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"Who are you?" Edward demanded with a roar as he lifted the both of us out of the bed and onto the floor with a heavy thud. "Did you come to torture me more?" He asked with a growl.

Well, this wasn't what I was expecting.

"No!" I screamed back at him, cowering slightly as I scooted backwards. I was terrified. Had I kissed the wrong person? Was that even possible?

"Like I should believe you. You are one of them, aren't you?"

"One of who?" I asked, my back hitting the wall with a thump. I could see very little of him other then his deep ruby red eyes. They seem to glow in the darkness, anger swirling in them.

"The Sirens," he shouted as he got down on all fours. "I should just kill you right now."

"The Queen sent me!" I shouted at him, trying to scramble to my feet. As soon as I lifted I was pinned to the wall, my arms above my head with little in the way of room to struggle.

"Why should I believe you?" He snapped, his hot breath flowing over my neck. I was trembling, my feet dangling off the ground uselessly.

"She said you'd help me! She asked me to do it! She sent Alice and Jasper with me to-"

He straightened up slightly, backing up just a tiny bit. "Alice and Jasper?" He said in a dangerously low voice. "Where are they?"

"They said to meet them in the dry place," I said, hot tears beginning to prickle my eyes. Now that the beginning fear had worn off I could feel the tears coming, like the always did whenever I got even a little emotional.

"You're telling the truth," he said, letting my arms drop to my side. "Why would the Queen want me to help you?" He asked, his boot covered feet shuffling through the darkness. He must have gone to the bedside table because the candle light was moving towards me.

"Because-" I stopped, not really knowing the answer. "She said you were the only one that could help and she knew that I could wake you."

"Right," he said, letting out a heavy sigh before blowing out the candle. "Come on, girl. I want to speak to Alice and Jasper myself."

And it went from almost killing me to this just like that. It was so... odd.

The next second I was clinging onto his back for dear life, his hands grasping my arms just a little too tightly as we spend down the hall and down the stairs. We were out and in the rain within a matter of seconds and I screamed as the scenery past by me. "What are we doing?" I shrieked at him, almost doubting he could hear me over all the noise of the wind and rain swirling around us.

"Close your eyes and shut up. It'll make this trip easier."

I did what I was told, burying my face in the fur on the back of his neck. It felt like we were moving at top speeds until suddenly we stopped, the rain no longer pelting my back.

"That was quick!" Alice's voice squealed happily. I looked up and unwrapped my arms from him, not entirely sure I was stable. I slid down onto the ground and down onto my ass, now completely sure that I wasn't. Jasper was at my side in an instant, helping me back to my feet like a gentlemen.

I took in my surroundings as Alice flung herself at Edward, hugging him tightly. We were in a dark cave, night falling outside. There was a roaring fire going, the two horses at the other end of the cave sleeping.

"I missed you so much," Alice whispered to Edward, tears sliding down her pink cheeks. He hugged her back, but not as tightly.

"It is good to see you," Edward replied back as he set her to her feet.

"Brother," Jasper, offering his hand to him with a warm smile. "It is good to see you amongst the living once more."

"It is good to be," Edward sighed, sitting down near the fire.

This was the first time that I could really see him in the light. His clothes were dirty and torn, his boots appearing to be the only thing in good condition. But even in their condition it was easy to tell that the clothes were well made in their time, made of the best fabrics by the best tailors. His pants were a heavy wool black with a white dress shirt and vest on the top with a dark black cloak over that. His hands were shaped like a humans hand but with long claws at the ends of his fingers. He huffed loudly, running the dark black talons through his unruly reddish mud brown hair.

"Are you hungry?" Alice asked. "We've made food for everyone. It's deer, Edward, your favorite."

"Yes, please. And something to drink. Something strong," he replied, leaning against the wall of the cave.

This was the most uncomfortable I had felt since I arrived to this place. I didn't belong and Edward who I thought would be my knight in shining armor didn't even appear to care that I existed. I walked quietly back toward the cave where Seth and Leah slept to find my bag, hoping to find some dry clothes.

"Bella?" Alice asked quietly,making me stop mid stride.

"Just going to find some dry clothes," I said quietly. I really didn't want to be in the middle of them, feeling awkward and just generally uncomfortable.

"Don't bother. We'll be on the move after we eat," Edward snapped. I sighed, turning on my heel. "We won't stay here."

"Edward!" Alice snapped at him. He smirked up at her and I could tell there was some sort of silent conversation going on between them that I couldn't understand. She hunched her shoulders and sat across from him. "So, what do you think of Bella's story?" She asked him out loud.

"Bella?" He arched an eyebrow in my direction. "I'm guessing that's you."

"So, you don't know yet?" Jasper asked as he handed him a glass of some sort of clear liquid.

"We didn't exactly get that far," I muttered as I came to sit down in front of the fire. I wanted some of whatever he was drinking but I wasn't about to voice that out loud. They would probably tell me I was too young.

"And how far did you get exactly?" Alice asked Edward with a motherly tone. You know that tone that a mother uses when she's trying to make her child feel guilty.

"Introductions weren't exactly made," he said over the rim of the glass before taking in the entire cup full. He let out a little hiss, squeezing his eyes shut before holding up the glass for more.

Alice looked at me and her eyes were pleading with me for some reason. I just shook my head, not understanding. She sighed dramatically. "Edward this is Bella Swan. She needs your help."

"I gathered that," he answered sarcastically. "She did say that she needed help."

"She's not from this world, Edward. There is more than one reason you can't hear her mind. We need to get her home," Jasper broke in, handing Edward and myself a plate of food. I wasn't exactly hungry but I decided to eat anyone just so I wouldn't have to talk. After that Alice broke into the whole story in more detail than I ever would have. By the time she finished we have both finished eating and Edward was on his third glass of whatever it was that smelt like rubbing alcohol. I didn't think it affected him in the least though.

"And you believe her?" He asked Alice when she stopped speaking, ignoring my very presence.

"Yes, and more than that, the Queen believes her," Jasper said, putting the liquor away in a backpack. "She says that you will assist Bella in whatever way she needs. If there is no way to get her home she says for you to return her to the castle."

I didn't know that but once again, I decided not to speak. I also wanted to ask about the whole hear her mind thing but they didn't seem to want me to interrupt. I wasn't invited into the conversation and I don't think I wanted to be.

"And what does she purpose I do?" Edward asked, standing up and stretching with a grunt. Things cracked and popped, dust floating off of him. I wrinkled my nose, scooting over some so that they didn't land on me. I was dirty enough to begin with.

"Take her to Aro and ask him to-"

"To Aro?! He doesn't have time to-"

Alice stood up with frightening speed. I didn't know humans could move that fast... but then again, I guess Alice really wasn't a normal human, was she? "Yes, he does. Take her to him and ask him if he'll be able to return her to her home. It's the least you can do."

He snorted, pinching the bridge of his wide nose with closed eyes. "The least I can do? Right. Fine. I can at the very least ask him. We will go to the village where we will get a room for the night. You will return to Esme and tell her that I have awaken and that I will-"

"Edward, I don't think that's a good idea," Alice frowned, balling up her fists and placing them on her hips.

"And then I will take her to see him. There is no need for you to come as well," he argued. "Do you have any of my things?"

She pointed to one of the horses in the back. Once Edward went towards the horses she moved in front of Jasper. "You have nothing to say about this?"

"Alice, he is the Prince. If he commands it, I have to go. He hasn't as of yet but if we both push it, he will. It is better just to agree. We will go back to the Queen and wait for further orders. She will most likely tell us to rejoin them."

Alice huffed, sitting down beside me. "Fine, but I don't like it."

"I know," Jasper gave her a weak smile. She wasn't very happy with him and she turned her nose up at him as she turned her attention towards me. Jasper rolled his eyes before standing up to pack his things.

"Bella, there is everything you need in those bags. Plenty of money, clothing, accessories, and anything else you might need and enough gold to buy it if you don't have it."

"Thank you for everything, Alice," I said, giving her a small smile. I didn't want her to leave anymore than she wanted to go. She reached over and gave me a tight hug, bringing her lips right to my ear.

"He's a good man, really. You must understand."

I sighed, "it's okay, Alice. Really. I'll be fine."

She pulled back and nodded her head. Alice stood quickly, walking back to the back of the cave. I heard Edward shout at her that he was dressing but she said she had seen it all before and began to give him instructions or rather orders. Jasper gave an amused smile and helped me to my feet.

"That necklace," he began to speak softly, "the one around your neck is more than mere jewelry. I insisted Alice give it to you. It will protect you from a great many things. Never take it off, ever. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," I nodded, touching my neck.

"Keep that purse and your knife with you at all times as well. There is a great many things those things can do. You are a smart girl. A brave one. Don't worry, you'll be able to get home," he said, giving me a surprise hug. He brought his lips to my ear and spoke quietly. "I know what you're feeling. The sadness and the fear. The anger. You shouldn't feel so small. And Bella, just give him time. He is just scared and this is how he reacts. Goodbye."

"Goodbye," I whispered in return just as Edward came into view, three bags over his shoulders.

"Hop onto my back like earlier. It'll be quicker to run that way," he ordered firmly. Before I did though I went to Alice and gave her one last hug.

"Good luck and goodbye if you return home before I'm able to return to you," she said, pressing a warm kiss on my forehead.

Without a single word I climbed onto his back, wrapping my legs around his somehow thin waist as my arms hugged his neck tightly. He placed both of his hands on my arms, holding me in place as he bolted forward with a loud goodbye shouted behind him.

We ran for several long minutes, the rain slapping against my back. Finally, after a while, it stopped and the wind began to dry my cloak somewhat. We ran for only a little while after that before Edward stopped, dropping me and the bags to the ground.

"What?" I asked in confusion. The city walls were not more than twenty feet away, a gateway with glowing lamps inviting us inside.

"I can't go in there like this," he said, waving his hand over his face.

And before I could ask any more questions he balled his hands into fists and closed his eyes tightly, the sound of crackling bones and what only could be described as magic whirling around him. And right before my very eyes he transformed from the beast into a man, a beautiful one with long red hair and ivory skin. But, his eyes were still red.

"Wow," I said quietly, standing up from the spot where he dropped me. He smirked, picking up the bags.

"Big change, isn't it?"

"It is. If you can do that, why don't you stay like that all the time?" I blurted out. He gave me an angry look, snatching another bag from the ground.

"Because it's tiring. I can only do it for a few hours when I'm not tired. We should hurry if we want to find a room before I get too tired. I'm already exhausted," he said as he grabbed my arm and dragged me along. "I can't stay in my human form that long."

"Why can't you stay what you were?" I said, stumbling behind him.

"I don't know what's normal in your world but being a half man half monster here is not normal."

"Then how did you become this way?" I asked. "How can that be so abnormal?"

He stopped, letting go of my arm. "Someone powerful put a spell on me and my family, turning us into monsters. I ran to Esme and she stopped the spell before it was too late but when we returned to my parents they were too far gone. It's taken years of practice to go back to my original form. You wouldn't understand," Edward muttered, turning to the right down a small street. "If it's still here there is an inn at the end of this road. Keep up."

"I'm sorry," I whispered, just trying to keep up but he said nothing. He just keep walking.

"Thank the Gods. I don't have the energy to look for another," he said when he saw the sign hanging for the inn. He opened the door, practically pushing me inside before stomping up to the desk. "I need two rooms."

"I'm sorry, sir," the bewildered girl said as she stared at him. She practically had cartoon hearts in her eyes. "But we only have one room."

"Does it have a bath?" He asked, shuffling through the bags and pulling out a wallet.

"Yes, it does," she said, batting her eyelashes at him flirtatiously. She didn't even seem to notice me or the fact that he was a total jackass to her. There was no please, no thank you, no nothing. I wouldn't have liked being spoken to that way if I were her.

"Good. One night, keep the change," he said, shoving a couple coins at her quickly.

"It'll be the first room down the hall on the right," he said as she handed him the key. He didn't even bother to wait until she was done speaking. He grabbed my arm and began to drag me towards the room. Within seconds the door was closing behind me.

"Go bathe. I could smell you from a mile away," he said, throwing his bags onto the floor without even a backwards glance at me. "It would be very easy to track you if someone wanted to and we don't want that."

I don't know what it was in me that snapped. Maybe it was the fact that I was scared and lonely, or the fact that I was sad but something in me just gave and I didn't give a damn who he was. "Excuse me?!"

"Go. Bathe," he repeated, the sarcasm dripping from each word.

"Go. Fuck. Yourself," I snapped back at him from out of no where. He whipped around, his eyes huge. "You've been nothing but rude since the moment you woke up! What the hell did I do to you? Yeah, sure, I stink but that's because for some unknown reason I woke up here and I've been traveling to wake your sorry ass up. How about some gratitude, huh? Besides, you're the one that smells like wet dog."

Wow, where did that come from? My brain screamed but I was still proud of myself for doing it.

"Excuse me?! Wet dog?" He snapped, transforming in front of my eyes back into the creature he was. "First, I didn't say that you smelt bad, just that I could smell you. And gratitude? You woke me up because you wanted something!"

"And I am grateful that you're helping me! I don't understand why! You obviously don't like me for some reason. Is it just me or do you hate everyone?" I began to sniffle, my tears beginning to prickle behind my eyes as my emotions betrayed me.

"I don't hate everyone! It's been a long..." he softened his voice and looked away from me. "I've been aware but not awake this entire time. I'm apologize for my rudeness. I'm not use to dealing with people anymore."

"I see that," I crossed my arms over my chest. "Give me my bag and I'll go take a bath."

He lifted one off the floor and I quickly snatched it away. As I turned my back and walk to the room that was obviously a bathroom, I heard him whisper softly. "Thank you for waking me."

"Yeah," I said quietly, shutting the door behind me and latching it. Once inside my tears gave way and a hoarse whimper came from my mouth as I pressed my forehead against the wood, sliding down to the ground. I'm not sure how long I cried, laying down on the floor of the bathroom, but it was long enough for me to run dry.

I cried until I had nothing else left in me.

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