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He moved fluidly though the forest, moonlight glittered off his onyx eyes, making them seem to glow. Pausing, the figure cocked his head slightly, as though listening to the whispering breeze. And then he was moving again, this time, at a faster a pace.

The man reached his destination just in time to see the spaceship blast off, disappearing into the midnight sky.

A slight smile spread across his face, as he thought: There goes the most troublesome Jedi. Tch, knowing them, they probably won't make it through the mission without needing to call me for backup. But then, that is why I'm staying in this system. The thought made the figure freeze. Since when do I back up someone like that without them asking. Or for that matter, without having any money involved. Ignoring the voices that said he used to do it all the time, he frowned, Looks like I might be getting soft. Blast.

Another figure robed in brown stepped up to a holo-projector, the blue light of the screen casting an even deeper shadow over his face than his hood already did.

"Master Yoda, the troops are moving into position as we speak. They will be attacking, as planned, tomorrow at first light."

"Good, good; although sense I do, a disturbance in the Force. Be wary you must."

"I will master." The holo-projector cut out plunging the figure into darkness.

Three figures stood around a holo-table which projected the various battle plans they planned to use in the next day's confrontation. Out of the three, one in particular stood out. A tall male human, his silver hair slicked back, which added to his already lordly appearance. The dark energy that swirled around him promised untold power, wealth, and fame if only you'd chose to join him.

"Count Dooku, the invasion is going as planned; our forces will be at the city of Eridon by early tomorrow morning."

"Good. Has any-" Count Dooku, stopped mid-sentence, his hand held in the air.

"Wait." Cocking his head slightly, the aristocratic man seemed to listen to some unknown sound. His brown eyes narrowed, as they scanned the room looking for something no one could see. After a few seconds the Count turned back, "My apologies, shall we continue?" he said smoothly.

Clothed in black, the young man froze, concentrating on suppressing his presence. The man held back a sigh of relief as the Count resumed speaking. The unease that those invisible black probing fingers of the dark side might find him, vanished as quickly as it had come.

His red eyes watched every movement within the room, waiting for just the right moment. In the split second when all eyes were turned, he darted across the room to his target: the dataport.

Pulling out a connecter he quickly jacked his datapad into the Confederation mainframe. A few taps, and he was past the firewalls. Pressing another key he watched as a bar moved across the screen, representing the data being downloaded.

Moments later a smirk spread across his face. 100%: download complete. Like taking candy from a baby.

With one last glance at the oblivious beings assembled around the holo-table, the man vanished.

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