Character Introduction and School Description

Rae: Hogwarts number one dancer. Slytherin's student. A very naughty girl who never wears her uniform perfectly. Currently participating in Hogwarts event. Good at Potion. A very sporty girl. Always fighting like cat and dog with Malfoy. Like to bully people that she doesn't like including the teachers, she likes to bully Snape sometimes. She's very popular at other Houses because she's the only one who can fight with Malfoy directly. She even have the record as number one student who 'always get in trouble with the teacher' girl but never get punished because her grades is quite good.14 years

Nells: Hogwarts Quidditch Team with Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley and get the Chaser position. Best friend with Rae, Rose, Aiyou, Ren, and Kyana. Have a very scary dark side. Slytherin's Student. Good at Quidditch and Transfiguration. She always helps Rae to bully people.14 years

Rose: Gryffindor. Could do traditional Rune magic such as calling a dead people spirit, animal familiar, and a guardian. Number one cold people at Hogwarts. Very good at Transfiguration and History. Participate with Rae in modern dance competition. A sadistic human who could do magic without wand and blow up some student. An agent who tried to gather information from Malfoy family. Very beautiful girl.14 years

Aiyou: Piano genius but a very slooooooooowww human, scared of cat but buy 2 Russian Blue kitten (she's quite stupid). Wears Glassess. Participate in Orchestra competition. Good at Charms and Music of course. Suppose to enter The Conservatory of Music but end up in Hogwarts. Game Maniac, she don't know that the REAL Hogwarts that she usually plays at home is really exist14 years

Ren: Genius student. A REAL Straight-A student. Ravenclaw. Good at Herbology. Quite cute and have quite a bunch of fans at Hogwarts. Participate in Academic contest. A gentle girl and very kind to everybody. Have a private lesson from Dumbledore. But inside she is very sadistic girl 14 years

Kyana: Not a genius but very smart student. Ravenclaw. Good at Divination and battling with other students. Participating in Battle competition. Suppose to enter Saint Ursula High School but like Aiyou, she ended up in Hogwarts. Like to read books and very kind.14 years

Teito Klein: Character from 07-Ghost like you know he could do Zaiphon and participating in Academic competition. Gryffindor. End up in Hogwarts because of Ren that read a wrong spell to call a small animal. Very smart and have a huge amount of fans in Hogwarts14years

Frau: Character from 07-Ghost he could do Zaiphon and end up in Hogwarts because of the same reason as Teito. He work as a teacher in Hogwarts

Light Yagami: Character from Death Note. He came to Hogwarts because of Dumbledore who read a wrong spell ( He originally want to summon some dragon ) So he tried to kill him using the Death Note and failed. Dumbledore said that he could have him back if he help him ( Dumbledore's assistant). High school student

Doraemon: Character from Doraemo. He came with the same way as Light Yagami but he helped Dumbledore from the very beginning with his weird tools. He always shows Dumbledore the video from the other world (Dumbledore's assistant) .? years old

Shou: Alice Nine Vocalist that come from Japan to Hogwarts. He is famous because of his weird hair in this story he's known as a 15 years old boy

Saga: Alice Nine Bassist that come from Japan to Hogwarts. He's very smart to stole the girl's heart and very anarchist boy15 years

Saint Ursula Junior High Schools:

Rae, Kyana, Ren, Aiyou, and Nells former school before they enter Hogwarts. When they held an event Rae participated in their Modern Dance competition and won the third place. The video was recorded by Doraemon.

Hogwarts School of Magic:

The school which the story take place. In this school the students are allowed to bring their hand phone, laptop, etc. This school even have Hogwarts hotspot so the students can surf the internet anytime with their laptop or notebook, the student even allowed to use their phone at the class. This school teach Magic Arts and this year they are holding some events.

Dumbledore: The Head Master of Hogwarts. He is the one that had the idea of having a school event and inviting other school to participate because he watched Rae's video when she performed at Saint Ursula Day and become obsessed with Modern Dance. In this story, he become very funny that he could read a wrong spell that bring Light and Doraemon to Hogwarts.

Michael Jackson: King of Pop that supposed to be dead. But he is currently a Dead Spirit that called by Rose to teach her and Rae MD. He likes to ignore Rose's order and end up being scolded by Rose. He usually takes (or steal) other student laptop and connect to facebook, twitter, plurk, etc and end up being blown up by Rose.