Untitled Story #2

No, oh please no thought Rose staring down at the horrible little piece of plastic in her hands. The little pink plus sign was right there. How could it be true. It just couldn't be! Dmitri had left her for Tasha over a month ago! She just couldn't tell anyone about this…well she did have to tell at least one…Lissa. And as if she was on cue she walked in.
"Hey Rose whats up? You look…WHAT IS IN YOUR HAND!?" Valissa Vladimer, best friend and shadow- kissed Mori exclaimed.
"Yeah, um…funny story, well not really but um…well I told you about Guardian Belikov remember?" I asked her, and when she shook her head yes I went on, "Well…I guess there was a small mishap and well…there is soon to be a little Belikov-Hathaway." I told Liss with a small smile.
"No. Oh. My. God! Are you gonna tell him? What's going to happen?!" Liss demanded. A wave of Lissa's feelings swept through me all at once; fear, anger, sadness, hurt, but most of all, happiness. How can she be this happy when the love of my life and future child's father left me? Oh no, cheesy flashback.


I was about 15 minutes late for training. A new personal record. "Hey Comrad." I said as I waved to the god who is my boyfriend-ish. See, he is a teacher at St. Vladimir's Academy and a fellow dhampir, or half human, half vampire. We are suppose to be by the side of our mori, or full vampire, always. Not in love so, you see this made our love for each other pretty dang difficult if you ask me. Anyway. I walked in and immediately got a "Hey Roza" from my Dimika. I could tell there was a something he wanted to talk to me about. So, I asked him and he told me,
"Roza. You know I love you right?" I nodded. "There is something I need to tell you. Tanya Orzerad me if I wanted to be her guardian. I said yes. Before you start yelling 'how could you? Don't you love me!?' I just thought of what would be best for us. After what happened in the cave and before that in the cabin, I think it's the best thing for us to do. I'm sorry. I love you Roza I just can't." He walked away. Just like that. My god, my knight in shining armor, my love, my Dimika, just walked away from me like it was no big deal. The look in my eyes could not do justice to the hurt I was feeling.

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