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Pairings Heero x Meia and self x Jura and Duo x Belvedere and Hibiki x Dita and Trowa x Amarone and Wufei x Barnette and Quatre x Celtic and Duelo x Parfet and Zechs x Ezra,

Ages of Gundam team 18,

Zechs 22,

Self age 24,

Mobile suit for self RX-78-2 Gundam because it rules so much, Yes I am a Fanboy of it sue me.

Chapter 1,

Of Vans, Dreads and Gundams,

In space above a desert world a battle is taking place.

This battle is between the males of the all male world Taraak and a group of female pirate's from the all female planet Mejere.

The fight is currently going the women's way as they have already taken a part of the ship that the men have abandoned seeing as it was old and not very useful.

As the battle continued back at the new part of the ship that was separated from the older section on the bridge of the ship the officers were discussing possible counterattacks with an admiral that had come to oversee the launch of the ship.

As they talked the ships radar operator picked up 7 large energy signals bigger then anything he had seen before that he could not identify come out of nowhere two were coming from the old part of the ship and the other 5 where coning from space thinking this could be a threat he told the admiral.

"Sir I am picking up 7 unidentified energy signals they just came out of nowhere two are coming from the old section of the ship and both are bigger then any thing I ever seen and the 5 are coming from space and are just as the same." He said.

"WHAT." Said the admiral as he came over to the energy readings coming from the ship.

And what he saw shocked him the energy readings where almost as strong as a battleship at seeing this the admiral became scared.

"What in Grandpas name could give off this much energy?" he said under his breath he then yelled this out. "Send a team of Vanguards to check this out."

As that was going on inside the female pirate ship the same power reading was detected.

"Captain I am getting some strong energy readings not to far from here." Said ships com operator from her chair a women by the name of Ezra.

"Send Barnette and dread team 5 to go and check this out." Said the shops captain her name is Magno.

Out in space with the 5 large objects which turned out to be five Gundams 1 was the Sandrock another was Altron the next was Epyon another was Heavyarms and the last was Deathscythe hell. Inside the Sandrock Quatre was making sure the others were fine.

"Is everyone alright?" he said.

"I am alright Quatre." Said Duo.

"I am fine as well Quatre." Said Trowa.

"I am just fine." Snarled Wufei.

"I am okay to." Said Zechs.

"That's good to hear. But what happened to us where are we?" said Quatre. "The last things I remember was getting in are rebuilt original Gundams and leaving the moon base and that bright blue light."

"I don't know where we are but I just noticed Heero's not here?" said Duo.

"Your right he's not." Said Trowa.

"We have to find him what if he's hurt or worse?" said a worried Quatre.

"I am sure Yuy is just fine. We have bigger thing to take care of." Said Wufei.

"What do you mean by that Fei?" said Duo.

"We have 12 unidentified mobile suits coming are way as well as 7 fighter types I never seen before and it also I am detecting a large battle not to far from here over an unidentified planet. And don't call me Fei you baka" Said Wufei.

"He's right I have them Mobile Suits on radar as well as the battle." Said Trowa.

"So do I Zechs what is the plan?" said Duo.

"We first send them all a warning to disarm and surrender to them if that fails two of us well attack them but we disable them while the others head to the battle field if it is at all possible I want to save killing as a last resort as well." Said Zechs as he turned the Epyon towards the oncoming enemy force and made ready to attack.

"Way should we? This is not are world and so not are fight?" said Wufei.

"It's what we as pervanters do Wufei its are job to stop them." Said Trowa.

"He's right Wufei it the right thing to do as well and the plan sounds good Zechs but who stays and who goes?" said Quatre.

"Wufei and I well stay here while you Trowa and Duo head to the battle field." Said Zechs.

As that was going on inside one of the hallways on the Ikazucha a bright light appared and out of it came a young man he had short black hair a goatee his eyes where blue and he was wearing blue jeans a black t-shirt with black shoes he looks 6 feet 4 inches tall and looked like he weighted 250. His Name is Blaze Stone.

"Where am I?" he said as he looked around. "This is not my apartment as a mater of fact this looks like one of the corridors on the Ikazucha. But it couldn't be after all this is real like I am."

As he was looking around a sound caught his attention listing closely he hard voices looking towards were they were coming from he could make them out more clearly as they were getting closer.

"Please stop Mr. Alien I just what to take a picture." Said a young women's voice.

"Would you just leave me alone." Said a young male's voice.

At hearing the voices Blaze reorganized them as belonging to both Dita and Hibiki not wanting to be seen he started to look around for a place to hide.

Finding some boxes to the left of him he dived behind them and he was just looking over them when Hibiki ran past him holding Pyoryo. And not 2 seconds behind him was Dita and all three looked real.

After they had pasted him Blaze came out of hiding.

"Damn it really is them but they look just as real as me." Said Blaze as he looked at the two teens that were almost out of sight.

After he was sure they were a good ways away he folded them at a slow speed as he knew they would take him to the hanger bay.

As he walked along he heard a clack that sounded like a gun he then hired a voice coming from behind him.

"Put your hands up and turn around slowly."

Blaze knew that voice any were as he turned around it belonged to one Heero Yuy. He was proven right as he was done turning around and was now looking at one Heero Yuy though a much older Heero he looked 18 years old and also looked real.

"What can I do for sir?" said Blaze trying to hind his excitement at seeing one of his favorite Wing Charters.

"You can tell me were I am?"

"I have no idea were you are as I have no idea were I am ether." Said Blaze not wanting to tell Heero that this was an anime and he was one two.

"I don't believe you." Said Heero seeing throw his lie as he was about to shout him.

"Please stop all I know is this is a spaceship called the Ikazucha. And that I am following two teens that I hope well leaded me to freedom."

Heero seemed to buy it as the gun was no longer aimed at me ready to shot me.

"Alright I well buy your story for now but you're coming with me." Said Heero as we went down the hall the two teens went.

Back out side in space we find the five Gundams in front of the 12 unknown mobile suits and 7 fighters.

"This is preventer wind calling to the forces in front of us you are to disarm your selves and surrender at once." Said Zechs using his preventer's name.

"We the men of Taraak do not give in to anyone." Said a man in the lead Vanguard.

"And we women don't listen to men." Said a women in a purple dread.

And with that they attacked the five Gundams. The dreads were the first to reach the five Gundams using there missiles in the first attack on them.

As the missiles neared the Gundam's the pilots did not move as they knew the missiles would not do any damage to their Gundam's. Soon the missiles hit them covering them in light blocking them from view.

"That is the end of them." Said the women in the purple dread.

"That was great Barnette we showed them." Said another dread pilot.

The other Dread pilots agreed and so did the Vanguard team but soon they were proven wrong when the light faded and the five Gundam's were still there and unharmed.

"If you refuse to surrender then we well have no choose but to disarm you." Said Zechs as he and Wufei attacked while the other three went to the battle field.

The first to attack was Wufei using his Dragon fang on 1 of the 7 dreads the attack hit the engines destroying them he then fired his rear mounted beam guns at three more taking out their wings. Wufei then took out is beam trident and activated the beam.

He then attacks them in close rang combat taking out two more with slashes taking off wings. He then charged at the last one to take it out.

Wufei noticed that this one was different from the others this one was purple while the others were silver and it was a little larger then the rest.

He slashes at the fighter's left wing only to see it move out of the way and fire 8 beams from its wings at him. But Wufei seeing them used his shield to block three of them and then moved around the rest. After that he returned fire with his head Vulcan's.

Barnette not expecting the attack got hit by some of them on her left side doing some damage but she soon got over her shock and avoided the rest.

"Not bad for a male but I well not lose to you." Said Barnette over her radio to the pilot as she charged at her enemy.

Wufei seeing this put his Gundam into a standing position with his beam weapon resting in the Gundams hands turned off he then closed his eyes.

"You are strong for a woman but in the face of Wufei you are weaker." Said Wufei back over his radio to his enemy as his eyes were still closed even as his enemy continued to come closer.

"I am not weaker then you male if any one of us is weaker it is you." Yelled Barnette as she was now almost on top of her enemy.

Back inside his Gundam Wufei snapped his eyes opened just as the fighter was just about in front of his. He then moved his Gundam to the left of the fighter and activated his beam weapon and cut of the fighters right wing.

This attack took Barnette out of the fight.

After the attack hit Wufei left the area and headed for the other Gundam pilots. But before he left he said this to Barnette.

"Onna not bad but as I said you are weaker then me I don't kill woman."

After that he was gone leavening an angry Barnette behind to drift in space along with her team. Soon her and her team where picked up by a shuttle. As the shuttle got them Barnette was not happy.

"Kuso KUSO AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." Barnette yelled as she hit her controls in her fighter as she and her team where taken back to their ship.

As Wufei is doing that Zechs is taking out the Vans with his beam sword in his first attack he took off both arms of 3 of the enemy Mobile Suits.

He then used Epyons heat rod on four more taking out their engines.

"This pathetic these things are weaker then Leo's." said Zechs to himself.

Back with the Vanguards the pilots were in a state of shock as this much larger Vanguard had taken out 7 of them in under 2 minutes.

"Sir this guy is strong maybe we should give up?" said a young solider to his team leader.

"I think he's right sir we should give up." Said yet another one.

"WHAT A MAN OF TARAAK SURENDER NEVER DIE YOU TWO TRAITORS OF TARAAK." Said the leader as he and the other two pilots charged the two traitors.

The three killed the pilots even as they dropped their weapons.

Zechs seeing this and hearing every thing became angry so angry he decides to kill these three as they have shown to be monsters.

"You three have just signed your death warrants with what you have said." Said Zechs over his radio to the three.

"Yeah right the last 7 fought were weak and the two we killed were traitors now you face real men." Said the leader back over his radio.

"Your wrong the real men were the ones you killed they knew when to fight and when not to." Said Zechs.

And with that he charged at the three that were standing together in his first attack he used his beam sword and cut throw the torso of one of the grunt Vanguards killing the pilot.

The other seeing him so close to them the two attack from both sides hopping to take him. But before they could even get their weapons ready the second grunt was killed with stab right throw the cockpit.

"Now it's just you and me." Said Zechs to the now alone leader.

"Ye…s." said the now scared leader.

And with those words the leader ran for his life.

"It's to late to run away fool." Said Zechs as he took off after the retreating Vanguard at full speed as he would not let this one get away.

Zechs easily over took his enemy and cut the Vanguard from top to bottom.

"It looks like I'm done here better join the others." Said Zechs as headed off to the others location.

After getting there orders the other three Gundam pilots lead by Quatre had gotten to the place were the large battle was. All three could see it was a battle between a fleet of space ships that from what they saw were from the same military as they looked a like they also saw that this fleet were the ones with the mobile suits as they could see them sending them out.

The fleet was fighting just one ship and the one ship was winning this surprised them as it should not be possible for one ship to bet a fleet of ships. They could also see the fighter came from it as they saw them being taken in by the ship to ether rearm or get fixed.

Quatre hopping to stop this with out fighting called out to both sides.

"This is Quatre Winner to all ships and fighters and mechs. Please stop this fighting and surrender at once." Said Quatre over his visual com system to every one in the area.

Back with the fleet from Taraak the admiral was angry as he looked at the com screen at this young punk that looked no older the 18 tell him a proud Admiral of Taraak what to do.

You punk how dare you tell me what to do, An Admiral of Taraak the great male Empire to surrender to you? We well crush you and those with you. All Vanguards attack those machines show them the power of the men of Taraak" Said the Admiral as he pushed a button on his chair.

But if he had seen the battle between the Vanguards he set out he would have know this was a bad move.

After that order went out the Vanguards attacked the three Gundam's.

The three Gundam's seeing this were not worried as they saw most were still rookies still at fighting in Mobile Suits plus they were veterans of two wars and scans by their Gundam's showed that these thing were weaker then Leo's and even with the large numbers of them about 150 there was no challenge .

"Man this well be easy." Said Duo as he and Deathscythe Hell took off to meet them.

"Your right Duo these Vanguards well be no threat to us." Said Trowa as he fallowed his friend in the Heavyarms.

"It my be easy but I still wish they would have give up." Said Quatre as he and Sandrock fallowed he still did not like the idea of fighting even though they were not going to kill them.

With the lone ship the ships captains reaction was different she was not to quick to anger as she had seen what two of these machines could do as she did watch the battle between Barnette and her team and those two plus the Vanguards.

So she was in no hurry to see what the other three machines could do the rest of her fighters.

"Captain what should we do?" said Ezra.

"We leave the battle zone I am in no hurry to fight these weird machines." Said the Magno as she watched the weird machines take apart the Vanguards with ease.

"But captain we can beat them." Said the ships radar operator her name was Celtic she had blue hair.

"No we can't just look at what just one did to Barnette's team and what that other one did to the Vanguards?" said Magno.

"No." said Celtic as she did and it was scary to see as Barnette's team was easily taken out and what the other did to the Vanguards especially the ones at the end.

"Good tell all Dreads to come back and tell the teams on the male ship to come back." Said Magno.

"Yes Captain." Said both young women together as they relayed the order.

Meanwhile back inside the Ikazucha Heero and Blaze had caught up to the two teens that had stopped in what was a large and where now staying out of site of both the two teens and two women that had shown up at Heero's order. Plus the gun in Heero's hand was a good reason to stay put.

"Just stay away from me." Said Hibiki to the teen girl as he was in a corner.

"I won't hurt you." Said Dita as she walked closer to him.

But before she got any closer she was called to by one of the other two women.

"Dita stop this now we have orders to leave now so come on." Said the one with blue hair her name is Meia.

"Yeah come on Dita let's go." Said the one with blond hair her name is Jura.

Blaze looked on he looked at both women and he had to say looking at both as real humans was cool like Jura her anime form did not do her real form justice her breast we much larger then what they were in the show and she had on no bra. Blaze would have gotten a hard one if not for the gun still in Heero's hand.

Dita hearing this turned around this let Hibiki escape from her. After he was gone a depressed Dita left with her friends.

After they were gone Heero turned to Blaze and said.

"Well fallow them and do not try to escape from me." Said Heero as he pointed the way the three girls went.

"I wouldn't dream of it." Said Blaze.

And with that the two left. As they walked along the path the girls went down Blaze hared a beeping coming from Heero. Blaze watched as Heero went into his blue jean jacket a pulled out what looked like a cell phone and looked at it.

"Wing Zero is here." Blaze heard Heero say in a whisper.

Blaze hearing that became scared as he knew Heero would not let him see his Gundam. And he was right as Heero turned to him with his gun now pointed at him.

"Now let's not be to hasty here." Said Blaze as he backed away from Heero.

"Sorry but I must do this" BANG

With that Blaze fell to the ground. With that Heero left.

A few minutes later.

"Damn that hurt." Said Blaze as he woke up he held his stomach wear Heero had shot him.

"Wish I had known Heero was using a rubber bullet gun.' Said Blaze as he looked around and wondered how much time had passed by.

As Blaze got up he heard foot steps and soon a voice calling out to him.

"Hey are you all right?" said Hibiki as he came up to Blaze.

"Yeah just fine." Said Blaze as he looked down at Hibiki.

"Good well I have to get out of here want to come?"

"Sure." Said Blaze as fallowed Hibiki towards the place where Heero and the women had gone.

Back out side the ship the three Gundams were joined by the other two and were now really taking it to the Vanguards.

Trowa was using his Gundams army knife to take of arms on a group of 6 Van's.

"It looks like this battle well be over soon." Said Trowa.

Next to him Quatre was using his Gundam's beam machinegun on the heads of three Van's.

"Yes and not soon enough for me." Said Quatre.

On another part of the battle field Duo was using his Gundam's stealth cloak to hid himself from the group of 12 Van's he was fighting he would then appear behind them and cut of there arms and legs.

"Same here Q-ball this is no fun any more I would rather fight Leo's then these guys." Said Duo.

Not to far from him Wufei was taking care of 8 Van's using his Gundam's beam trident to cut throw them.

"This an easy fight for Wufei." Said Wufei.

And at a good dissents from him was Zechs how was taking on a group of 18 Van's was using his beam sword to slash his way throw them taking of areas not would not destroy them.

"As a true warrior I find this fight to be a waist of time." Said Zechs. "And there is nothing to fear from these people"

But little did Zechs know but he was wrong.

Back with the Taraak fleet the Admiral was both levied that the Vanguards he had sent were being destroyed so easily and scared that they were.

"This is not possible there is no way we the men Taraak can lose." Said the Admiral.

"Um sir." Said his radar operator to him trying to get his attention.

"What is it?" yelled the Admiral.

"The female ship is trying to escape Sir."

"What they are!?"

"Yes Sir they are taking in there fighters and are leavening the old part of the ship."

"We can not allow that to happen prepare to fire the Muramasa at them and also tell all remaining Vanguards to move those machines towards the old part of the ship as well we take both them and the women together."

"Yes sir." Said the radio and fire control operator.

Outside on the battle field the Van's that were left begin to move the five Gundam's towards the old part of the ship.

Inside the old part of the ship both Hibiki and Blaze had gotten to the hanger were Blaze could see of just almost out of site Heero making his way between a hole in the wall where Blaze guessed Wing Zero was.

Blaze could also see Dita getting in her fighter he then turned to his left and saw Hibiki still holding Pyoryo getting in to his Vanguard and was soon in it and then he closed the hatch.

Blaze seeing this knew that the time was close to when the Taraak fleet would fire there missile at the female ship. So knowing this he made his way to one of the Vanguards when he got this strange filling that he should not get in one and that he should go to another part of the hanger near the space hatch.

Deciding what harm could it do he followed the filling to where it said he should go and he found a hole in the wall going throw he fond something that shocked him.

"It's the RX-78-2 Gundam the one from U.C." said Blaze as he climbed up a long stirs onto the Gundam that was standing up he liked this one the most next to Wing Zero and Freedom.

He soon got to were the cockpit was and got in the Gundam and took a site in the chair.

"Now how do I start this thing up." Said Blaze as he griped the controls of the Gundam.

As soon as he did that he felt a little zap of electricity go throw him this zap gave in info on how to control the Gundam.

"Okay that was weird but I am glad it happened." Said Blaze as he started the start up sequins.

Back out side the five Gundam's were now right under the old part of the ship after the vans had moved them there.

After they did that the Van's ran away from the old section of the ship.

"Looks like we won there running away." Said Duo.

"Yeah and about time to that was a big waist of time for me." Said Wufei.

"It was an easy battle but way did they run away after getting us here?" said Zechs.

"I don't know Zechs but I have a bad filling about this." Said Quatre.

"I'm sure it's nothing Quatre." Said Trowa.

"I hope so." Said Quatre.

It was then they radio call from Heero.

"This 01 to Gundam team can you hear me?"

"Yes we can hear you Heero." Said a relived Quatre.

"Good where are you guys?"

"Where right below a weird ship. Where are you can you give us are location?" said Duo.

"In a large storage area in Wing Zero. And my location is the ship you guys are below from what my scanner is saying." Said Heero.

"That great well wait right here for you then." Said Quatre. "But please hurry Heero I have a bad filling where all in danger."

After that Heero cut the com.

"Q-man well be just fine." Said Duo after hearing that.

But little did Duo or the other know but Quatre was right because back at the Taraak fleet the missile was ready.

"Sir the Muramasa is ready to fire." Said the weapons operator.

"Good have the Vanguards pulled back yet?" said the Admiral to the radar operator.

"Yes sir and the enemy machines are right below the old section of the ship and the female ship is still close to it."

"That's great fire the Muramasa right now."

"Yes sir." Said the weapons operator as he fired the Muramasa.

Back with the female ship Celtic saw the Muramasa coming.

"Captain the males have fired a large missile at us and those machines and we don't have enough time to get away." Said Celtic as she told the Captain.

"Looks like we have to hope that fate is kind to us then." Said Magno she then looked at Ezra and said. "Ezra tell all crew members to brass for impact."

"Yes Captain." Said Ezra as she told all the crew.

St the same time the Gundam saw the Muramasa coming and were trying to see if they could stop it.

"Trowa can you shot it down?" said Quatre.

"No it's got some sort of field that keeps me from getting a lock on." Said Trowa as he continued to try and get a lock on.

"We should run for it." Said Duo.

"It won't work that missile has a big blast zone we would never make it." Said Quatre.

"Then we should get close to the ship and hope it can offer some protection." Said Zechs.

"Good idea let's do it." Said Quatre as he moved towards the ship with the other fallowing him.

After they got close enough Quatre radioed Heero to tell him to stay put.

"Heero there is a missile coming stay put as there is know way to stop it or get away we are just in a hide spot one the ship hopping it well protect us." Said Quatre as he then cut the radio.

Back inside the old part of the ship Heero just braced himself for the blast.

As he was ready both Dita and Hibiki weren't as both tried to get there machines to move but both teens were stuck and crying.

And with Blaze he was try to stay calm as he heard about the missile over his radio from Ezra.

"This is it the start of the Vandread story wonder how both Heero and me well change the story?" said Blaze as he still did not know about the other five Gundam pilots.

He then listened to Ezra as she counted down to the missiles impact.

He heard her say impact in. and as she did Blaze grab his Gundams controls hard.


And at 0 Blaze closed his eyes he heard the explosion and soon fond him self in a blue void with Hibiki Heero Dita Jura Meia all six where falling in to a blue pit.

And just before Blaze blacked out he saw a large mech and he could hear Dita yell Mr. Alien.

End of Chapter 1.

This is an idea I have had for a long time to do a self insert in to Vandread for a long time too and since I also wanted to do a Gundam Wing one as well I did both together. Now then I well some day I hope finish Vandread the Mobile suit war.

Hope you all like it.