Spike, Spike, Spike. Spike, Spike, Spike. Spike, Spike, Spike.

"What do you think, Ein?" Edward asked. She threw herself down onto the iron floor, swung her legs over the ledge and looked down at Spike. He lay on the faded yellow couch, asleep. From her high angle perched on the upper landing, Edward had a good view of his long, slender form, his wide chest, and his sharp profile.

At Edward's question, Ein sat next to Edward and looked through the railing at the sleeping Spike.

"He's a good human, right?"

Edward didn't know what a good human consisted of, and she didn't know how to decide if Spike was a good human, so she gave it some serious thought.

Spike never hurt her. Not physically, anyways. And the mean things he said never really upset her. He certainly didn't speak to Edward the way he spoke to Faye. And he tolerated Edward's eccentricities more than the rest of the Bebop's crew did. Spike didn't go out of his way for her, sure, but he didn't go out of his way for anyone. Still, when he did interact with Edward, Spike wasn't cruel.

Edward realized she was thinking in circles, and there had to be something else that was good about the man.

Was Spike a good person when he drank? Was he a good person when he smoked? Was he a good person when he irritated Faye, or when he left Jet to do most of the work around the ship?

Edward decided not to kid herself. She knew why she liked Spike. She liked him because he had long fingers, a defined chest, a sharp jaw, and cool eyes. Good had nothing to do with it.

Still, it would be nice if the man had some positive traits.

After racking her brain, Edward decided that Spike took care of his star ship. While Jet had to do most of the repairs on the ship, Spike still knew his way around the Swordfish's engine, and he preformed tune-ups on the ship regularly.

Edward also admired Spike for finishing what he started.

Edward wondered if she could count that last one as a positive trait, though. As she studied the bandages around his chest, she remembered the situation which led to his injuries - Spike and Jet had gone after a bounty and they'd gotten into a tussle with the man. The bounty escaped, and Spike was roughed up with a few bruised ribs. He should have stayed behind on the Bebop to recuperate while Faye and Jet finished the job, but by then Spike was worked up. He insisted on helping capture the bounty. The man fought just as violently the second time as he had the first time, and Spike's sore ribs slowed him down, and he ended up with two bullets in his chest.

After considering Spike's predicament, Edward thought of the man who hurt Spike to begin with. He was in jail, and the Bebop crew had received a hefty bounty for him.

Yes. Spike made to finish what he started.

(Edward pointedly ignored the little voice in the back of her mind which told her he only finished what he started because he was stubborn and had a penance for revenge, and those couldn't be considered positive traits.)

When she was done deliberating, Edward looked to Ein. The dog was staring at her the same way he often stared at Faye.

"Yeah," Edward agreed. "But I think I'll give it a try anyways."

Edward knew perfectly well that liking Spike would involve more than a simple "try." But then, Edward wanted this. She had never wanted anything before, but she wanted this. She wanted Spike.

While she was looking down at Spike, Edward decided that even if it took more than a try, she would have Spike.

When Edward began to see Spike differently, she decided that she had to look at the rest of the Bebop crew differently, as well. She thought it was only fair. Therefore, when she sat down to dinner, she looked, really looked, at the people sitting with her at the table.

She had lived with these people for almost four years, so she knew about them. She knew that Spike caused all the trouble, but Faye was the true antagonistic figure within the crew. She also knew that Jet was the one who took care of the other Bebop members, and he was the only one who was really attached to the other crew members and their lifestyle.

Beyond that, though, she didn't know them. Edward recognized that really knowing these people was somehow dangerous, but she also thought that it was about time she introduced a little danger into her life. After all, she was looking to hang around Spike, and he was about as dangerous as dangerous got.

"Forget work," Faye said as she gracelessly shoveled food into her mouth. "We've got money-"

"What you mean is that you've got money for a few good days in the casinos," Jet snapped. "Just because we have enough to eat for a while doesn't mean we can just stop working! The bounties are hot right now! We need the money for the Bebop, for your Redtail, for Spike's Swordfish, for my Hammerhead, for the kitchen stove, for a new septic system, to replace the television after you-"

Faye leaned across the table, her eyes meeting Jet's. "Okay," she said. "Obviously, Spike is out, which mean's I'll be doing his half."

Jet's eye twitched. "What do you want?"

"My zip-craft get's the first tune-up. And I want my own bathroom."

"Forget about it," Jet snapped. "I'll set up a second bathroom, but you don't get dibs."

"Fine," Faye answered, leaning back in her chair with a flip of her glossy hair. "You can get the bounties on your own."

"Look you-"

"I'll help you, Jet," Edward announced, sitting straiter in her seat.

The room fell quiet as three pairs of eyes locked on the seventeen-year-old girl.

"You?" Faye asked.

"Edward," Jet sighed, "we need you for intel and tracking. You stay here-"

"But Spike can't do any work," Edward argued. "And Faye wants to go to the races. I can help! Besides, this way, none of the money goes to the casinos-"

"Now wait a minuet-" Faye interrupted.

"You're too young," Jet announced, and he shook his head. "I will not have you getting mixed up with that lot when you're only fourteen-"

"I'm seventeen!" Edward argued. "And my birthday is in four months! I'm old enough-"

"No!" Jet snapped. "You can't take care of yourself! And I'm not giving you a-a gun, or-"

"She can use mine," Spike suggested.

"Don't encourage this!" Jet snapped at the man.

"What if Faye goes, too?" Edward asked. "Then can I go? And I'll just watch or something. Just to see how it's done."

"Too dangerous," Jet said gruffly while shaking his head.

"I know how to take care of myself!" Edward argued. "I take care of myself all the time, whenever I go away from the Bebop. And I've dealt with bounties before!"

"She's got a point," Spike told Jet. "And Faye will be doing the work, not her-"

"You be quiet! You're just trying to cause trouble!" Jet snapped.

"She's eventually going to join in anyways," Spike continued. "I mean, it's not like we're sending her to school. What else do you expect her to do? Plus, the sooner she starts, the better she'll be."

"And when did you start, Spike?" Faye snapped, "Since you're so great?"

Spike shrugged, otherwise ignoring Faye's comment as he continued with his meal.

"Come on, Jet! I won't get involved, and Faye will be there-"

"Fine! But you stay away," Jet demanded. "You know how messy bounties can get. And Faye, you have to help me keep an eye on her."

"I never agreed to this," Faye snapped. "You know my demands-"

"You aren't getting a private bathroom!" Jet declared.

"What if I share it with her?" Edward proposed. "You know, a girl's bathroom and a guy's bathroom?"

"I like that!" Spike told Jet. He stared pointedly at Faye. "I'll even help you set up a separate water heater."

Faye flipped her hair behind her ear. "Beauty takes time, Lunkhead. But what would you know about beauty? Or cleanliness, for that matter? When was the last time you showered?"

"I don't know," Spike told her. "Before I was shot twice?"

"Then it's settled!" Jet said, his voice rising over Spike's and Faye's. "Faye will work, Edward will come, and the girls will get their own bathroom."

At this announcement, Faye leaned back in her chair, a wide, cocky smirk spreading across her face. When Edward caught her eye, Faye gave the girl a wink. Edward knew that the wink was a special wink just between the two of them. Faye never winked at Jet or Spike.

"Hey," Jet said, looking up from his plate. "Are you really seventeen?"

"Sure," Edward answered.

Jet grumbled unhappily towards his food. Edward recognized small phrases such as "too long," "too old," "this great lot," and so on.

"You're almost a woman!" Faye declared. "Why didn't you tell me? I'll need to take you shopping – after you've helped catch a few bounties, of course. I can show you the town and-"

"Ed doesn't need to learn how to be a woman from you," Spike told Faye. "One wench is enough for this ship."

"Oh, and I guess you can tell her what's up, then?"

"Don't be a bad influence, Faye," Jet demanded. "If she comes back to the ship and starts wearing shorts like yours, I'll drop you off at a convent."

Spike laughed, but Faye grumbled a sour, "Don't joke."

"Who's joking?" Jet returned.

Annoying Note: So am I the only person on the planet who watches Cowboy Bebop with the subtitles? Because the subtitles hardly ever match what is being verbally said by the actors, but I find that they offer their own kind of information for what's going on in the show. So in the second portion of the chapter, when Spike says, "One wench is enough for this ship," I'm making a reference to something that Spike said in the subtitles, but not verbally. At the end of the third session, when Faye leaves with their money, I always crack up when Spike says (out loud) something like, "She got us," but the subtitles say, "That wench!" He says it again, later in the series, too. Seriously, there's a lot more cussing in the subtitles than verbally.