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Message from You

Summary : One day Tezuka received a message from someone or should I say his crush. What will he react?

-Tezuka's residence, Kunimitsu's room, 09.00 pm-

Tezuka closed his history notebook He took off his glasses and messaged his eyes softly. He would have an exam next Monday so although today was Saturday night h still went for study. He was about to lie on his comfortable bed when his phone rang, signaling there was new received message for him. Tezuka grabbed his cell phone. It was Fuji.

I have wanted to tell you this for the longest time. I love you

Tezuka blinked. He read the short message twice and suddenly he found his cheeks grew red. He shook his head and texted back.

Fuji, it's time to bed. Go to sleep and stop teasing me.

Tezuka put it back on the table. He lied down and couldn't help but to think about Fuji's message. Few minutes later his cell phone rang again. He picked it up and read.

I'm not! I really in love with you, Tezuka Kunimitsu!

Tezuka could feel he was blushing like mad when he read it. It seemed that Fuji wasn't kidding or something. Slowly he put it on the table and lied down. Did Fuji really love me? Or it's just a usual prank? But this is Fuji. The Fuji Syuusuke whom he had a crush on for two years. He wouldn't play round with something called love, right? Because love was a strong feeling.

Tezuka closed his eyes but suddenly Fuji's face appeared in his head. God… please help me! I really need to sleep… he prayed. Soon, he went into an uncomfortable sleep with Fuji inside his head.

-Fuji's residence, Syuusuke's room, 09.00 pm-

"Eiji! Give me back my phone!" Fuji shouted as he chased his best friend around the room, trying to get his phone back. Eiji was in is best friend's house for a 'Saturday Sleeping Over' routine. He borrowed Fuji's phone moment ago but looked at how serious he playing with his phone, Fuji couldn't help but to feel curious.

"But Fujiko! Your phone is fun to play with!" Eiji whined. He held the phone tightly on his chest just like a cat protecting its fish. Fuji opened his eyes and looked straight to him.

"As long as you don't go around sending love messages to random people. I know it was you who sent that 'I love you' message to Echizen using Momoshiro's phone the last time!" Fuji said as he plopped onto the bed, exhausted. Trying to catch Eiji was a difficult task since the read headed boy used his acrobatic skill to avoided the catcher. "Momoshiro had a lot of explaining to do when he was confronted by Echizen."

"But it did them some good! See how loving they are now!" Eiji looked proud of himself. "Don't you think I'm such a good matchmaker?"

Fuji glared hard at Eiji. "I don't need any matchmaking."

"Don't worry Fujiko! I won't do that to you!" Eiji grinned. He was glad that Fuji didn't catch him send a message of love to their or Fuji's beloved Buchou. Eiji knew that Fuji had loved Tezuka since they were freshman and Fuji, although a genius, didn't do anything liked confessed or something. He said he didn't want to ruin his friendship with Tezuka but Eiji didn't care. Fuji had helped him with Oishi so he had to help him back. Why should Fuji and Tezuka become a friend when they could become a lover instead?

" Fujiko, don't be mad okay…! Here your phone" Eiji said, handing Fuji's phone after deleted the messages. Fuji took his phone and checked everything and of course he didn't find anything wrong. He glanced at Eiji who smiled innocently at him and sighed.

"Let's go to sleep…!" Eiji said and jumped onto Fuji's large and soft bed. Fuji chuckled at his friend antic and lied beside him as well.

-Monday, Seishun Gakuen, lunch time-

Tezuka sighed. Since Fuji's message accident, he couldn't stop thinking about it. And today his history exam was terrible. He just hoped he could pass the test. He headed to rooftop where he could find peace and maybe he could avoid a certain beautiful smiling boy.

Fuji was puzzled. He didn't meet Tezuka the whole morning. True, there was a morning practice but Tezuka didn't look at him and just ignored him. Tezuka was clearly avoiding him. He didn't even go to cafeteria where he usually eat there with Oishi, Eiji and Fuji. Fuji frowned. What did he do to him?

"Fujiko? Fu-ji-ko? FUJIKO!" Fuji looked up surprise to Eiji who pouted at him.

"W-What's wrong Eiji?"

"You weren't listening to me, Nya! You are spacing out!"Eiji said as he pouted.

"Ma… it's nothing Eiji… You are saying?"

Fuji walked with a frowned on his pretty face. He kept thinking why Tezuka avoided him? Then suddenly he saw Tezuka walked down form the stair. Tezuka was looking his way and suddenly he turned around and walked to the corridor opposite Fuji's. Fuji ran tried to catch Tezuka but it seemed that Tezuka walked faster or ran because he couldn't see Tezuka anywhere. Fuji sighed and decided to go to Tezuka's class but the bell rang, announcing that the lunch break was over.

Tezuka reached in his class right before the bell rang. He was walking down the stair after had is lunch and saw Fuji was walking his way. His heart suddenly went faster than normal. He turned around quickly and walked as fast as he could. Good thing Fuji couldn't catch him.

-Fuji's class, English subject-

Fuji looked out the window. He still couldn't find a reason about Tezuka's behavior today

"Tezuka has been avoiding me like the plague ever since this morning! And I don't even know what I did wrong!" He said to himself. Quietly without teacher noticed, he took out his cell phone and sent a message to Tezuka.

'Tezuka, we need to talk. Meet me at the rooftop after school today. I'll be waiting for you.'

Tezuka stared at the message from Fuji again. He knew that he had to face the inevitable someday, but he had hoped that it would not be so soon. He just hoped he would be able to control his emotions. He reluctantly packed up his things and dragged himself off to the rooftop.

-Rooftop, 03.00 pm-

"You wanted to talk to me about something, Fuji?" Tezuka asked, keeping his cool.

"I just want to know why have you been avoiding me these past few days? Did I do something that offend you that much?" Fuji asked, seriously. Tezuka tried to looked away but he couldn't.

"No." Tezuka's reply was short and simple.

"Then why are you avoiding me?!" Fuji asked impatiently. His blue eyes opened and looked at him.

"Why do you want to know?"

"Just tell me already!" Fuji demanded half whined.

Tezuka took out his phone and pressed a few buttons on it. He then passed it to Fuji.

'I have wanted to tell you this for the longest time. I love you.' – Fuji Syuusuke

"It's my handphone number. But I never sent this message to you!" Fuji said, frowned cutely.

"Really?" Tezzuka raised his eyebrow. Fuji nodded, opening his eyes. Tezuka sighed and turned back, ready to go.

'Fine then, see you tomorrow" He began to walk.

"No, wait!" Fuji grabbed Tezuka's wrist. "It must have been Eiji! He borrowed my phone last Saturday and playing with it!"

Tezuka looked at Fuji suspiciously.

"I swear it's true! I would never send a message like that to you!" Fuji thought he saw disappointment flicker in Tezuka's eyes, but decided that the dim lighting of the rooftops were playing tricks on his eyesight.

"Okay then. Now that's settled and I can punish Kikumaru tomorrow practice. Now will you let go of my wrist?"

"No!" Fuji shouted almost instantaneously.

"What do you want now?" Tezuka asked.

"I want you." Fuji replied softly before he tip toed captured Tezuka's lips in a tender kiss. Tezuka was rooted to the spot. Fuji's lips were so soft and sweet. Tezuka couldn't help but to kiss back and wrapped his arms around Fuji's slim waist. They broke the kiss after their lungs screamed for air. Fuji looked at Tezuka, smiling.

"Tezuka, I said I didn't send you that message. But whether you believe it or not, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Eiji was just the catalyst that helped me put my feelings into words and sent it to you." Fuji said.

"Do you really mean it?" Tezuka asked in a soft voice.

"Yes I do. I understand that you will not feel the same way as I do, but now that I've confessed, I feel so much better. You can go now." Fuji said, lowering his head.

"But I do." Fuji heard Tezuka said in a small voice.

"You do what?" Fuji looked up and saw Tezuka smiling. He could see love in his eyes.

"I love you too"

Fuji felt a burst of joy surging through him when he heard Tezuka's words. He ran forward and hugged Tezuka. Tezuka was happy and he hugged him back.

'I'll make you happy, Syuusuke. I promise' Tezuka made a promise to himself.

'I'll never let you go or hurt you, Kunimitsu' Fuji smiled at his own promised.


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