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I screamed.

Of course I screamed. Wouldn't you have screamed if a giant black and gray wolf with golden eyes came out of the trees? I think it would have been a normal reaction for almost anyone with eyes.

I scrambled backwards, panting, as my fingers dug into the earth. I could feel the cold wet mud underneath my fingernails as I tried to stand. It was an odd thing to think about at that moment but my mind was everywhere, making it hard to concentrate. A sharp wind blew just as a crack of thunder sounded somewhere in front of me, forcing to stop suddenly with my futile efforts. It's like the loud noise frightened my muscles, making me stay still without my permission.

"Be not afraid," the rough voice said. "This is real but you mustn't be afraid of me. I will not hurt you," he said, limping towards me slowly. That's when I noticed his back leg. Even through the thick black and silver gray fur it was easy to tell that his legs was twisted and gnarled in an unnatural way. "You see," he sat with a huff, like all the wind was knocked from his body with just the simple act of walking, "I couldn't hurt you if I wished."

"W-wh-who ar-are you-u?" I stuttered at him stupidly, the wind becoming more violent around me. I could taste the salt of the rain in the air as I spoke. The mist was making my eyelashes clump together, causing them to stick to my skin.

"William, the wolf," he said before licking one of his paws before looking up at me, a thick frame of curled lashes around his deep amber eyes. It was very pretty actually. "My friends call me Billy though."

"Billy?" I sat up, surprised. I must have been dreaming. Why else would there be a big dog named Billy talking to me?

"That's it," he said, going back to his front paw.

"What do you want from me?" I asked curiously, taking in my surroundings more carefully. Everything just seemed so real. It was amazing. I had never dreamed in this much detail before. Usually my dreams were like water paintings, faint details fading at the edges.

The big wolf snorted, standing up slowly. As he did so his bones popped and cracked in a painful way. "Who says I want anything from you? What makes you so important?"

Well, that shut me up rather quickly. That was not the response I was expecting. It was my dream so I could only suspect that it had something to do with me. "Oh, um, sorry."

He gave me a curious look before nodding his head towards the other side of the meadow. "I was on my way to see the Queen. I was hoping that she'd be able to help me with my legs. As you can see, they're not working so well these days."

"Oh." That was my brilliant response.

I stood up slowly as the wolf began to walk at a dreadfully slow pace. With each step I could practically feel his pain. Just watching him made me hurt a little bit. "You're not from around here, are you?"


"Why are you here?" He asked as he continued, not even glancing in my direction.

"I don't know. I went to bed and woke up here," I told him honestly. As he passed me I wanted to reach down to touch his fur, to feel how real it was. I could just imagine the course texture between my fingers, the dirt lingering on my skin. Like petting a dog but maybe more silky? There was a shine there, only slightly dulled from being dirty.

"Ah," he said in a strained voice. "Just woke up here? Sounds like someone cursed you. Put a spell on you. Where are you from?"

"Phoenix," I answered before I could stop myself. I frowned and sighed, "I mean Forks, Washington."

"Hadn't heard of either one of those places. I wonder who you got mad. Must have been someone powerful if they put you in the middle of the Enchanted forest." I snorted. I couldn't help myself. It was just so cheesy. "What?" Billy asked, turning a sharp eye towards me.

"Enchanted forest?" I laughed. "Really? What? Couldn't come up with something more inventive? How cliché."

The wolf turned around with frightening speed, surprising me. I fell onto my rear, huffing in pain as I made contact with the hard ground. Well, I could say this place certainly felt real. The pain surged up my spine, throbbing deep in my muscles.

"Look," he growled, getting in my face. "This isn't a joke. This place is dangerous. Did the witch that cursed you take your mind as well? Now, either get up and come with me or let me be on my way. I don't have time to chit chat with you."

"Okay," I said, blushing in embarrassment at being chastised by a wolf. "I'm sorry. I guess I'll come with you."

"Good," he said, turning his back on me. "Maybe the Queen can help you, too. She's very powerful."

"Is that why you're going to see her?" I asked him, following behind. The mud and such squished between my bare toes, making me slightly uncomfortable. I didn't like getting dirty at all. "She's has powerful magic?"

"I was hoping she could look at my leg. Got in a fight a while back and it healed badly. It's hard to be the alpha with a hind leg like this," he explained as he stretched out his back leg, making it pop loudly.

"Ah," I said, frowning a bit at his answer. "How far to the Queen?"

"The castle is about a half a day's walk from here, I believe. So, not far."

I followed behind this creature for what literally felt like hours. As we walked the dark clouds stayed behind us, walking further and further into the glaring yellow sun and towards the beautiful blue horizon. Billy asked about my home and I explained my life to him. It's not like we didn't have time. It felt like we had all the time in the world to talk.

"Your world is not like this," he commented thoughtfully. "No wolves then?"

"Well, there are wolves," I explained, pulling up my night gown as I stepped over a log. Something, a vine, caught my leg and I hissed as I pulled it away. It stung for a moment, but it wasn't too painful. "They just don't speak."

"How odd," he muttered. "No magic at all?"

"Nope, sadly," I said with a sigh. How much better would my life be if there was magic? How much more interesting would it be if there was some sort of underlying power in the universe?

"I wish I could go to a place like that. No magic, hm..." Billy said, deep in his own thoughts. My stomach growled loudly and I gripped it, trying not to draw any embarrassing attention to myself. I hadn't eaten much last night and I supposed it was catching up with me. At this point, I expected to wake up.

Once again, it didn't happen.

"Don't worry," he said, breaking into my thoughts. "The castle isn't much further. There will be food there."

As if his words summoned it from the horizon, a white stoned castle appeared in the distance. It was surrounded by large shrubs, a pillow of white smoke billowing out of a chimney to one side. "How beautiful," I said with a soft gasp, unable to tear my eyes away from it.

"The Queen makes it that way," he said hoarsely. "She is pure and kind, as is everything around her."

I smiled to myself,"I can't wait to meet her."

He huffed loudly, plowing forward at a steady pace. My feet were so sore, battered from the very long walk. They ached in a very real way. I could feel the sweat trickling down my neck, sliding down my shoulder.

If this was a dream, it certainly felt real. When I woke up, I would have to write it down to try to remember every single detail. I had a great imagination but usually it wasn't this... amazing.

As we came closer and closer, a woman dressed all in beautiful perfect snow white dress appeared. Her curly caramel colored hair whipped around her head as the wind began to pick up. The storm was coming closer and closer, somehow catching up with us, threatening to bring down the sky at any moment. The woman opened her arms, a warm smile spread across her plum colored lips. I felt almost instantly safe.

"Welcome Billy. I've been expecting you," her words were welcoming and warm, her voice like wind chimes on a spring day. It was almost musical. Perfectly lovely.

"Your Majesty," Billy said with the smoothest voice I had heard him use thus far, kneeling down in front of her and lowering his head.

"Please, do not be so formal. You may call me Esme," she smiled before turning her eyes towards me. "Who is this lovely young woman who seems so lost?"

"Bella Swan," I said, stepping forward. I wasn't sure if I should shake her hand, bow or curtsy. It just seemed safer just to stand there. I didn't want to embarrass myself.

"Well, Ms. Swan, welcome to my home. Please do come out of the rain. A storm is coming and I fear it will not end for a very long time."

And then the sky began to fall, fat droplets of heavy rain slamming into my flesh. It stung, the pain sinking deep into my body with each splash. Esme stepped forward, placing her hand on top of Billy's head.

One moment he was there, the next he was gone. There was not puff of smoke, no loud crack. He was just there and then he was gone.

"Where did he go?" I shouted, afraid that she wouldn't hear me through the tortuous rain. My eyes batted frantically, trying to see through the thick gray sheets of water.

"Inside where he can heal and get better. My maids will attend to him for now. Come," she said, offering her hand towards me. "Lets get out of the rain."

I took the tiny yet strong hand, the heat of it surprising me. I could feel it surge through my body before everything went back.

I thought this was when I would finally wake up. I figured this would be the end of my rather odd dream, throwing me back into reality.

I was so wrong. Again.

I landed on the cold white stone floor with a thud, my night gown making a wet slopping noise against it. The Queen was standing in front of me, perfectly groomed, in front of a fire place. It would figure that I'd be wrecked and she'd be fine. It was the story of my life it would seem. I always seem to come out looking worse than the other guy.

"You're looking for your way home, aren't you?" The queen asked, her back to me. "Billy said you were from another world but he also thinks you're crazy."

I wondered when this conversation went on since I didn't here it, but I didn't ask.

"Not surprising," I smirked as I stood, trying to ring out my night gown. All I seem to accomplish was making a huge mess on the floor.

"He also says you think you're dreaming," she commented almost wistfully. I stood up, frowning to myself as I tried to brush some of the clods of dirt off of me. It wasn't working very well either.

I gave a heavy sigh, finally giving up."I am. I have to be dreaming. That's the only explanation."

"If you were dreaming," she said, turning to look at me with concern in her eyes, "you wouldn't be bleeding right now."

"That's not true," I rolled my eyes at her dramatic tone. "I could be dreaming that I was bleeding."

She walked forward, kneeling in front of me gracefully. The queen touched my leg, showing me a spot on my leg where I had scratched myself, most likely while walking through the underbrush of the forest. "Does it feel like a dream?" She said as she touched the spot tenderly.

"No," I said as pain surged through me. It was more painful than I expected it to be. Blood began to flow more heavily from the wound, my skin beginning to turn black around the edges. My eyes grew wide as my breathing began to shallow. "Oh, god!"

"It seems to be poisoned," and that was the last thing I heard before I passed out. I never was good around blood.

In that floating darkness I knew I wasn't dreaming. I knew that the things that were happening to me were very real. The pain was real. I was not about to wake up and realize that I was in the bed in Forks. I was very much so stuck in this new and unusual world. Stuck without a way to return to my own.

When I came to I was in a bedroom though, even if it wasn't my own. The white stone walls glowed from the fire that sparked in the fireplace across the room. Esme, the queen, was sitting in a chair across from me, reading a book. As I sat up slowly I realized that I was no longer soggy and I was wearing a white dress that hugged my body comfortably. It wasn't something I'd wear on a day to day basis, but it was still very pretty and I liked it very much.

"I'm sorry about that," she smiled at me as she looked up from her book. "You had a type of thorn embedded in your skin that releases it's poison if it's trying to be removed. I didn't realize. I removed it completely and your leg has been healed."

"Thanks," I mumbled, rubbing the back of my neck.

Before, I saw this as a joke but now I was simply overwhelmed. I was a long way from home and I had no idea how to return. Just as I was about to open my mouth to ask a question, Esme stopped me.

"I'm not powerful enough to get you back to your world, sadly. That is what you were going to ask, wasn't it?" She said quietly, sitting the book down on a table beside her.

"Yes," I sighed, biting my bottom lip. "It's okay."

She stood from her spot and walked over to the bed. Sitting down beside me, Esme touched my hand. "I do apologize for that. I've been trying to think of a way to help you and I'm not sure what to do. I've never come across something like this before. It's very unusual."

"Do you think that I'm going to be stuck here for the rest of my life?" I asked, trying to hold back a sniffle as the sting of tears filled my eyes.

"No," she shook her head reassuringly. "You got here, I think you can go back. I just don't have the power to help you but there are those who are much more powerful than me."

"Do you know of someone with that kind of magic?"

"Yes," the queen sighed heavily. "If only Edward were here! It would be so much easier!" She all but shouted as she stood, looking back towards the fire.

"Edward?" I perked up at the name. I had never met an Edward before but the name seemed so strong. It did sound like the name of a hero in a story. Maybe he could be my hero. I certainly was a damsel in distress at the moment. "Who's Edward?"

"Edward is my son," she smiled sadly. "But, he was cursed a very long time ago."

"Oh," I breathed, all the wind leaving my sails.

"Oh!" She clapped her hands together, looking at me excitedly. "Maybe you can help him and in return he'll help you!"

"Alright," I said slowly. "I don't know if I'll be able to, but I will see what I can do. It's not really like I have a choice."

"Well, you see," Esme began, walking over to the window. The storm was still going on outside, the winds howling around the castle walls. "Through a series of sad events, he was cursed by a group of evil sirens. But, that's not my story to tell," she waved her hand as if she was thinking to herself, "but because of the spell on him, no one with magic can come near him. They put him in a deep sleep and the only way to wake him is a kiss from a virgin."

I instantly flushed. "Are you serious?! A virgin?" I sputtered.

"Deathly serious," she sighed heavily. "You see, in this world very few people are born without magic of some sort. Even fewer are women and to find a willing virgin... as you can imagine, it's very difficult. He's been asleep for a very long time. But, you don't come from this world and from what I can tell, you have no magic."

"And I'm a virgin," I said quietly, drawing my knees up to my chest and burying my face in them. I was so embarrassed. I had never even been kissed before.

"I knew you'd be the one to wake him up!" She smiled, rushing to my bed. "I foresaw it! Oh, dear Bella, will you please wake my son? In return I promise that he will help you return you to your world. Please?"

I didn't see that I had much of a choice. "Sure," I whispered out breathlessly, looking down at my hands. They were shaking slightly. Forming them into a clenched fist, I closed my eyes, "I'll help him wake up then maybe he can help to wake me up."

She hugged me tightly, holding me against her chest. "Thank you, my darling child! I will give you everything you need for the journey! I will give you money, clothes, horses, food, and I will send my two most trusted friends along to assist you. I promise you, if there is anything that can be done for you Edward will know."

I didn't know what to say to that so I simply chewed on my bottom lip. She gave me a soft sigh, touching my cheek. Normally I would have felt uncomfortable at the contact but she was so soft, so pure, it was hard not to relax into her touch. "I know you are sad but I promise we will do all that we can. We will return you to your home. You've had a trying day, now it is time for you to sleep. In the morning at breakfast I will show you the way and help you to prepare for the trip."

For the second day in a row I sank into a bed that was not mine, but unlike the one in Forks I knew that sleep would come quickly. I was utterly and completely exhausted.

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