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Chapter 2,

Encounters and first battles.

We find Blaze in his apartment looking at his TV when it all vanished before him it was then replaced by a large white void where he saw Jura but could tell it was not her but the crystal.

"You are not from this world who are you and why are you here?" she said.

"I have know idea why I am here I thought you brought me here and the name is Blaze Stone?"

"I did not. And that name is it your name or your spices. What well you do here what well be your purpose?"

"It's my name and my spices are called human and as for what I well do here I well fight to save this world for as long as I live. And make friends and I hope to as well find love."

"That is a very finite answer."

"It is finite because I am as well and all I can see and think is that way." Said Blaze. "Now then you said you did not bring me here so can you tell me who did and how did you know I was from a different world?"

"Even though I can not take some one from their world I can see into them so that is how I knew you where not from here. As for who brought you here I have know clue."

And with that Blaze faded from the white void.

Out in deep space there is a large explosion and out of that explosion comes two badly damaged ships one is the female pirate ship and the other is the old male part.

In the female ship on the bridge Magno who was just coming around looked at and then said.

"Are you two all right?" she asked.

"I'm fine Captain thank you." Said Ezra.

"Same here as well Captain." Said Celtic.

"Good now…." Mango started to say when there was a bright flash blue above their ship.

When the light fad away Mango saw blue tendrils of energy coming out of the old male section and they were grabbing her ship.

"What going on is that thing trying to eat the ship?" said Magno she the called her third in command over the com.

"Gascogne I want you to meet at the shuttle I want to look at this up close."

"Yes Captain." Said Gascogne as he cut the com.

"Alright Ezra tell BC to come here now and take commanded." Said Magno as she got ready to leave but before she got off of the bridge there was a beep from the radio.

"Captain one of the weird Van types are trying to contact us." Said Ezra.

"Really." Said Magno. "Put it throw."

Outside the ship the five Gundams were adrift and all had some damage.

"Is every one okay?" said Quatre inside Sandrock.

"Yeah I'm a little shaken but fine." Said Trowa from his Gundam.

"I'm good but man I can't believe we lived throw that blast." Said Duo in Deathscythe Hell.

"Same here. And I am fine as well." Said Zechs in the Epyon.

"I too am fine but now what do we do?" said Wufei in the Altron.

"First let's find out how damaged are Gundam's are?" said Quatre.

"My Gundam is a about 80 percent operational except for some fired circuit boards in the left arm and head but a lot of circuits in the Scythe need to be looked from what my computers say." Said Duo.

"Altron needs to reboot most of its weapon systems and there is a crack in the left arm napalm tank." Said Wufei.

"Heavyarms is out of ammo and my main camera is damaged." Said Trowa.

"Epyon had suffered damage to the heat rod and the computer tells me half of the other systems are offline." Said Zech.

"Sandrock is just fine as it has heavier armor then the other Gundam's but the circuits in the handles of heat shotel need to be replaced." Said Quatre.

It was then the five of them saw a flash of blue light coming from one of the two ships. They watch as this crystal type stuff grabs comes from that one ship and then grabs the other as well as other things that were around it.

"Would you look at that." Said Duo.

"Yeah I have never seen anything like it before." Said Zechs.

"Me too and I have a weird filling that light well be a source of both power for us as well as trouble. And that that ship well be are home." Said Quatre.

"You may be right but right now we should try to contact them to see if they can help us." Said Zechs.

"Way should we?" said Wufei.

"We need to repair are Gundam's and that ship may be able to help us." Said Zechs.

"Why don't we just find another place?" said Duo.

"Because Duo there is no other place to go look around there are no colonies and no sigh of earth or any planet for that mater." Said Zechs.

"I am sure that there is some place we can go." Said Duo.

"I am afraid he's right Duo I have scanned the entire area and there is no other place to go." Said Quatre.

"But what about are Gundam's they may try to steel them from us." Said Duo.

"I hate to say it but the baka is right this is a bad idea." Said Wufei.

"Though I may not like the idea it is the best option we have right now as our Gundam's need to be fixed if we are to put up any type of fight if the need should come up again." Said Trowa. "Also maybe we can make a deal with them to that if they give us no trouble we do the same."

"That's a great idea Trowa plus we have to check on Heero as he has not contacted us since before the blast." Said Quatre.

"I am sure he is fine but I would fill better if we see him to make sure." Said Duo.

"Then it's decided." Said Quatre as he sent out a signal to both ships.

Back inside the old part in the place where the RX-78-2 Gundam is we find Blaze just wakening up.

"Man my head hurts but I am at lest still in my Gundam." He said as he looked around and saw he was still in his Gundam.

"Man doses that sound weird to say my Gundam." Said Blaze as he hit some switches that thanks to that zap earlier he knew would give him his Gundam's status.

"Let's see here all Gundam systems are just fine and ready for battle." Said Blaze as he turned on his monitor and looked outside he thought this to himself as he looked.

"Which is good because if I am right I did not miss the first battle with Earth as it still looks like the ship is still covered in the crystal."

"I better see what is going on in the main hanger and see if Magno is here yet." Said Blaze as he opened his Gundam's hatch and got out.

He then made his way to were he had gotten in but before he got there he passed some crystals that gave him a look at his reflection and what he saw surprised him as he was no longer wearing his old clothes he was now wearing a leather coat with the right sleeve cut off that stopped just a little above his knees with leather paints with leather boots that stopped at his knees with cowboy strips on them he had on a white shirt with no sleeves and a necklace of a spider around his neck he also saw another one that looked like bribed wire. He also saw a Gunblade on his right side.

"What is this I look like Sou Yaguruma from Kamen rider Kabuto and were did I get the Gunblade?" said Blaze. "And why do I need one?"

"Could it be that Heero and I being here has some how changed what is going to happen are we going to have to fight more battles out side are machines? Or is this because there is already been a change before we got here?" said Blaze as he started to move and make his way out. When he reached the main hanger what he saw shocked him.

It was not just Wing Zero and Heero that was here but also the other Gundam pilots and there Gundam's where here and from what he could see they were talking to Magno or should he say Quatre was talking to her.

Seeing this Blaze saw his chance to intrudes himself.

A little before Blaze got there. Back with Magno before she left.

"You wish to repair you Gundams as you call your vans here?" said Mango to the young blond haired man that called himself Quatre Winner.

"Yes captain and in return we well cause you no trouble and help you get your ship repaired as well." Said Quatre.

Magno at first was not going to help them but when she realized they need the help as the reports that she was getting on her chairs computer tells her that the ship well need a lot of work.

"Alright you can come on board and get your Gundams fixed but after that you well help us at lest until the ship is fixed." Said Magno.

"Thank you Captain for this but were well we land?" said Quatre.

"I am going to take shuttle to the top ship that is wear you can land so you well fallow me." Said Magno.

And with that the com cut out and Magno left the bridge. Later on the shuttle with Magno and Gascogne landed in the top hanger soon her shuttle.

As Magno left her shuttle she was approached by Meia.

"Captain sorry you had to come here." Said Meia.

"Not a problem I wanted to see what was going on myself." Said Magno.

"Still." Said Meia as she then looked at the five Gundams as they started to enter and was going to ask why they were there but Jura bet her to it.

"Captain why are these thing here?" said Jura.

"There here to repair there machines and to help us fix the ship. But this boy on the ground is this the boy that you told me that Dita was after?" said Magno as she looked at a small teen age boy.

"Yes captain." Said Meia.

"It has been a long time since I have seen one this close up in along time were they really this wired looking? Any way Gascogne take this boy to the holding cell." Said Magno.

"Yes captain." Said Gascogne as she picked up the boy and left.

After she was gone the sound of hatches opening filled the room. Hearing the sound the women turned to look at the five Gundam's they looked on as the five young men got down from them and come towards them with a blond man leading them.

"Hi I am Quatre Raberba Winner and you must be Magno the ships Captain." Said Quatre as he bowed a little to the captain.

It is then Blaze makes him self known after he got out of the area his Gundam was he sat on the ground he starts running his spers over some the ground that had some crystals on it. His spars spark on them as he dose this.

This gets the groups attention on him. Blaze seeing this gets up and walks towards them.

"Who are you." Said Meia as she pointed her laser ring at Blaze.

Jura she was looking at him and she felt strange filling in her lower area and in her heart.

"Me I am the one that fights the darkness in the world with darkness in my heart I am Blaze Stone the Gunblade." Said Blaze as he gave his interdiction to them using what he hoped was a cool one.

Blaze then get this wired filling to make a show of his strength so doing a move he spins and kicks Meia's hand away and brings out his Gunblade and points it at her.

"Now then never point a weapon at me unless you plan to use it on me." Said Blaze as he then puts back his Gunblade and the turns to look at Magno, Jura, Dita and the Gundam team.

"Now then I think we should talk captain." Said Blaze as he looks at her.

Magno looks into his eyes and what she sees shocks her. In this young mans eyes she sees a great fire wanting to come out and burn every thing in its way.

"Yes we should young man but not here I was about to tell these young men to fallow me to a place were we can talk as I have two others to speck to. You well also come as while." Said Magno as she started to walk away with when Quatre called out to her.

"Captain a moment please there well be one more coming with us." He said.

"Who young man?" said Magno.

"A friend you see some how he was already here on this ship." Said Quatre.

"I see so where is he?" said Magno.

"Right here." Said Heero as he came out of were Wing Zero is.

"Heero are you okay?" said Quatre,

"Yeah I am fine Quatre and I heard every thing." Said Heero.

"That good now then lets go." Said Magno.

And with that the group left except Meia. As they walked along both Dita and Jura left the group to do other things. As they walked Duo started to talk to Blaze.

"So Blaze where do you come from?"

"I well explain when we get to were we are going." Said Blaze.

"Sure." Said Duo.

Soon the group got to where they were going when they entered Blaze saw B.C there and that Hibiki had gotten his slap from his butt touch Hibiki looked at them and looked happy to see them the Dr looked like he was analyzing them and the Pyoryo was already awake came at them say integration time.

"God I forgot how much I hated him and how he was so annoying and how I wished that it was dead when watched the show. Well I can fix that right here." Thought Blaze as he grab his Gunblade and cut the robot side ways and then put it away.

After he did that Blaze saw that every one was looking at him.

"What it was annoying." said Blaze as he walked over to where the men were.

"Alright now then I think some interdictions are needed from you gentlemen." Said Magno.

"Yes." Said Quatre as he started soon the other Gundam pilots went after that Quatre told them where they came from.

After that Blaze went.

"I am Blaze Stone the Gunblade." Said Blaze he then gave his cover story he made up.

"I came from U.C year 0085 June 5 from a side 2 Space Colony over Earth were I worked as a Mercenary for the Colony Government. I was going on patrol in my Mobile Suit when it was covered in a white light when it was gone I was I Taraak two mouths before the ship left." Said Blaze. "When I heard about the ship I got my Mobile Suit on it so I could get into space I did when I was going to get it I ran into Heero there."

He said as he looked at Heero he then said.

"Now that I thank about it Heero this is for you." Said Blaze as he walked up to Heero and punched his fist into Heero's gut but Heero took it with no problem. "That was for shooting me earlier."

He then walked back to his spot. After that Meia came in with Bart she told where she fond him she then went over to Heero were she gave him a quick look and blushed a little.

"Now then who are you three?" Said Magno as she looked at the three men from Taraak.

"I am Duelo McFile a Dr." said Duelo McFile.

"I am Bart Garsus a first rate helmsman." Said Bart Garsus.

"The names Hibiki Tokai I am…" started to say Hibiki when Meia interrupted him.

"He is an attacker I saw him getting into one of the Vanguards."

"No hold…" Hibiki started but Bart hit his gut with his elbow.

"So now that we know who you three are what should we do with you three?" said Magno.

"We should get rid of them." Said Meia.

"Now lets not be to hasty here I thank we should see how we want to cook these three." Said Magno as she gave an evil smile to the three from Taraak.

At hearing this both Hibiki and Bart went white with Hibiki say they really are going to eat us. Duelo looked uninterested and Blaze could see he did not believe what she said. The Gundam Team was wondering what was going on. As for Blaze he started to sinker.

As it got louder the others looked at him soon Blaze was laughing his ass off. Soon he stopped and said.

"Captain I have to say you played them while but now is not the time for scaring fools."

"So you saw throw that did you?" said Magno.

"Yeah sorry. But as I was saying we seem in a pretty bad spot if I judged right?" said Blaze.

"You did I take you have an idea to help us then?" said B.C.

"Yes I do you have a Dr they are always need and Helmsmen and though I bet you have some having a spar or two would not be bad idea and with an attacker you have more defenders." Said Blaze.

"Your right but what about you the others?" said Magno.

"I can not speck for them but me I am a Mercenary I well work for you for a price if you want me to that is?"

"I do."

"Good but to make it official we need to make a contract." Said Blaze.

"Your right." Said Magno as she sent for some paper and a pen.

As that was going on else where on the ship in the cafeteria Jura was thinking about the man in leather that she meet and way she had a strange filling.

"What was that weird filling I had when I looked at him?" she said.

In another area of the ship we find Barnette she is in her room sitting on her bed. She is thinking about the male she fought before.

"I am a one of the ships best Dread pilot second only to Meia and I was bet like I was rookie pilot." Said Barnette as she then clenched her fist. "And the worst of it is he saw me as no threat to him."

She then thought about way she fond that attractive.

Else where we find Dita and Ezra in the ships Park that had trees and a nice pond there were also benches. Ezra was looking out in to space using a thing that looked like a round camera it was a star map finder.

"Oh none of these Star maps are right." Said Ezra as she tried to find stars that would show the way home.

"Hey Ezra do you see that." Said Dita as she saw a group of lights coming at them.

Ezra looked and started to say.


"There aliens." Said Dita as she interrupted Ezra.

Back with Magno she and Blaze had made the contract.

It said that Blaze would defend the ship until it got back to home no mater how long. It also said that Blaze would only answer to the Captain and B.C Blaze would be pad 50,000,000 for the job.

The contract was sighed and Magno kept it. After that she turned to the Gundam Team and said.

"Now then what well you six do after you help fix the ship?"

"We well stay until you get home from there we don't know." Said Quatre.

"Thank you then." Said Magno.

After that the ship started to shack.

"What going on." Said B.C into her com.

"Where under attack by..." started to say Ezra when Dita said.


Hearing that Magno looked at Meia then at Blaze and said to them.

"You two get out there and defend the ship."

"Yes Captain." Said Meia as she left getting her com out as she did.

"You got it." Said Blaze as he fallowed her.

As he fallowed Meia he was thinking to himself.

"This is it time for my first battle here in Vandread. I hope I can do this?"

Back with Magno she looked at the Gundam Team and said.

"Well you six please help them?"

"We would but are Gundam's need to be fixed." Said Duo.

"My dose not so I well go." Said Heero as he left after he was gone there was an explosion in there it injured one of the guards.

Duelo seeing this jumped into action and started to help her.

The other Gundam pilots soon also left going off to help where they could.

As that was going on Bart saw his chance to get in good with the captain.

"Is there any why I can help?"

Back with Meia she had gotten in contact with her team and fond that only Jura and Dita could help her out the other's were locked in the shower by Paiway or in Barnette's case her fight still needed to be fixed.

As she ran she looked left and noticed that Blaze had caught up with her she looked right and saw Heero there.

Soon they got to the hanger when they got there Blaze saw that Dita and Jura were already there and looking at the Dreads.

"They look different." Said Jura.

"Who care as long as they work." Said Meia as she got into her dread with Jura and Dita doing the same and getting in theirs.

As that was going on Blaze ran to were his Gundam was and when got there he saw that the wall it was behind was now gone showing him that the Gundam had weapons with it. It's Bazooka two of them one Beam Rifle and one of the Gundam Hammers seeing that Blaze said.

"The crystal must have gotten rid of the wall and made the Weapons." After that he got into his Gundam and started it up.

He then had his Gundam stand up.

As he did that Heero was doing the same in Wing Zero after finding the wall it was behind gone too.

Soon Dreads and both Gundam's where ready to leave.

"This is Meia lets go." Said Meia as she lead her Dreads out.

"Heero Yuy and Wing Zero going out." Said Heero as he and Wing Zero went out.

Next was Blaze as he grab his Gundams Beam Rifle after that he got ready to go out into his first battle.

"Alright this is it no turning back." He thought as he then said. "Blaze Stone and Gundam let's do it."

And with that he went into space. Once out in to space Blaze was surrounded by five cube type fighters. Blaze seeing this used his Beam Rifle on them his first shots took out two. H then used his Gundam's Vulcan's on the rest.

After that Blaze looked around the battle field he saw Heero using his Beam saber to cut throw five cube type fighters.

"Man Wing Zero is so cool." Blaze thought as he heard a cry for help from Jura looking around he saw Jura in trouble as she was surrounded by 23 cube fighters.

"Hang in there I am coming." Said Blaze as he headed for her.

As he did that Blaze saw the ship move behind him this told him that Bart was now at the helm of the ship.

He soon got to Jura where he then started to cut throw the cubes with his Beam Saber. Once he had gotten Jura some room she helps out by using her Dreads laser guns.

After the duo did that Jura opened a com screen with Blaze.

"Thanks for the help back there."

"Hey no problem I could not let such a lovely lady like yourself get hurt." Said Blaze as he winked at her over the screen.

This made Jura blush a little as she turned away so as to not show it to him.

"Now the let's get back out there and kick some ass." Said Blaze as he headed towards a group of 9 cubes with his Beam Rifle back in hand.

With Jura fallowing him still blushing.

Back inside the ship Hibiki was being taken back to his holding cell by B.C and two guards. On is way there he started to ask him self way he came in the first place.

"I should have never come here I should have just been happy were I was." Said Hibiki.

"They why are you here then." Said B.C looking at Hibiki.

"Don't laugh but it was a stupid bet I shot my mouth of to many times and said I would steel a Vanguard." Said Hibiki.

"I see." Said B.C.

"Yeah I am no attacker just a mechanic I would be no help in a fight." Said Hibiki.

"I thought men were stronger then that?"


"I always thought men fought for what they believed in but not you." Said B.C. "Your just fine with being what others tell you to be."

"Hey…" started to say Hibiki to her but stopped when he saw her walk away.

"Come you two lets go." Said B.C to both guards.

"But what about him?" said one guard.

"Leave him he is to weak to do anything." Said B.C as both guard left with her.

After she was gone Hibiki thought about her words. And he now knew that if he wanted change he had o do it.

And with that he contacted the bridge tell get his hand cuffs off.

Back out side the three Dreads and two Gundams were starting to have trouble with the enemy as they just kept coming at them in larger numbers.

As they fought Blaze saw something that surprised him. He saw four seed type mother ships.

"This is not good there was just one in the first battle not four. This also means that what I saw in the show did change making my knowledge of things to come worthless." Blaze thought.

"Guys we have four enemy ships incoming and they are the ones sending out the cubes we been fighting." Said Blaze as he watched three spit out groups cube fighters.

"Your right if we take them out the battle the number of cube types well not grow." Said Heero as he fired his Buster Rifle at one of the taking it out.

Blaze eyes went wide at that even though he had seen the weapon used a lot in wing but seeing it in person you could see the true power of it.

He was not the only one shocked Meia, Jura and Dita were too.

"What fire power." Said Meia as she and the others looked on as Heero targeted another one.

Heero fired at the seed mother but the shot was blocked by a group of 34 cube fighters. The cube fighters were destroyed but the seed ship was fine. The mother fired its lasers at Wing Zero sending Zero's Buster Rifle out of the Gundam's hands.

Heero tried to get it back but was blocked off by 19 Cube fighters. Getting out his beam saber Heero started to cut through them.

As Heero was doing that Blaze was trying to also get the Buster Rifle back along with the three Dreads that were fallowing him. As they got closer to the weapon the seed mother ships opened fire sending a large rain of weapons fire between them and the weapon keeping them away from them.

"I can't get throw." Said Jura as her Dread took some hits as it tried to get throw.

"Same here." Said Blaze as he tried but even with his shield he could not get throw.

As the four tried to get throw they where attacked by 30 cube fighters. And to make maters worse the mother ships turned there weapons on them. The attacks by both the fighter and ships had them unable to move.

"This is not good." Said Blaze as he took a lot of hits.

"We need more help out here." Said Jura.

"Help is coming soon so just hang on." Said Magno to them.

"Who is coming." Said Meia as her fighter was hit by enemy fire.

"The little one I hope he can make a miracle." Said Magno.

"What." Said Meia.

"I don't care as long this women can help us." Said Jura as she was taking hits.

"Hey who said your help was going to be a women." Said Hibiki as he and his Vanguard went into space.

"Mr. Alien." Said Dita seeing him.

"Now then lets bust this up." Said Hibiki as he broke up the enemy around Blaze and the others.

This gave Blaze and the other room to move using this they attack taking out all the cubes. As they do that Hibiki is surrounded by cubes after taking some hits Hibiki decides to fight back.

"Not bad but take this LIGHTING FIST." Said Hibiki as he had his Vanguard stick its right fist forward.

But nothing happened seeing this Hibiki drew out his swords he then cuts throw two cubes and then goes off after some more with Dita fallowing him.

As that was going on Blaze was going after 6 cubes with Jura helping him.

Back with Heero he was done killing off the cube around him and had started to head once more to his Buster Rifle. But once more the Cubes got in his was. As he fought them off Meia joined him.

With Hibiki he had noticed that the Seed type ship were the ones sending out the cubes so he decided to head for the one nearest him as he did Dita still fallowed him.

Seeing this Meia called out to Dita.

"Dita stop come back for you are killed."

"It's okay Meia Mr. Alien well save us." Said Dita.

It was then the Seed ship they where going after opened fire with its main weapon on Hibiki and Dita but the others also fired but not at them.

One fired at Jura and Blaze seeing this Blaze moved in front of Jura to save her.

The other at Heero and Meia Heero seeing this also moved to save her.

All three shots hit at the same time covering the ones hit in light.

Back on the ship Magno sighed and said.

"Looks like its over."

Else where in the ship we find Quatre he is helping with some wounded as he dose he looks up and places his hand on his heart and says.

"What is this weird filling I fill so warm? I fill like I am being hugged."

Back out side the lights fad away when they were gone every one was surprised by what they saw. Instead of seeing six destroyed machines they see three giant robots.

"What are they?" said Magno seeing them.

One is blue with two green extensions on its back its head as a large horn on it and on its arms are to green parts.

The next one is white with six white wings (think Vandread Meia's wings) its arms are slim with claws its feet too. Its head has V like things one going up the other down.

The last is red with two large curved weapons that had a beam of red energy going between the points in its hands hit head and a red horn going out the back.

And then to every ones greater surprise they attacked.

The white one moved with such speed it left after images as it moved it also cut throw the cube types around it. After that it looked at the mother ship that had fired at it and started to glow white it the sped at it and ran right throw it even as it was being fired on.

The blue one turned a looked at the cubes in front of it the cubes were in front of the seed ship that had fired on it. The blue giant then moved the green extensions from its back and over its shoulders it the fired a beam of green energy from them taking out the cubes and seed ship.

The last one moved span in a circle cutting in half the cubes around it. It then moved towards the seed ship that had fired on it the robot cut the ship in half.

And with that the last of the enemies were gone. Inside the robots their pilots were waking up.

In the white one Heero had woke up and fond some weight on him opening his eyes he saw Meia on his lap she to was up and looking at him nether spoke as both looked around both saw they were in the same chair with the same harness on them hold both tightly together. Both saw that there hands were on each others too.

After looking both stared at each other once more this time glaring at each other but nether spoke as they both tried not to notice the fillings coming from there lower areas and how both liked being like this.

In the blue one Hibiki had also had woken up and fond Dita on his lap and just like Heero he fond they shared a harness.

As he looked on Dita spoke.

"See I knew you would save us Mr. Alien."

All Hibiki could say was.

"Is this the proof of my life."

As he tried to figure out way he like being this way with a female

In the red one Blaze was blushing bad as he fond Jura on his lap. Both where on the same chair with the same harness on them both and both where holding hands.

Jura too was blushing as her dress from what she could tell had moved just right that now her panties were being touched by Blaze's crouch.

"This is weird." Said Blaze as he fought down his hormones.

"Yeah." Said Jura as she felt them too bur not sure what they were.

Back inside the ship both B.C and Magno looked on.

"This is strange but I like it." Said B.C.

"Yes it is but I see the future in those machines." Said Magno.

End of Ch 2,

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