Layla's P.O.V

Ash Your such a Jerk. I whispered to My bestfriend.

Hell Yes and You still Love me. He whispered back.

jajaja You wish.

Well, Little Beauty pleas Finish.

Well, of Course Honey.

Mmmmm. I Like When You Call me Honey. Kiss me Layla.

Well, Yeah... I leaned in and i said...Mmmmm...Better Not jajaj..

He had a dumbstruck expresion that in one moment turn From Dumbstruck to Hurt to Loss to Rage.

You should have seen your face it was priceless. Jajajaja. I droped to the ground whiping tears from my eyes from how much i laugh at Ashton's Cockyness Jajajaj.

I'm Gonna Kill You Layla.

Not... jajajajaj your Face Ashton Your Face was worth a Million Dollars or even more. I said In between laughs.

Oh, Okay beauty I'll just tell your Mom(Jez) and Your Dad(Morgead) You kissed me.

Ha, Like They are going to believe you.

Well, yes they will.

Yeah and how do you suppose that will happen.

Well, once they see your diary, Oh God Ashton is so Handsome, and Oh My God Ashy is so Hot, and Specially Page 138= I would like to do Him and His 'll see what i'm talking about.

Where the Hell did you Find That out.

I have my sources.

Ha, well you'll never find my Diary.

Well, Ha.. you're self i have your Diary, jajaja.

WHAT! i Shrieked... Oh My God he Has My Diary and He knows i think he's Hot oh and he'l tell My Parents That i kissed him and That i Think he's Hot and That I wannna Do Him... Oh Shit wait till Dad Find's Out. I'm a Daddy's Girl.

Yeah, Baby i'll Give it to your parents unless you Kiss me.

No and don't worry i'll just tell your Mom(Mary-Lynnette) and Dad(Ash) That you wanted a kiss from me and you got my diary and i ran Off to find my Mom(Jez)and Ashton's parents and Tell them about my diary and about the kiss Ashton Wanted to give me.

Mom, Dad, Aunti-Mary, Uncle-Ash. Come Here pleas.

Jez: What is it Honey.

Morgead: What, Princess.

Mary-Lynnette: What happened Layla.

Ash: What Do You Want, Little Nice of mine.

Me: Well Mom, Dad, Mary, Ash.

Yes. They all said Together and Then all of us laughd at that.

Well, see i have a Diary, and Ashton Took it. and he doesn't want to give it back.


NOW! Shouted Ash.

Hey Dad, Mom.

Mary-Lynnette: Give Layla Her Diary Back.

Ashton: I don't Have it.

Ash: Ashton Your Grounded and Give it to her NOW. he Yelled to his son.

Ashton: No... and Do Any of you Know That She Kissed me. He Smirked

Jez: Oh, it's like That is it... She smiled to my Dad who Just Glared at Ashton.

Morgead: Well, Explain Your Self Young Lady.

Me: Dad, I didin't Do anything and Much Less Kiss Him,Ewww. Mmmmmm i would like to kiss... What am i thinking... Me kissing him...mmmmm...Snap out of it... i was in such a daze that My Dad was Glaring at Me and was Snaping His Fingers In front of My face, yelling at me, With My Diary Open in one of his Hands... Oh Shit this can't be good.

Dad: What The Hell are you Thinking Layla writing This About Ashton.

Me: Mmmmmm. Dad, That's Kind of Private, So...' If Posibly My Dad Just got more angry at me.

Mom: Morgy Honey, Go Take a Run around The Forest and I'll meet you. You know where. and she winked at my That My Dad just had this ear to ear Grin and at that mi mom gave him a little push to the doors and at that he leaved.

Mom: Look, Here's Your Diary, and Don't worry your not Grounded. But don't tell Your father That kay' she gave me a kiss on the cheek and was about to leave When...

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