even close as the wolf man simply moved to the right lazily as if he was a simply annoyance and thrust its knee into the man´s abdomen, the thugs own momentum combined with the thrust and size of his opponent´s knee made his top quick and painful to say the least, clearly evidenced by his eyes widening and his mouth opening into a wide O shape as the air was forcefully released from him, he fell to his knees a heaved after evacuating the contents of his stomach, he mercifully lost consciousness after receiving a backhanded strike to the right side of his face.

Dennis was the next try… and fail as he tried a horizontal swing aiming for its rib while was distracted with his partner in crime, sadly he did not count on its enhanced sense of hearing as its ears twitched and turn almost immediately grabbed the bar almost engulfing it in its massive clawed hands swung it and him into wall taking him out of as well.

With its back turned, Joey slammed the plank on it for all its worth on its back from the force, the creature's reaction to this was to straighten upright for the first time showing its exact height an impressive 7 ft 2 in, it rolled its broad shoulders popping its unsettled bones in place, slowly turned to a petrified Joey then looked down at the broken remains of his weapon and finally back at Joey directly into his eyes hunching again to managed the feat, and slowly shook its head sideways clearly indicating the monumental stupidity of his actions, before he knew what happen his face was introduced to its fist knocking him out as well as breaking his nose.

Finally only Leo remained of the group of six, what began as a night of nightly pleasure for them turned into nightmare from out of a horror movie, deciding that since the girls were the reason for beating, if it could be even called that, he rushed towards them, pushed Tara away harshly and grabbed Bonnie placing the knife to her neck near her artery.

"Okay freak, you just let me pass and I won't slit this bitch´s throat okay, I mean it I'll kill her".

Big mistake.

The wolf narrowed its eyes and slowly stepped towards them; lifted its right hand slowly as it pasted a dumpster, and as he moved racked it causing a loud screeching as it past while also letting some sparks fly from were grooves were being carved into it until he was five to seven steps from them and raised its hand in front as if to show what would happen if the man proceeded with his threat,

All the terror he tried to contain finally rushed out as he screamed and practically through Bonnie at the ungodly nightmare before him, shocked to say the least as her momentum carried her into the waiting arms of the beast, hitting a wall of canine fur, she looked up to see it gazing down at her a flicker of concern in its yellow orbs for her, however she didn´t looked on as a scream broke the moment.

""DIE YOU MONSTER!" the hysteric gang leader yelled as he through his knife at the wolf man aiming for its chest disregarding his earlier actions at placed Bonnie to the object intended target.

Time seemed to slow down at that moment as Bonnie saw the knife flying towards her knowing she would be impaled and could do nothing to prevent it from happening, shutting her eyes as tightly as possible preparing for the sting that was to come.

However after 10 seconds she couldn't feel nothing except a on her back and hear a very dog like yelp of pain, opening her eyes she looked down her back only to be shocked as a massive furry arm held her, further inspection revealed the knife halfway in said arm, she looked up and saw the very human like grimace of pain on the beast wolf like head, amazing her that it took they blade in her place.

Tara although shocked as well by its behavior decided not to dwell on it too long as she ran toward them out of worry for Bonnie and fear that the sole gang member would take her hostage as well.

The wolf man was far from pleased by Leo´s actions an showed it anger by gripping the knife´s handle, pulling it hard releasing it from its fleshy confine causing a spurt of blood to fly out and a twitch of pain in its eyes, and then placed it between its thumb and index fingers and snapped it in half without a minimum of effort.

This proved too much for Leo´s panicked mind and shut down, plunging him into a liberating state of unconsciousness.

The beast reaction was to simply snort in disdain for the coward´s action and turned back to the girls who were holding each other while looking at it as if to predict it´s next course of action, the wound already healing at an accelerated rate that not even a scar would remain.

It took note of Bonnie state of her blouse, which showed her bra confined breast, and quickly turned and made its way toward the downed Leo, grabbing him and removing carefully the jacket he was wearing so as to not damaged it, then dropping the thug unceremoniously onto the cement floor not caring about what damage was inflicted on him and made its way toward the frightened girls stopping a few steps in front of them and placed it front of them and taking a few steps back knowing they might not feel comfortable with the idea of grabbing it from its hands.

"Take it" it said in its unique tone of voice.

A minute past before Tara worked up the courage to move quietly forward to grab the article of clothing for her friend, never taking her eyes of the creature and gingerly picking it up and backing up to Bonnie.

Throughout the entire action it remained motionless, only following her movements with its golden yellow eyes, its tail moving from side to side as Bonnie clothe herself in the jacket that was two sizes big for her slender frame but accomplishing its goal of giving her some more cover, suddenly its head turned to the left while its ears locked into an alert position, indicating heard something.

"Looks like help is on the way, so I'll take my leave, so goodnight ladies hopefully you won't encounter such unpleasantness again" it spoke as it nodded to them and turned toward the fence were John was still slumped on.

"Wait!" Bonnie suddenly spoke as she had remained quiet all throughout its presence.

"Yes?" it spoke as he watched she slowly walked toward her strange savior until she was in arms length of it looking up its eyes reminding her of the size difference once again.

Guessing she wanted to look into its eyes directly it went down to one knee staring into her on, only to be suddenly engulfed in a firm yet gentle hug surprising it until it heard two words.

"Thank you" she quietly said though its sensitive ears heard her reply, gently returning her embrace, feeling moisture on its fur it released her only to see tears running down her face, the nights events catching up to her, softly it lifted its large, furred hand and brushed them away.

"You're welcomed" it said as it stood up turned away from her walked a few paces turned its head again to see Tara standing beside her friend and giving a grateful smile, the edges of its mouth curved slightly upwards giving its own unique smile and nodded once, then sprinted toward the fence only to reach the halfway point and leaping over it without an ounce of effort then jump from one wall to the other until vanished from sight as it reach the roof.

"Wow" Tara said after witnessing such an acrobatic display, Bonnie could only nod at her friend's choice of words, as they slowly made their way back out of the alley they heard sirens.

"What do we do now Bonnie? Should we tell the police what happened?" She asked her brunette companion as the Middleton P.D came towards them:

"I don´t think they'd believe us T, heck I barely do and I was there" she replied as the officers got out and went towards them.

Unknown to them they were still being watched from a distance by their savior, making sure they were absolutely safe.

After being assured it ran the opposite way, until it reached an abandoned building where there was a backpack next to a bang up moped with some familiar clothes, a red sweatshirt Jersey and a black shirt and a pair of brown cargo pants all guarded by a naked mole rat.

"Well buddy it's a good thing we followed to make sure they were, who knows what would of happened if we didn´t, huh?" the beast spoke toward his hairless companion.

"Uh-huh" his small friend spoke.

It made its way toward the vehicle and clothes all the while and amazing transformation took place its body slowly started to shrink.

First bones were compressed followed by muscle, hair receded and its snout was pulled back until all that was left of the large being was a boy of possible16 of blond hair and brown eyes known as Ron Stoppable.

"Never get tired of that" said Ron as he slipped into his clothes.

"Better hurry home, mom must be worried about us by now, huh Rufus" he spoke to his pet.

"Yeah, worried" Rufus responded to his owner,

"Hop in buddy" he said as he opened his pant pocket for Rufus to slip in.

"Okay" he said as he did just that.

"Man I never thought I'd be doing this with my free nights, but then again I never thought I would become something out of horror flick either, oh well, might as well keep doing what I'm doing and hope for the best, maybe I'll give Kim a call see what's on the agenda tomorrow" he thought as he slowly sputtered out of the building and towards his home.

To be continued...

Well there you have the first chapter, of this story. Question ill probably get are:

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Will Ron have MMP?

Yes, actually this takes place after he obtains them and is the catalyst to his transformation later on and boosts his power for plot later on.

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