'So, what was it like?' Annabelle asked as she traced her fingers gently over the pale skin before her.

'What was what like?' Susan said, shuddering slightly as a cool breeze hit her bare back.


'Oh.' Susan sighed as Annabelle's smooth fingers traced her scars.

The ones he caused bite much deeper.


'Honestly?' Annabelle laughed doubtfully, wrapping her arms tightly around the elegant brunette and placing her head gently on her pale shoulder.

'Honestly. He was a slimy git, always raking his eyes over me.'

'I do that too.' Annabelle admitted with a blush, suddenly glad that the lights were off in their quiet dorm.

'Yes,' Susan reasoned, turning to kiss her, 'but I don't mind it when you do.'

'Good.' Annabelle mumbled into the kiss, before pulling back suddenly.

'What?' Susan moaned, 'My lips were perfectly happy against yours!'

Annabelle chuckled slightly at this; sometimes Susan was hilarious.

'As were mine against yours,' she countered with a small smile, 'but, I need them for something else right now.'

'Oh, and what's that?' Susan – Sue – asked, an eyebrow arching slightly at the innuendo.

'Talking.' Annabelle answered, deadpanned.

Susan sighed dramatically, before throwing herself backwards onto the bed with a satisfying 'thump'.

'About what?'

'Your scars - you never told me how you got them.' Annabelle moved to lie beside her, draping an arm lazily across her stomach.

'I never told you, or anyone else, for a reason.' Susan muttered, kissing Annabelle's shoulder softly.

'And what exactly is that reason?' Annabelle pressed, desperate for a solid answer for once.

'They'd never believe me.'

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