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My Night World: Layla and Ashton's Story

Ashton's P.O.V

How The hell can She Write That About me And Go Un-Punished That's Just Not Fair.

Ohhh, What The Hell, I May As Well Start Screaming That Jez Didin't Punish Her So Morgead Can Come and Do It Him-Self.

Ashton: "What The Hell, Aunt Jez. She Wrote That And She's Un-Punished, While I'm Obviously Grounded", That's Not Fair.

Mary-Lynnette: "Ashton, Shut Up, Your Making a Fool out Of Your Self".

Ashton: "What The Hell Mom, I'm Already Grounded." What's Going To Happen Next i'm going To die or something. And For this part Morgead came in, His Face with pure hatred directed at me.

Morgead: "Ashton, You Tried To Kiss My Daughter." He Yelled Angry With me.

Oh Shit, i didn't Know that Layla Had Run off to Find Her dad. This is Bad really really bad, Shit!

Ashton: "I Didn't try To Kiss her". She Tried To kiss Me.

Morgead: "That's Not What i Saw!"He Yelled and got much more red, if That's Possible...

Ashton: "Ohhh and How The Hell do yo Know What happened?" I asked angry.

Morgead: "My Daughter Showed Me". He said Calmly again.

Ashton: "Ohhh, and How Did She Show You May i ask."

Morgead: "Well, She Has another Power."

Jez: "Oh My God, Honey You have another power and you didn't tell me." She asked Layla.

Layla: "Well, Mom i just Found out." she said in a 'duh' tone.

Jez: '' So... how did you Found out?"

Layla: "Well, Mom"... But Morgead Cut Her Off.

Morgead: "Honey, We'll Talk Later about this"

Jez: "Morgead just leave them Alone" she said and Then whispered to him "We have always Known that they will end up together, Morgy, So just leave the kids in peace and anyways Ashton is already grounded"

Morgead: "kay' Jezebell" he said while she glared at him. But then he glared at me and said " if you do anything to her or with her that she doesn't want to do, to my baby girl, you and me wi'll have a problem, kay' boy?

Ashton: "Yes, Ma'am i mean Sir." i laugh at his expresion. And Then Everyone started laughing all together including Him(Morgead ).

Ash: '' Well, can we now leave i want to try something with Mary-Lynnette." he said as he winked at my Mom...eww)

Morgead: " Yeah you can go, so Jez now can you show me what you promised later?

Now My parents went out of the room hand in hand, with my dad whispering in the ear at my mom, and my mom gigling at something he said. (eww eww again eww)

Jez: "Hell, yes Let's Go". she said as she winked at Morgead.

Morgead:"See You later, Princess" he said to Layla and "I'm Watching You" He said to me.

Ugh... how can he be beauty's father... well if you think it well, They have the same green eyes and black hair but Layla's hair is like her mom's curly but it's black...but Beauty is so Hot...mmmm what i would do to her...oh Shit... don't think of her..mmm those Green Eyes That you could become lost In...Stop...Ashton...Stop! Think Your Sisters Your annoing Sisters!...Mmmmn Layla... I Better take a Cold Shower.

Layla'S P.O.V

God, i Love My parents.

Why The Hell is Ashton so Stubborn, Cocky, Douche Bag, Idiotic, Moronic. Well That's Love...mmm...That's Love... What The Hell am I thinking...!

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