"I'da Boss o' u wimpz! U gonna do wot I say or I gonna put your 'eads on mi pointy stick! I'da hand of Gork an' Mork! I' here ta get u boyz to start the killin' o' de weak humies! And if u wanna try and beat me, Gork an' Mork r' gonna smash u da bitz when I' dun wih ya! Ya go' it!" Ghazhkull Thraka snarled at his mob. He was taller then a Killa Kan, more muscled then any other Ork, and strong enough to throw a Dreadnought a hundred meters without breaking a sweat.

"I fought on da fire deserts o' Armour-Geddem, I smashed de humies an' da metal cities to scrap. I smartr' den a' Mek Boy, more cunnin' den Grot, an' more killy dan Dread. I squished da big Bugz, melted da metil' bone- boyz, slammed da smelly chaos boyz, I bashed da blue boyz' bonez ta bitz, I pancaked da pansy space elves, I grounded da humie Guardz to piecez, an' I mashed da marine-boyz!"

"I blasted my way through da Imperial-Boyz territory, an' I blowed up da red Mek planet!" He then turned to the figure sitting on the Golden Throne. "Now I controlz da home of da Humies!"

Sitting down, his kustom 'ardpants finished with a crunch that what Horus had started millennia ago.

*fade to black*

"I dunno wot dem 'umies fink iz so speshul 'bout dis boss seat, itz dead uncomfy"