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'Y – you do?' Annabelle practically whimpered, shrivelling under the older girls' intense gaze.

'I do.' Kelly whispered huskily, gently tucking a strand of hair behind Annabelle's ear.

Annabelle shivered.

'Cold?' Kelly asked, mildly concerned, as she stroked the younger girls' face.

'No, I'm...'

'Hot?' Kelly interrupted with a smirk, letting her hand run down Annabelle's neck and side.

She leant into her hand, nuzzling it, 'Something like that.'

'Good.' Kelly grinned, taking a step closer so they were pressed against one another.

Annabelle, for the first time in her life, felt confident.

She moved both hands to the alluring hips of the older girl, and leant in, firmly placing her soft, pale pink lips flush against firmer, red ones.

Annabelle pulled back, just as Kelly was about to react.

'What?' Kelly moaned, running a frustrated hand through her night-black bob.

'I – I'm sorry... I shouldn't have kissed you...' Annabelle mumbled, blushing furiously.

'What? Fritton, I wasn't exactly complaining.' Kelly gave a saucy laugh, running her sleek fingers up and down Annabelle's arm gently.

'But... you moaned!' Annabelle frowned, an endearing look of confusion passing over her soft features.

Another throaty laugh.

'In frustration.'


'Kiss me.' Kelly said, now completely serious.

'But, why were you frustrate-'

'Kiss me, Fritton, or I'll give you a detention.' The head girl ordered with a death-glare that would make anyone cringe.

'You can do that?' Annabelle asked, focusing on the important part of the conversation.

'I can do anything I like. Now kiss me, damn it!'

Annabelle sighed, before timidly pressing her lips against her senior.

Kelly grinned into the kiss, enjoying the feeling, pressing harder against Annabelle's lips and moving her hands to the younger girls' backside.

'Hey!' Annabelle mumbled into the kiss, eyes opening in shock, she'd never had someone... "feel her up".

'Sorry,' Kelly said, pecking her lips before moving them to her pale neck, kissing gently, 'I got a bit carried away.'

'Just a tad.' Annabelle smirked, pulling back.

'What now, Fritton?' Kelly sighed irritatedly.

'We still have class, the others will miss you.' Annabelle explained as she pulled on her blazer.

'I suppose,' She groaned, turning to step into her high heels and run her fingers hurriedly through her hair, 'But we are definitely not done here. I'm still frustrated.'

'Wh – what? Why are you frustrated, Kel?' Annabelle asked again, still confused as ever.

Kelly just smirked, before turning to strut her way out of the change rooms, gym kit in hand and a sexy swagger to her step.

Annabelle sighed; she could tell it was going to be a long day.

And an even longer term.

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