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July 28, 1984 - 6:30 pm - Little Whinging, Surrey

Marianna Crouch was not a very happy woman, at least not since her husband of seven months had been sent to Azkaban on the orders of his own father nearly three years ago. Her unhappiness had only grown when she miscarried shortly after Barty's trial. The twenty-six year old tried to keep it together, but then the unbearable occurred four months ago. Both Barty and her mother-in-law passed away within days of each other, leaving her alone with only her cruel father-in-law and cold bed for comfort. It was at the funeral for her mother-in-law that Marianna finally came to a decision. She would punish the one responsible for her pain before joining her beloved and their child in the afterlife.

It turned out to be easier than Marianna had originally thought to get a hold of her intended target. All it had taken was a few visits to her spinster of a great-aunt, Arabella Figg, and her multitude of cats to learn the whereabouts of the Girl-Who-Lived. While it was amusing to see Vivienne Potter being treated like a house elf by Muggles, it simply wasn't enough punishment for the child. It was bad enough that the defiant child had dared to defeat the greatest Dark Lord of all times, Voldemort, but it was even worse that her living had led to the death of her husband and child as well. If Vivienne Potter had died like she was supposed to, Barty would never have been on the mission to kill the Longbottoms. Marianna would have revenge.

It didn't take long for Marianna to put her plans into action that day, slipping a bit of Dreamless Sleep into her great-aunt's tea, as well as into the milk for all the little cats scampering around the hovel Arabella called home. When the old woman passed out at the table, she ruthlessly snatched a strand of hair from her head and added it to the vial of Polyjuice Potion Marianna had brewed just for this occasion. Downing the potion and donning the guise of her great-aunt, the bitter woman swept out of the small house and made her way over to Number Four Privet Drive.

Managing to place a benevolent smile over the sneer she knew wanted to emerge at the sight of the useless Muggles, Marianna rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. A horse-faced muggle woman that she knew to be Petunia Dursley answered the door. "Oh, Mrs. Figg, I'm so glad you were able to come on such short notice. Vernon and I are taking Dudley out for the evening. He deserves a prize for being such a good boy, and we don't want to take my niece with us. She has been very naughty today. If you would be so kind, please make sure she goes to bed early, no dessert. I've already fed her. If she gets out of a hand, you are more than welcome to use a firm hand on her." And with that said, Petunia Dursley shoved a tiny, dark-haired girl out of the door and closed it behind her. Wide emerald green eyes stared up at her, and for a moment, Marianna was taken with the small child. But she ruthlessly squashed that feeling down as she took Vivienne Potter by the hand and began to lead her back towards her great-aunt's home.

Giving the child a small smile, Marianna swept past her aunt's house and headed for the small park nearby, quite aware that it was outside of the supposed wards placed by Albus Dumbledore. Once inside the park, she drew the child towards a secluded area, noticing that the park was mostly empty due to the lateness of the hour. The little girl looked up at Marianna with such trusting eyes, and for a moment, she doubted herself before squashing it yet again and pulling out of her wand. A quickly whispered stupefy made the child fall limply to the ground, unconscious. A sigh escaped her as she bent down and picked up the unconscious Vivienne Potter, cradling the child firmly in her arms. She was quite pretty in her own way, and yet she did have to die. 'It was for the Greater Good after all.' And with that final thought, Marianna apparated from the park to their final destination.

July 28, 1984 - 8 pm - British Ministry of Magic

The hurried clicks of heels echoed through the empty corridors leading to the Department of Mysteries. A cloaked figure swiftly made her way through the winding maze towards the Death Chamber and her ultimate goal, a small, unconscious child held firmly in her grasp. Pausing before a large, fluttering veil, the figure freed one hand to push back her hood, revealing cold brown eyes and mildly pretty features framed by dark blonde locks of hair hanging limply. A sneer twisted her thin lips as she looked down at the child in her arms, disgusted at the sight of the child's tangled black curls and the lightning bolt scar on her pale forehead. A crazed hiss escaped the woman as she pulled the child up to her eye level, holding her with one hand. "For all your crimes, for being the reason my Barty ended up dead in Azkaban and the reason our Lord is dead, I sentence you to death, Vivienne Potter. May you suffer for your crimes for eternity and beyond!" As the last word echoed through the chamber, she uncaringly hurled the child through the Veil.

A satisfied smirk curved her lips as she watched the Girl-Who-Lived fall through the Veil of Death, her eyes not leaving the sight until the sound of running feet and yells caught her attention. Brown eyes glittered crazily as she turned to face the Aurors and Unspeakables spilling into the room. Wands were leveled at the tall woman as she lifted her chin slightly and stared at them. One Auror she recognized to be Amelia Bones, a former classmate of hers, took a step towards her. "Marianna Crouch, lay down your wand and step away from the Veil slowly. I am sure that we can resolve this peacefully," the Auror stated calmly, her cool grey eyes resting completely on the crazed figure before her. "Oh, it is far too late for that, Bones. I've already taken care of the most important things I had to do tonight. The little Potter bitch is paying for her crimes now."

Amelia Bones frowned at the clearly delusional woman before trying to stall for time and allow the others to sneak into a better position. "What do you mean, Marianna? Vivienne Potter is only three. What possible crimes could she have committed in her short life?" Another step was taken back towards the Veil as the woman quivered with sudden anger, "What crimes?! You dare ask me what crimes that devil spawn committed?! She is the reason my dearest love is dead! She is the reason my mother-in-law is dead! She is the reason my baby didn't survive! That brat should have died when the Dark Lord attacked! And now…I've rectified that little problem." Another laugh escaped Marianna as she gazed directly into Amelia's eyes and took another step back. "I'm coming, my love…" was the last thing Marianna Crouch said before stepping back through the Veil of Death to the shock of everyone there.

July 28, 1978 - 8:15 pm - British Ministry of Magic - Department of Mysteries

Unspeakable Dorea Potter nee Black looked up from her worktable as a slight breeze wound its way through the Death Chamber, where she was currently working. Dark grey eyes turned towards the Veil in the center of the room, widening slightly in surprise at the sight before her. The runes etched into the framework of the Veil began to glow eerily as the voices that normally whispered from its depths began to increase in volume and intensity. The wind began to whip furiously within the chamber as she watched. Dorea slid a hand beneath her worktable, one finger pressing the small rune placed there to alert the other Unspeakables in case of an emergency. With a deft twist of her wrist, her wand slid into her other hand as she rose gracefully to her feet.

The fifty-two year old Pureblood witch had seen many things during her life and career as an Unspeakable, but nothing prepared her what happened next. A startled gasp escaped her as a small body flew through the Veil, and only years of doing the same for her only son James allowed her the speed to cast a cushioning charm at the marble floor just before the body hit. All thoughts of possible danger flew from Dorea's head as her mothering instincts came to the forefront of her mind. She rushed over to the fallen body, swiftly taking in the small, lightweight form of an unconscious child no more than three years old. She dropped to her knees beside the child, and began casting what first aid spells she had learned over the course of raising her son. Reassured that there were no broken bones or vertebrae within the child's spine and neck, Dorea scooped the limp body off the floor and gently cradled her in her arms, moving away from the Veil.

The sound of footsteps drew Dorea's gaze to the entrance just as her boss and two of her co-workers entered the room and approached her. "What is it, Agent Potter? Why did you set off the alarm?" A delicately shaped dark brow arched as Dorea simply stared at the three men before speaking in a calm, yet chilly voice. "Do you not have eyes in your head, Agent Prewett? Can you not see the child in my arms nor the fact that the runes on the Veil are glowing?" Even as she said this, the wind began to pick up once more and drew the attention of the men and Dorea. The men watched in shock as a woman's body fell through the Veil and hit the floor, luckily where the cushioning charm had been cast earlier. And with that, the runes lost their glow and the voices died down, leaving three men staring at the downed woman in shock as Dorea walked out of the Chamber with the child in her arms, whispering softly to her, "It'll be okay, little one. I'll take care of you."