Leah Clearwater

20 things to upset Leah

1. Call her lee lee

2. Talk about Sam

3. Tell her she fancies Jacob

4. Tell her she's getting a little bit hairy

5. Jump on her back and go "hike doggy"

6. Tell her you're a vampire in disguise

7. Tell her you love her

8. Tell her you love her facial hair

9. Tell her Sam loves her

10. Take her to the vets when she starts to scratch

11. Tell her she needs to work on her tan

12. Tell her Bella is a werewolf

13. Tell her she is related to Bella

14. Tell her she is a vampire

15. Tell her she's doing well with growing a beard

16. Yell that you have just been bit by a vampire

17. Take her to a weight loss program

18. Make her follow your finger then flick her on the nose and say "Bad doggy"

19. Shave off her hair

20. Tell her your in love with Seth

This has been completed with the help of Hannawolf who is a friend of mine ^_^