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Chapter 1

The Chain that Bound You

"This is nonsense" Byakuya said firmly, looking directly at the group of Kuchiki Elders sitting around a large crescent shape table in the great meeting hall.

"This is no longer something for you to decide. We have given you enough time to find another wife to give us an heir to the family but you have not showed any interest in anyone over the years." Daisuke stated. He is one of the oldest elder in the family, and the one that has the loudest voice in all the meetings.

"More like decades" Another elder added.

Ever since Hisana died from illness, the Elders has been trying to convince Byakuya to remarry and produce an heir for the family. After all, Byakuya is the last one alive from the main branch and if anything happened to him, the head position will be left to Rukia and non one want that because Rukia is adopted.

They tried everything. They tried to subtle approach where they introduced different ladies from noble families in parties and gathering, but each time Byakuya would ignore their presence and treat them with the coldest attitude. Then they tried the aggressive approach where they put a naked woman on his bed to seduce him, but the woman end up scared half dead when Byakuya released senbonzakura to ask her to leave.

"I do not approve this" Byakuya said coldly in his emotionless attitude.

"We do not need your approval for this. Unless you plan to go out and start courting other nobles and give us an heir, you will be marrying Rukia sama. She looks exactly like your dead wife, why are you even refusing. Marrying within the family is very common among nobles; also, she is adopted." Daisuke ignored Byakuya's cold gaze and got up from the wooden arm chair.

"Byakuya sama, Rukia sama has agreed to this already." Yuri said in a gentle voice. Yuri is Byakuya's grandfather's elder sister, and spent a lot of time playing with Byakuya when he was young. She has a very motherly nature and is not as distant as other Kuchiki. She is usually the one that always side with Byakuya's decisions in this type of family gathering. However, this time she has to agree with Daisuke, Kuchiki family is an aging noble clan where there is no one to continue its name if no heir is produced.

In surprise, Byakuya's grey orbs widen to Yuri's statement and immediately turned his face towards Rukia that was standing quietly beside him. 'You agreed?' he thought to himself, but no words could come out.

"The wedding will be three months from now. We will start preparation tomorrow. The meeting is now dismissed" Daisuke said as all the other elders bow their heads, and walked out of the meeting hall.

"Three months?"

"Yes three months, why would you need more time? You two spend decades under the same roof." Daisuke added coldly. If anyone has an even apathetic attitude than Byakuya, it would be him.

The large wooden door lay opened as the sound of footsteps faded with the intense ambiance of the meeting hall. When Rukia turn her petite body to depart the room, Byakuya gently put his large right hand on Rukia's shoulder to stop her from leaving the room.

"Rukia, do you know what you agree to?" Byakuya's pair of grey orbs connected to hers violet orbs. He was not angry at her for putting them into this situation, but he wanted to know why she would agree with the Elders. He really did not want her to do something she will regret.

"I know what I am doing, Nii-sama" Rukia replied in a serious tone.

"You just put a chain around yourself, and will be bounded to all the rules and responsibility of Kuchiki." Byakuya could feel his voice getting hard but he tried to keep his emotionless expression. He cannot imagine putting Rukia in the same situation as Hisana; the pressure and stress of playing the role of Lady Kuchiki that strained Hisana's health.

"I was bounded by the rules and responsibility since the day I signed the adoption paper, Nii-sama," Rukia answered honestly.

Byakuya's heart felt pain when he heard the words came out of her mouth. It is true that since the day she was adopted into the family, all of the rules and responsibility of the Kuchiki clan has already forced upon her. She was obligated to act and conduct herself as a Kuchiki. Most of the people would never have guessed that she is not a Kuchiki since birth; no one would guess she was born in 78th district and a commoner.

"Don't you want to fall in love and marry someone you loved?"

"Do you think being a Kuchiki have the right to fall in love and randomly marry someone that is not a noble? I prefer to marry Nii-sama that I admire and love than some stranger from another noble family." Rukia violet orbs look intensely into his, to reassure him that she has made her decision.