Rise of the Dark Ones.

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"Werewolf Ron speaking"

*Sound Effect*


"Normal talk"


-Media or transmissions-

Chapter 11 part 3: A dance to remember… or not.

Middleton, Colorado…

It was the day after the trio of Darkstalkers, or duo if you ask a certain sorcerologist, had come to the home of the Stoppable family and introduced themselves to the young Lycanthrope. Said lycan was currently walking towards his BF's house while his thoughts were going over the things that were discussed in the inner world where the soul of Jon Talbain resided in.


After an emotional reunion between the fallen werewolf and his companions they all sat down to get down to details of what it was they hoped to accomplish.

"It is good to see you alive and well my old friends, I never imagined we would ever meet again after that terrible night or under these odd circumstances." Jon comments idly as he drinks some tea.

"Life never was easy or boring around you Jon." Tessa replies with a smirk on her features.

"Why my dear Tessa you wound me, I was ever the most calm and peaceful loving individual ever to live." Jon replies with a smirk on his face that gets a chuckle from Leo and Morrigan.

"Liar." The magic users mirth was easily found in her response before Ron chimed in.

"So you knew each for a while I guess?"

"Indeed we did Ron, ours is a friendship that spans decades." Leo speaks to the blonde on his right with a fondness that earns smiles from Tessa and the elder Lycan.

"And you as well Ms. Aensland?" The teen asked the succubus sitting on his right

"Please darling no need to be so formal, you can call me Morrigan." The empress comments in a flirting manner as she gently rubs his hand earning a glare from Tessa, a blush from Ron and two resigned sighs from Leo and Jon.

*Some things never change.* Jon thinks with exasperation, humor and wistfulness.

"Now in answer to your question my sweet, the circumstances by which Jon and I met is more colorful than these two." She start off as she takes a sip of wine she is having…

"She tried to bed him and he said no, they fight and he barely wins and from then on she tries to seduce him on multiple occasions with no progress until he got married, the end." Promptly causing a minor spit take before she directs a heated glare at the other woman who calmly drinks her tea regardless of it.

"Remind me dear Ron to tell you about a certain someone's graduation party in the future, it will be quite enlightening." Morrigan throws back idly which gets her another heated glare for her troubles.

"Are they always like this?" The teen whispers to Leo as the two women seem to have sparks fly between them as they glare at each other.

"Actually this is them being civil with one another; you don't want to know what happens when they really go at it." The bestial warrior comments with a voice of experience.

"That bad huh?"

"We have the scars to prove it Ron." Jon chimes in while getting a solemn nod from his friend.

The two women must have overheard them as they ceased their stare down, with Tessa apologizing while Morrigan look towards Ron with the air of civility as if nothing had occurred.

"Now then while I wouldn't have put it in such a crude way, but that was indeed how I met Jon. I was out looking to feed and Jon looked like such a dish I couldn't resist the challenge." She explained calmly though she knew what was likely to be asked.

"Um feed? Like head to local burger joint or something?" Ron asks both nerves and with curiosity lacing his tone.

"Ron, I think you know full well what I meant." She replies with a look he can only classify as bedroom eyes…cursing the fact that he knew what that was given the times he was stuck with Kim as she watched some ridiculous soap opera when she got sick.

"Um…" He did not really wanted to voice his conclusions but she beat him to it.

"Sex Ron, I was looking to have sex, I am a succubus after all and back then I needed to feed regularly as I had yet to come into my full power." Morrigan was not shy to say the least in confessing this, the problem came when Tessa decided to add in what she was leaving out.

"Tell him what else you did Morrigan Aensland." The woman piercing stare made it abundantly clear what she meant.


"Ron, you have to understand one thing, I am not human…none of us are human… well Tessa and Jon are sort of but I digress. Morality and ethics to us differ far differently than that of humanity, we of Makai live by the rule of survival of the fittest and you will find very few who are willing to compromise that given the harsh world we live in." The Empress explains calmly to the teen that takes in her words and can only come to one conclusion.

"You killed people." He says more than asks, he had a myriad of emotions going through as he said that.

"…yes Ron in my relative youth I killed when I sought to feed. I make no excuses or apologies; I am what I am and can be no more or less. Even after meeting Jon I still killed albeit I focused my attentions on the less savory members of man, people who would not be missed given their sins."

"Why?" Ron can't help but ask, perhaps some morbid curiosity drove him to but a part of him wants to understand what changed in the noble woman.

"At the time I took it as a challenge when my dear wolfy here rejected my advances, seeing that he was more upstanding than most men I encountered I chose to pursue a more agreeable target for my nightly habits in the hopes winning him over." She replies, smirking when Ron gave Jon a look at her pet name and getting the elder werewolf to grumble about the accursed name.

"Of course he continued to spurn my advances until the day he met her…" at this she directs a look at the woman in the portrait "…and she made it quite clear where I can take my intentions for her husband." She ends in a flat tone that earned a questioning look, once more to the chagrin of the seductress her female antagonist cheerfully spoke up.

"She said she would slowly disembowel her with a rusty and dull knife and make her feast on her entrails if she didn't stop harassing her husband."

That made the teen gape at his ancestor who looked away with a rather embarrassed look on his face while Leo laughed and Morrigan once more glared at Tessa.

"Oh it got better Ron, she then proceed to grab Jon and dragged his stunned ass to their bed chambers and proceeded to have some especially loud sex, witnesses be damn, ha ha ha!" Leo further added getting Jon to bury is face in his hands while the Succubus expression changed from a glare to a pout.

*I would have been willing to share, I mean am not that picky and she had such a fantastic ass.* the succubus thinks idly while Jon glared at Leo who looks unrepentant.

"You swore never to tell anyone that!" He shouted through them.

"I did no such thing." Confessed the feral warrior much to his friend's chagrin.

Ron in the meantime was just trying to stay afloat in this new madness that befell him.

End Flashback…

At the end of the embarrassment session they finally got to talk around a more serious topic of additional training given that they could expect from the head of the House of Kreutz.

As much as he groaned about losing more free time he agreed to do his best to learn…especially if he had to deal with a dragon who may or may not burn him alive if he messes up in some way.

"When did our lives get weirder than they were already little buddy and why am I just realizing this now of all times?" He asked his pet/best friend.

"Dunno." Rufus kindly replies as he popped his head out of the pants pocket to address his friend.

"Yeah me neither, you would think having cool powers would make it easy but I guess that just isn't how we're meant to roll." He ends with a sigh while his mole rat patted his leg in sympathy.

"There. There."

He just gave another sigh before walking up to the Possible house.

*Well the day isn't over yet, maybe something interesting will happen to take my mind of off things.*

Sadly he was unaware of the many forces that were or had a vesting interest in him and his associates.

Outskirts of Middleton…

A pitch black trailer truck pulling said object stops just near the sign that marked the city's limits, the passenger rolls down and out pops the head of one BB Hood. She looks at the city with an analytical look before she scoffs at the sight of it.

"Well isn't this a quaint little piece of Americana eh boys?" She sarcastically asks her two companions.

One was a large brown haired man with a mustache dressed as if out of Robin Hood and next to him was a man dressed as a soldier including WWII helmet. Both grunted in the affirmative towards their boss as they took in the sight.

"What's the plan boss?" The mustached man asked.

"Standard search and destroy pattern John, we split up and look for any patterns or signs of wolfy." She replies the now named John while her other partner spoke.

"What's the ROE on this one?" The military garbed individual asks as he shifts gears to get the vehicle underway.

"Well my dear Arthur, client wants a sample of the beastie for who knows what, probably some stupid as hell take over the world plot or some other fuck up science project. But anyway I figure we bag the corpse, wrap it up and get paid as always then get nice and hammered."

"SSDD then?" Arthur asked.

"Pretty much, oh and keep it quiet, client says there some good Samaritan who may take offense to our actions or some such bullshit." The blonde terror added with an eye roll at the idea of that.

"You got it boss." John replies while Arthur nods as the trio drive into the city to begin their hunt for the resident lycanthrope.

Meanwhile in Makai…

The head of the Kreutz was currently in his humanoid form and standing on his study's balcony that overlooked his territories. While preferring the form of his heritage he would occasionally change into his more compact form to better make use of his home either in an official capacity or to entertain family and guests…he may be a warrior first but he did have manners after all.

In the room was the head of his personal guard Ry'oc and his Alpha mate Alessandra Kreutz. Like other inhabitants of Makai capable of rational thought he had multiple spouses, and like many there was one mate who stood on higher standing over the others, Alessandra was this Alpha.

The best way to describe the "woman" was she had crimson hair that reached to her lower back that was tied into a braid while the rest covered her elfin like ears, while her slitted eyes sparkles like twin pools of azure. Her body showed of her womanly curves despite being dressed in crimson gown like that of a European royalty of old.

Of course her looks could be deceiving as she was quite a formidable warrior like all those her served under her mate and needless to say her true of a crimson scaled Wyvern was nothing to scoff at.

She had established herself early on as the Alpha which pleased her husband greatly as like all of his kind strength was a major point in his mates. Thus given her standing she was allowed to this private meeting, and both knew it was meant to stay that way as Xell activated the privacy seals that littered his chambers.

"What is it you required of me my lord?"

"I was wondering that myself, the fact that you activated the seals must mean it is of grave importance husband." His mate added with a curious look on her features.

"…do you recall the visit from Lilith Aensland and the letter she brought with her?" The lord of the Kreutz finally spoke without facing them.

Both his mate and his Captain nodded.

"It came from the Empress, according to her…according to her the former leader of the feline clans and the exiled magi who were comrades to Jon Talbain have located a direct descendant of his bloodline." He finally said making the duo let out twin gasps as their eyes widened comically despite the seriousness of what was just said.

"But how!? You had your best trackers go over every inch of the area to locate survivors and found only the dead." His mate spoke in surprise and seriousness.

"I know, but it seems Jon's eldest son did survive and the reason he was not found was because the magi had sealed away his birthright and immortality in an effort to protect him from their enemies." Xell responded as he turned to face them wearing a grave look on his face.

"So Talon Talbain survived and became human? How is it then that a descendent was found my Lord?" The captain asks while Alessandra replies.

"They must have kept track of the bloodline."

"Precisely, a seal was place and in time it would break and awaken their ancestry, the awaken lycan would then receive an amulet carrying a fragment of Jon's soul to teach him of his gifts."

"But Soul magic is to be forbidden to humans by the Magi council!" Alessandra let out in shock.

"Why do you think the Magi was banished in the first place? She not only performed soul magic but made herself an immortal which is also forbidden. However being so well liked and a favorite of the head of the council earned enough leeway, hence why she was exiled instead of killed, as for Leo's part in this…well I think it is not needed to be said how close he was to the Talbain's."

"Like brothers they were those two, were one went the other followed…I don't think anyone even questioned how or why he flew into a such rage when the Beowulf went unpunished." Ry'oc thinks as he recalls how many guards it took just to hold him back so as not to kill the head of the treacherous clan at the time and spark a blood feud between the two clans.

"I remember that day, if his mate and children had not been there to finally calm him down much blood would have been spilled." The disguised Wyvern says with a distant yet understanding look as she discreetly looked at her husband who also hadn't taken the news well…evidenced by the sounds of explosions and roars of rage and sorrow that were heard for a week after the trial.

Xell did not apologize for his actions, everyone knew full well how he got when he let his fury roam free. To be perfectly honest he was rather fond of Jon, true he lacked his father's power or battle prowess but he did get his charisma as well as his loyalty to family and the old dragon would openly admit he had loved his grandchildren as he did his own young and their loss had been a cold stab in the heart.

"So what is to be done my love?" She asks making her husband who thinks things over before responding.

"We cannot openly move on this information, if true than we risk tipping our hand early and may end up making another tragedy. As much as it pains me we cannot travel to the human world to find out the truth as the gateway is too well guarded and there would be to many questions asked. No we will have to wait on the Empress and the other two to reveal him when the time comes and do our best to make sure his enemies do not succeed in destroying the Talbain bloodline." The ancient dragon replies in utmost seriousness.

"Shall I have the Beowulf watched my Lord?"

"…yes but make sure only our best and finest infiltrators do so."

"It shall be done as you comman it." Ry'oc answers before standing and saluting his ruler and his mate.

Xell returned to his vigil on the balcony where he was soon joined by his alpha who held his hand.

"If this is news turns out true the heir must be protected at all costs." He finally said to her earning him a look of understanding and love as she rests her head on his chest.

"That's what I love about you Xell, your horde that you guard so jealously is not gold or jewels but rather family."

"But of course my sweet, treasure is fleeting but family is eternal." Xell replies with pride.

"Then we will succeed this time and help with the resurgence of the Talbain my love." She says as she looks at him with confidence in her words earning a smile from the ruler.

"It is times like these that show me why you are my Alpha."

"Oh? I thought it was my sparkling personality and the fact that I enjoy getting into a good scrap." At this she smirks with a mischievous look in her eye that was rewarded with a booming laughter from the ancient dragon which she soon joined.

Dark times were coming but it was moments like these that should be treasured regardless of species.

Back in Middleton…

School had ended for the heroic teens and their classmates with nothing much happening save for Kim being asked to the dance soon to come by Josh Mankey.

Ron never thought she could get so read to match her shade of hair but the blush that came after she answered yes proved him wrong. Afterwards when they were alone he conferred with her the visit he had and what he would be undergoing.

Although not happy by the return of the woman both she and his mother deemed a floozy she was surprised by the reveal of two of their teachers being Darkstalkers and old friends of his ancestor.

Still she understood their reasoning in wanting to train him to learn more of his heritage and of the world they come from, she said so and would support him in this endeavor as well as help if he needed it. Ron for his part told her she could come along to meet with them as they truly were…though he did notice her grimace when he told that Morrigan would be there.

Now the blonde teen was making his way to another student's home per his need to learn how to dance and not a fool out of himself... well more so than usual a small part of him points out.

He soon reached Tara's residence, a rather modest two story home that an average family could live in. A part of him was glad it wasn't as opulent as Bonnie's house he remembered seeing only once when an emergency cheer squad meeting took place there he had to attend given that he was the school mascot.


"Coming!" He hears from inside the home.

The door opened and revealed a woman in her late 30's who had long blonde hair that was a shade darker than Tara's. She was dressed in blue jeans and long sleeved blouse, he admitted that the woman looked good for her age.

*She must work out a lot.*

"Oh you must be Ron, Tara told me she was expecting company, I'm her mother Cassandra." The now identified woman says kindly to the young Lycan.

*So this is her crush? He is a looker and from she has said quite the gentleman.*

"Hello Mrs. Strong um may I come in?" He politely asks.

"Of course, please make yourself at home while I call Tara down." She kindly replies, she smiles as he wipes his feet before entering, she approved that he had such good manners as it was so rare these days.

She led him to the den before going up the stairs towards Tara's room.


"Sweetie, your friend is here."

"Oh uh be right there mom." Her daughter replies.

Her mother resisted the urge to laugh at her daughters obvious nervousness.

*Young love!* she thinks fondly back when she had gone through the same thing with her husband. Her reminiscing was soon ended as her child stepped out of the room, she saw her wearing black jean shorts that showed plenty of leg and white T-shirt with the name O-boys on the front and if her eyes weren't deceiving her a light application of makeup.

"Showing of the goods eh?" Her mother teased getting a strong blush from her daughter before the teen made her way towards the stairs at a fast pace and ignoring Cassandra's chuckles.


*Ah to be young again.* She thinks ruefully before making her way down and towards the kitchen to prepare some refreshments.

Meanwhile Tara quickly spotted Ron admiring the den before he spotted her and saw his eyes take in her form. She was pleased by her choice in something both practical to move in as well getting her crushes attention.

"Hi Tara, you look nice." The blonde Lycan comments while rubbing the back of his neck, it was a nervous habit he had yet to break out of when speaking to the opposite sex, more so when they reward him with the kind of smile Tara was giving him.

"Thanks Ron, I wanted something to be able to move in while I help you out."

"Ok so how do you want to do this?"

"Well let's head to my room, I moved some things around to give us some space." She replies before leading him to her room. He couldn't help but look at her toned legs as they made their way up the stairs, he felt a bit guilty for looking but also felt attracted to the sight.

Once in the room he gave it a once over as per his instinct and training dictated, it was much cleaner than his room for one thing, there were posters from various musicians on the walls, a shelf with various knick knacks from different countries and obviously family photos on vacation. In one of them was a picture of her with an older man with light brown hair smiling in front of the Eiffel tower.

"That's my dad, he travels a lot because of his job so he tries to make up for by taking us or just me sometimes with him or he brings me souvenirs from places he visits." She commented as she set up her cd player with a pair of speakers.

"Sorry, didn't mean to be nosy." He apologizes as he didn't mean to intrude.

"It's ok Ron, I know you don't mean any harm, you aren't that kind of person." She reassures him before pushing forward "…now let's focus on me helping you get ready to strut your stuff on the dance floor." She ends confidently getting a good chuckle out of him.

"Lead the way teach." He replied with a smile that made her feel butterflies in her stomach.


Both teens were exhausted, sweaty but also cheerful after spending so much time doing nothing but losing themselves to rhythm and sound of Tara's music as she taught him to dance and not look like a flailing monkey.

Tara was on the bed with a happy look as she rested, this was honestly the most fun she had in a while. Sure cheerleading was exciting and all but compared to this moment with the person she had feelings for was much more gratifying.

*It would be even more so if I told him how I felt. I mean the slow dance was the perfect opportunity!* She chides herself internally as she recalls how he nervously held her at first when a slow song started then after some coaxing from her despite her own nerves he relaxed and just went with it.

She looks down at Ron sprawled over the floor looking just as tired and relaxed as her after so much activity. Once more she thinks over why she feels the way she does for him despite their different backgrounds, but after Wannaweep she saw that the young man before her had so much more to him than just being the silly school mascot and sidekick to teen heroine Kim Possible and she wanted to learn more if only she could tell him so.

"Hey Tara you ok?" He says to her when he notices her staring off at nothing.

"Oh it's nothing Ron just losing myself in my thoughts." She replies kindly to her crush.

"Yeah, I get that way sometimes too…mostly during class I would say." He quips, earning a giggle from the other blond.

"Oh I know Ron; after all Barkin reminds you every time he catches you." She adds through her laugh.

"I keep telling you people he is out to get me!" He exclaims in mock outrage, or at least that what Tara thinks it is before simply laughing.

At that moment Tara's mother knocked.

"Tara? May I come in?" Her daughter was going answer before her mother added mischievously "…you both are decent right?"

"MOM!" The rather embarrassed girl shouts as she practically rips open the door to show a smirking Cassandra.

"Just having some fun Tara no need to be embarrassed, however I did come to ask your friend if he will be staying for dinner. Your father will be working late and won't be able to make it so I figure since your friend's here why not take advantage."

"Uh ok, Ron would you like to stay for dinner?" A part of her couldn't help but hope yes.

"Well I would hate to impose on you both." The blonde lycan bashfully replies as he would hate to be rude to the kind women.

"None sense Ron, it is no problem at all." Tara's mother comments as she would like to know about him and get a feel for his personality.

"Well if you are cool with it Mrs. Strong then sure, do you need any help with anything?"

"Ron you are the guest here, so no need for you volunteer." Cassandra answers though pleased by his politeness.

"Please Mrs. Strong; it is the least I can do as thanks for letting me into your home and Tara giving me some much needed pointers to not look like a flailing monkey at the dance." He shuddered at the thought of his long time trauma, while the ladies took it as a joke and gave a small laugh.

"All right Ron you can help, Tara can you set the table in the mean time?" Her mother asks kindly as she leads the young man to the kitchen.

"Sure Mom." She agrees as she is happy to get to spend more time with her crush, hopefully she would do so again at the dance.

*Hopefully during a slow dance.* She privately hopes as she moves to set the table per her mother's request.

Dinner soon came & went and in the end Cassandra was quite sure Ron would make a fine boyfriend for her daughter as he regaled her with stories of past missions during dinner. He also wasn't shy about speaking of the humorous mishaps he often endured such as his pants malfunctions or pushing the self-destruct button their villains seem to always have on hand that he just accidently finds and accidentally presses.

She never knew she could laugh so much in one night until she heard his claims, she was also surprised to hear what really happened on that night she and her husband received a call from the police to pick up her daughter after her encounter with the mutated Gil. She was even more thankful the young man before her stepped up and protected her and the others and what finally cinched it for her was that he was a damn fine cook if the delicious chocolate cake he baked was all the proof she need to give her ok should her daughter finally pursue him.

As she watched him and his daughter say goodnight to each other she made the decision to help her girl catch his eye, her daughter deserved happiness and love in her life and she knew Ron would be that if Tara could win his heart.

*This calls for drastic measures.* She thought as she began a mental checklist on what Tara would need to boost her chances.

Tara had just closed the door when she spotted her mother with an odd twinkle in her eye that just meant she was about to be dragged into something crazy.

*Oh boy, here we go again!*

One week later…

"Well Rufus this is it, this is where all the work and all training I did pay off." Ron spoke to his partner in crime as he combed his hair with a look of utmost seriousness while Rufus inspected his new black suit, one he had to purchase given that he no longer could wear his dad's old prom one given his size and frame.

"Uh-huh, yeah."

Satisfied his friend's suit passed inspection he gave his face a look see with an intense look not common on mole rats…although Rufus was hardly common.

"What's the word buddy? We good?"

"Good!" The little animal replies with an ok sign on its little paw.

"Cool, you got your stash right?" He asks him given he will not be able to accompany as the suits pockets were too small to accommodate him much to their chagrin.

"Uh huh." Rufus answers as he points at his stack of assorted cheeses for the night near his nest.

"Wish you could come with me buddy and help ease my nerves, I mean this is pretty big right? I mean I am taking a celebrity to a dance...I'm taking THE Felicia Hartland to a dance." He nervously says to his second bf who scuttles up his suit and pats him on the cheek in comfort.

"Ron good, have fun."

"Thanks man, I needed that." A Ron answer as he scratches his friend on his favorite spot in thanks.

"Ron! You ready son?" His father shouts from the first floor.

"Ready as ever guess." He says to his reflection before making his way down.

His parents were there waiting, his mother stepping up to give him another inspection to make sure her handsome son was ready for his date. While his father just rolled his eyes in good nature as his wife fussed over their son.

"You have your learners permit son?" He asks him as he was loaning him his car for the evening.

"Yeah dad got it right here in my wallet." His son replies as he pats his back pocket where his fearless ferret wallet was located at.

"Ok now dear could you excuse us a moment? I and Ron have to have little a man to man talk."

"Now son, I know that you're still young but I still want you to act courteous and respectful to this person you are taking all right?" John says to his son in utmost seriousness.

"Yeah sure dad, be a gentleman and all."

"Good…also should things escalate between you and her, well just remember to use protection."


"DAD!" A red faced Ron cried out.

"Now son it is perfectly natural to feel urges at your age, why when I was your age and I met your mother…"

"No! No more! Please! I get it but please stop now!" Ron's face would make a tomato jealous by how red it was.


"And that would be your cue." His father spoke as he led him to the entryway finding his wife already there at the door. What they found on the other side took their breath away.

"Oh my/Wow." Both parents whispered as they looked at the beautiful woman on the other side of the door.

Felicia was decked in a white dress that seemed to have been painted on her as it hugged her curves, there was a slit that reached her mid-thigh and let her toned legs to be shown and left the barest hint of cleavage be revealed. It was more than likely custom made for her as her tail was freely moving behind her, likely so as to avoid any discomfort.

Surprisingly she wore a pair of high heels, but one of her species abilities was to shift their muscle and bone structure, early on in her life it was difficult and irritating but with the passage of time she got better until it no longer bothered her to wear footwear should the situation call for it.

"Hello, I'm Felicia Hartland you must be Ron's parents." The catwoman pleasantly greets as she holds out her hand to them.

"H-hi, I'm-m Ron's father John and this is my wife Laura." The Stoppable patriarch replies to catwoman after regaining his composure as he shakes her hand while Laura who is still stunned waves more.

"I am pleased to make your acquaintance." The actress replies cheerfully before she gets a curious look and then looks around before whispering to them.

"Are you werewolves too?"

"Hmm, oh no no no it was Ron who awoke the beast inside so to speak." The man answers quickly, he was glad Ron found someone he could confide in besides the Possibles and who took care not to reveal his secret.

"Oh gotcha…" she winks back at him in understanding "…he helped protect my girls so his secret is safe with me." Felicia assures them much to the Stoppables relief. Ron finally showed up and like his parents was stunned by the beautiful woman.


Felicia giggled at his reaction before taking a gander at her dance partner for the evening.

*Meow! He looks delish.*

"I'm glad you approve Ron, you look very handsome yourself." Felicia says with a smile at the blonde lycan who blushed at the compliment from the beautiful woman.

"Um so if you're ready we can go if you like?" He asks his date for the evening as she steps towards her.

"Sure thing…" she replies before turning towards Ron's parent's "…it was nice meeting you Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable." She ends kindly.

"Pleasure was ours, have fun you two." John says warmly as he hopes they do enjoy themselves while Laura gave a smile and waved.

Ron closed the door before held out the crook of his arm towards her, Felicia smiled at the gentleman like gesture and accepted his offer as he led her towards the family car.

*I just know this will be a great night.* She thinks as he opens the door for her before heading to the driver's seat and departing towards their destination. Unknown to them and others, this was to be the start of another high stakes & harrowing adventure.

To be continued…

A/N: So there we go, not much action but it does set up the arrival of BB Hood and her goons, Felicia appearing again who BTW is wearing a variation of the dress she sports after being hit by Dimitri's Midnight Bliss (I believe it is called) and sometime between Ron and Tara.

Next chapter will see some serious shit, Kim going through some unpleasantness (NO RAPE, REPEAT NO RAPE) with Josh that the dearly departed Freedom Guard helped me with. Ron reacting to this in a manner that will leave an impression and finally cement what the relationship between Kim and Ron will be. BB Hood making her move and the ramifications of that fight and if luck is by my side the conclusion at the lab of Drakken.

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