"NO!" Neal yelled, turning and starting for the plane.

"No! No! Stay here!" Peter yelled, grabbing his friend around the shoulders and holding the devastated man back. Neal's face had held such childish joy on it just a few seconds ago...he didn't want to look at it right now. "Stay back!"


"NO!" Peter yelled back, but he wasn't prepared for the left cross Neal threw. That moment of hesistation where he was shocked Neal, NEAL, had actually hit someone, hit him, was enough for said man to escape his grasp and make a run for the flaming wreck.

"NEAL!" he didn't even think of himself, he ran after his...his responsibility, his pain in the ass partner, his...greatest achievement (the great Neal Caffrey? And YOU caught him? I think there's a promotion with your name on it, how does lead of White Collar sound?)...so many adjectives...he settled on friend, as he tackled Neal harshly onto the tarmac and sat on top of his legs, making sure he couldn't move.

"You'll thank me for this, Neal." Peter sighed, breathing harshly as pulling his cell from his jacket pocket. Now that Neal was out of danger...the full impact of what'd happened was hitting him. Neal had been feet from freedom, feet from Kate, feet from the entire reason he'd run from a maximum security prison with 3 months left on a 4 year sentence, and he'd had the dream...ripped from his grasp. He quickly dialed the White Collar division, and got Jones.

"Get..." he faltered then, choking back a sob as Neal started to openly weep underneath him. "Get the team." he said huskily. "You, Cruz, Diane, we need you. Airstrip by the Hudson, Hanger 4."

"Sure, boss." Jones said, hanging up the phone. He was a good agent, they'd be here ASAP. He hung up, then dialed another number from memory.

"Mozzie, don't hang up." he said quickly, almost smiling...almost, as Neal twisted his head around to look at him. He would've smiled, but the soot covered tear tracks on Neal's face prevented it. "Airstrip, by the Hudson, Hanger 4, bring June...bring Alex. Hurry." he hung up without waiting for a reply. While not a Federal Agent, Mozzie was good in his own way, Peter knew Moz would be there.

"You're not alone." Peter said, finally getting off Neal's legs. "You never were."

"Peter..." Neal was still sobbing uncontrollably, and he was about to apologize. Not this time.

"Don't, Neal. Don't you dare apologize for anything." Peter shook his head. "Not after this."

"Now what?" Neal sobbed. Peter had never seen Neal like this, Neal always had answers, he always had alternatives...but then again, he'd always had an objective. A mark, a theft, Kate...now, in more ways then one, he had nothing.