Hello! :) This story is about Sam secretly taking Chorus, and then Sam finds out that Freddie is secretly taking Chorus with her! :) SEDDIE! :D I was in All-CountyHONORSchoir rehearsal (which sadly got canceled because of budget cuts. I asked the teacher if we could have out parents pay for it, and she said "its 12,000 bucks" nd im liek nevermind) and a lady was playing the piano, and it gave me an idea for this story. The name is: iAm A Singer. :D Okay, I am now officialy obsessed with singing! xD Okay! Here's my awesome story! :)

It was a brand-new year: 11th grade. I was stoked. I walked in and saw Carly by my locker. I haven't seen her all summer, since my mom drove me and my brothers to Oklahoma, so she can see the "Ducks in real life".


"Oh my god, Sam!" I hugged Carly. "Carly, you cut your hair!"

"Do you hate it?"
"No, I love it!"


Freddie walked over.

"Hey, guys. I got my schedule."

"Oh, cool." Carly said to Freddie. They compared their schedules to see if they have any classes together. "Yay! We have gym, math, and social studies together! Sam, did you get your schedule yet?"

"Yeah. But you don't have to look."

Carly and Freddie told me their schedules. "Okay, I have every class but art with Carly, and every class with Freddie except electives. And we all have the same lunch." I lied about having art. I actually had chorus. But I didn't want them to know.

"Cool." Carly and Freddie said. The bell rang, and we all went to class.

_Chorus (2nd hour)_

When I got in, I didn't know anyone in the class. I knew a couple of people, but I hated them. The bell rang and the teacher came into the room.

"Hello, class. I'm Mrs. Gill, and I am your chorus teacher. Some of you may have had me since 9th grade, some of you maybe started last year. Raise your hand if this is you're first year in chorus."I raised my hand, and a couple other kids did too.

"Well, you're all gonna love chorus." Mrs. Gill said. Mrs. Gill started doing attendence.

"Freddie Benson" She said. I gasped.

"WOAH WOAH WOAH! Did you just say 'Freddie Benson'?"

"Why, yes I did." She said.