Heres the sequel.

I'm not sayin nutin about what it's about. Though you should be able to guess.

She had often been told of the old days by her father, the days before the Unrelenting War.

Life had been peaceful, her father had ruled a land at peace.

But then, it came.

It was only the beginning.

The blue poison, the two legged demons, strange temples and fortresses popping up everywhere.

They had fought until the demons had been believed to have been destroyed.

But then came the Beast and the Hunter.

Then came the one of poison and the one of light.

It was the beginning of the end of the world as she knew it.

I'm sorry about how short this chapter is, but when I made it longer, it just didn't work.

Also, from now on I will put the name of the next chapter at the end of the current one, so you'll know somewhat what to expect next chapter.

Chapter 2: As My Soul Weeps