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Three years later.

Pony got up early, made herself breakfast, and headed outside while still eating. She wanted to get started with the milking as quickly as possible–what with all the cows they had now, it was practically a three-hour chore.

She checked the mailbox on her way past out of habit, not expecting anything to be in it. To her surprise, there were two letters, both addressed to her. She opened the first one.

"Congratulations!" it read in big, cheesy letters. "Your rank has increased to Farm Countess!"

Pony sighed and smiled. I'll hang that on my wall with the rest of them later, she thought, re-folding the paper and placing it back in the envelope. Then she opened the other one.

Dear Pony, it said, in silver ink.

It's me again. How is everything on the farm? Did Butch start laying eggs yet? I still can't believe you actually named a chicken Butch. But anyway, things are fine here. The Gourmet's cooking school is huge, so I keep getting lost, but I've made friends with this short guy named Pierre. He's kind of eccentric when it comes to cooking, but he likes curry, so he can't be all bad. He's started calling me 'Phantom' because of my pale skin and silver hair, but I don't mind. It's nice to have a nickname.

I have to go–you would not BELIEVE the amount of homework we have. It's not even funny. Write me back soon. I love you and miss you.

Love always,

Phantom Skye

Pony read it again and again, trying to imagine him at a cooking school with a short guy named Pierre. Finally, she sighed and leaned on the mailbox, looking up at the sky. "I love you and miss you too, Skye," she said.

The End!