Christmas Gift for Neutron

It is Christmas at the Vortex residence. Portia comes over.

Portia: Hi, Cindy.

Cindy: Hi, Portia.

Portia: Gwen and I heard that you and Libby each got a lump of coal for Christmas.

Cindy: We were just getting back at Neutron.

Portia: I know how you feel. It was that dork Neutron who said that there was no Santa. Neutron was also responsible for getting Christmas cancelled. He's the one who should get coal for Christmas. Anyway, I got you a gift.

Cindy opens her gift. It turns out to be make-up and a solid gold locket.

Portia: Merry Christmas, Cindy.

Cindy: Merry Christmas, Portia.

Portia calls Gwen up on her cell phone.

Portia: Hey Gwen, I'm over at Cindy's house. Go out and get Libby some clothes as a gift. Then bring her over here. Tell her to bring that lump of coal that she got for Christmas.

Cindy senses that Portia is up to something.

Cindy: It sounds like you're up to something, Portia.

Portia and Cindy laugh really hard. Gwen comes over with Libby. Portia gets a gift box. She fills them in on the plan.

Gwen and Libby: We're here. What's up?

Portia: Libby, Cindy, put those lumps of coal in this gift box. Jimmy is gonna get the lumps of coal that you two got from Santa. That dork Neutron will get two lumps of coal. One will be for saying that there is no Santa. The other will be for getting Christmas cancelled.

Cindy and Libby put their lumps of coal in the gift box. Portia then wraps up the gift box and writes "To:Jimmy From:Santa." All four girls head on over to the Neutron home. Jimmy answers the door and sees the gift. He opens it.

Jimmy(screaming):Coal! Coal!

Cindy, Portia, Gwen, and Libby(while laughing really hard): Merry Christmas, Neutron!