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Message For You

-Fuji's room, 06.00 am-

Fuji's eyes opened lazily as he heard his cell phone rang. Being not a morning person he was, he looked at his phone murderously. He reached out his hand and grabbed the phone from the table beside his bed. It read 'you got a message'. Fuji frowned 'who would send a message this early in the morning? Well whoever it is he'll die' He pushed the button and read.

Good morning sweetheart… (^_^) – Kunimitsu

Fuji smiled. Who knew that the ice walking Tezuka Kunimitsu could be this sweet. Fuji typed replay to his boyfriend.

Good morning dear… sleep well?

Fuji pushed send. He lied down on the bed again, waiting for the replay and it came in a minute.

Of course, I always sleep well every time I thinking about you…

Fuji could feel himself blushed. He smiled shyly imagined Tezuka smiled in other line.

Oh really? I'm glad I can help then… I always think about you before I go to sleep and I always have a nice dream afterward.

Fuji smiled as he typed his words. His bad mood was completely gone now.

You should think about me more often then… I don't want you to have a headache in the morning just because you can't sleep at night…

Fuji chuckled. Another side of Tezuka he didn't know. The only one he knew someone had his attitude was Atobe. Well, Tezuka could be a full of himself if he wanted to.

Sure… Kunimitsu let's go to school together

Fuji got up and took a towel from his closet, ready to taking a bath. He heard his cell phone rang.

Okay, I'll pick you up… see you in an hour. I love You

Fuji smiled and couldn't help to type back.

I love you too

-Tezuka's room, 06.00 am-

Tezuka opened his eyes. His hazel brown eyes looked at the clock on the wall. He sat ups from is bed and put on his glassed. His eyes glanced at his cell phone on the nightstand. Smiling, he took his phone and decided to send his beautiful boyfriend a morning message.

Tezuka smiled as he read Fuji's message to him. He really loved this boy. He should thank you to Kikumaru for being a matchmaker that brought them up together two months ago. Tezuka could see Fuji blushed when he typed that he always thought about him before he slept. Well, that was true after all. He always thought about Fuji whenever he was. Like before he went to seep, he always imagined Fuji's pretty face smiled at him, told him good night (although Fuji always send him a message telling him good night) or when he was having breakfast with his family. Every time he saw a small piece of wasabi in his bowl or his mother's cooking he always remembered Fuji. Well, wasabi is Fuji's favorite food after all. He always remembered Fuji's adorable face and sparking eyes every time Tezuka brought him into a café and treated him wasabi sushi or something with wasabi in it. The though made him smiled and that shocking his family. His mother would tease him and his father chuckled at his blushing face.

Tezuka smiled when he received an 'I love you too' from Fuji. He slowly got up form his bed and prepared to meet up with his beloved boyfriend.

-A moth later, Perfect Pair 3rd month anniversary-

Fuji walked into his class happily. A sincere smile could be seen on his face. The happiness aura seemed to radiate everywhere. Kikumaru, being a curious cat he was, looking at Fuji's curiously. He ran to his best friend and hugged him from behind. Fuji almost fell down onto the hard floor.

"Hoi… Fujiko! You look happy, nya! What's wrong? What's wrong?" Kikumaru asked loudly. Fuji jut laughed and kept walking with his best friend hug him from behind.

"Fujiko, tell me!" Kikumaru whined and pouted. Once Fuji found his seat, he sat down. Kikumaru was still pouting beside him.

"It's nothing Eiji. It just… today's special for me…" Fuji explained. Kikumar's blue eyes widen.

"Really, nya? Why? Why?" Kikumaru shook Fuji's shoulders.

"That…." Kikumaru leaned to him.

"That's… secret" he said. Kikumaru whined loudly and kept asking his best friend over and over again. Finally the bell rang and the teacher walked into their class. Fuji felt happy because his best friend finally stopped asking him.

-Seigaku, lunch time-

Tezuka walked up to the rooftop. He would meet Fuji there to have lunch together. Well, they always have lunch together since they were freshman but since they began dating t felt different. It felt more special. Especially today, the day Fuji and Tezuka would celebrate their third month anniversary.

Tezuka pushed the door opened and saw Fuji was setting up a picnic mat and basket for them. Tezuka shook his head and smiled in amusement. So that's why Fuji didn't let him brought a lunchbox today. They would have a picnic on the rooftop today.

Fuji looked up when he saw a shadow above him. He smiled widely when he saw it was Tezuka. His blue eyes opene and stared happily at him.

"Here sit down, Mitsu" He said happily, his beautiful eyes began to sparkle.

Tezuka liked it when Fuji opened his eyes every time he was with Tezuka. That way, Tezuka could see his lover's emotion. He liked when Fuji didn't hide something from him. If Fuji opened his eyes to Tezuka, it meant that Fuji trust him in everything.

Tezuka sat down beside him. Fuji took out two lunch boxs from the basket. Then, he took out small bowls and plates contained with meats, vegetables, eggs, and salmons. He also took out a bottle of green tea and two glasses. He put the on the mat and took out two pairs of chopsticks. He gave one to Tezuka and one for himself.

Tezuka looked at whatever Fuji doing and couldn't help that Fuji was look like a wife who was serving his husband for a lunch. He looked at the lunchbox Fuji gave him and he opened it. It contained with rice only. He looked at the meals on the mat and smiled.

"You know Syuusuke… I feel like having a wife now" He said. Fuji blushed madly and smiled shyly.

"Well, I will be your wife if you want me to" He said. Tezuka laughed and kissed him. They kept kissing each other before Fuji remembered that they were supposed to eat their lunch not eat each other.

"Let's eat…" Fuji said, blushing. Tezuka chuckled and nodded. He took his chopstick and the perfect pair began their lunch.

"Syuusuke…" Tezuka called out once they ended their lunch and Fuji began to put everything back to the basket. Fuji closed the basket and looked at him.

"What is it?"

"Thank you…" Tezuka said, smiling. Fuji smiled back and nodded happily.

"Don't need to. I like do anything for you…" Fuji said, stared lovingly at Tezuka.

"Then do something for me, just one thing" Tezuka asked, hopefully.

"Anything for you"

Tezuka took Fuji's hands and hold them.

"Stay with me forever…" Tezuka said. Fuji was taken a back for a while before he smiled and moved closer to Tezuka. He pecked his lips in a sweet kiss.

"Of course…"

Tezuka smiled, he let go of Fuji's hand and took a small box from his pocket. He gave it to Fuji.

"What is this?" Fuji asked.

"Open it"

Fuji opened the box and saw a necklace no two necklaces with pendant 'K&S' for Kunimitsu&Syuusuke. Fuji could feel his eyes watered. He looked at Tezuka who looked at him with much love.

"Happy 3rd month Anniversary, Syuusuke" Tezuka said before kissed Fuji.


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