Ladies & Gentlemen, take your hats off. Our favorite Ravenclaw, Kyana! :D Take a glimpse of Kyana's life in Hogwarts and be enchanted ;)

6.50-7.10 AM Failed attempt(s) by Ren, Kyana's fellow Ravenclaw and roommate and classmate and eatmate and librarymate, to wake Kyana up. It's not a good day to receive the Grey Lady's (Ravenclaw's House Ghost and also the painting who guards the door to the Ravenclaw's Common Room) famous, boring lecture about punctuality (she gives lectures almost about anything, so…). Look, I appreciate your understanding and your concern towards your friend, Ren, but to wake Kyana up is as easy as flying blind-folded while trying to catch the Snitch. Not even the infamous Viktor Krum can do that.

7.10-7.20 AM Swearing why Ren have to wake her up so early in the shower. Tying her blue-bronze tie in lightning speed, she packed extra quills for her favorite, diabolic History of Magic unit test. Isn't History of Magic considered abuse to students?

7.20-7.40 AM Running like a mad dog to the Great Hall. Swearing why Ren had not woke her up earlier. Kyana and Ren are late. Ren managed to sweet talk the Grey Lady by arguing that Kyana was late because she studied hard for History of Magic. The Grey Lady was impressed that she has such a diligent and intelligent boarder at her house, so she spared both of them. Morning assembly is at 7.30 AM, be there or no breakfast at all (especially when Filtch is in his bad mood). It was an exhausting route, you know. Ravenclaw's Common Room is located on the top of a tower, and remember the big room with thousands of moving ladders and hundredthousands of moving paintings? It took three months for Kyana to memorize the route.

7.40-7.53 AM Well, Filtch wasn't guarding the door to the Great Hall. No Dumbledore and the other teachers also, means that it's a quiet morning without any announcement. Weird. Wiping the rest of sweats in her forehead, she and Ren took a seat and joined the lively chat held in the Slytherin table. What? SO WHAT if a Ravenclaw sit in the Slytherin table? Even there's two Gryffindors, TWO EFFING GRYFFINDORS sitting in the SLYTHERIN table. Okay, this wouldn't happen before Rae, the new bully, and Nells, Slytherin's new-everyone's-favorite-quidditch-captain arrived. These two quickly wiped the stereotype that Slytherin couldn't be friends with Gryffindors by letting Rose, a white-haired, cold Gryffindor girl and Aiyo, a short-haired, absent-minded Gryffindor girl, sit with them, under the very mocking eyes of Malfoy and his gang. This didn't last long as Rae sent a black-eyed Malfoy (nononono, you don't understand, his eyes color are green, not black) to the Hospital Wing. Well, at least the house-elves didn't put too much sugar on the pumpkin juice.

7.53-9.00 AM Stuffing breakfast as much as possible to her mouth while revising History of Magic (HoM) mentally. I know, there was a Goblin riot in 1129 that took place in Hungary and medieval wizards started to write the Certificate of Gobledegook in attempt to make peace with the Goblins. Wait, isn't it 1129, 1291, or 1219? Never mind. The others couldn't look any more enthusiastic about homeworks at all. Breakfast suppose to be the best time to catch up homeworks that you forgot to do last night or revising a lesson before the long, demanding hours of studying in Hogwarts. But Nells, Rae, Rose, Aiyo, and even Kyana and Ren used their time efficiently... by chatting about why Professor Flitwick couldn't grow any taller, Professor's Sprout dirty assignment (Nells : "Yeah! It was very dirty! and hot! She told us that swangrass only grow best at muddy waters and ONLY could be plant by noon so she told us to go to the swamps at noon and start digging!"), Plan 174,899 to overthrown the Malfoy regime (Rae : "Easy, bribe Professor Binns that he needed a special, midnight extra lesson on... History of Magic), those new trend on dress robes Spring/Summer 2011 seen at Madam Malkin's branch at Hogsmeade for the Yule Ball (obviously Rae and Aiyo's favorite topic. Well, at least they have something in common), and so on, and so on, until their mouth became dry, and they spilled pumpkin juice everywhere because laughing so hard.

Well, okay, some "good girls" like the Ravenclaws and Aiyo did bother to revise some lesson while still chatting, even though it's because the Ravenclaws have a test and Aiyo almost forgot to do her Potions homework. Breakfast at days minus the homeworks and tests (rare ones, but did happen to those who are diligent) are simply the best.

Oh, by the way, for breakfast, they have sausages, malt porridge, many kinds of bread (German, French, Italian, Japanese, malt, white, [insert breads from 'Yakitate Ja-Pan' here], many kinds of jam (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana, Marmalade, Blueberry, Cranberry, Hazelnut, Marzipan, Capuccino, Tiramisu, Fetuccini, you name it, they have it), salads, many kinds of fruits, many kinds of juice, milk, pumpkin juice (if you don't drink it then you're not a wizard), butterbeer (third year students and above only), and mineral water. Sounded hyperbolic, but Dumbledore wanted to ensure that no student skipped lesson because of anemia, hypoglycemia, dehydration, or maag because, man, that's a lame reason to convince them that you are sick because they know the technically stuffing you to death every morning so there are not any effing reason for you to skip lesson by pretending you are sick.

9.00-9.10 AM Lesson start. The bell rang. Students are only given 10 minutes to transfer to their respective classes. 10 minutes seemed a lot to the teachers, but for the students, a low-impact cardio every morning (with stuffed stomach? Eugh). Hogwarts is HUGE, don't trust the movie version, stupid. It's a lot more huge than that. Kyana & Ren bid farewell to their friends and proceed to their first lesson, Professor Binns' History of Magic. Oh, what a day. (The 23rd Goblin riot, 1291, the medieval wizards made the Certificate of Goobledegook, 1356, the Law of Apparation was rejected, 1732...)

9.10-9.15 AM Kyana & Ren arrived at History of Magic. Heaving as many air as possible, taking their usual seats, and preparing theirselves for the History of Magic Unit Test Chapter 7 : Assault on Goblins. Ravenclaws have air of effortless grace and intelligence, but no one knows the Ravenclaws raised prayers as many as possible as Professor Binns' waved his wand and Unit Test papers fled magically to their desks.

9.15-9.55 AM This was a big mistake. 5 8-marks questions, all essay, in 40 minutes?

9.55-10.00 AM That was… diabolic. The test was truly diabolic. But Kyana & Ren wouldn't admit it. Being a Ravenclaw means that you cannot moan to your fellow Housemate about how difficult the test was since you are practically surrounded by very, very, very smart wizards and witches. There's a high degree of competition on the house of Ravenclaw, especially regarding grades and educational achievements. Grade-comparing is common, and Kyana is used to it. But she wouldn't admit that her ego was bruised when a classmate said that she could answer the last 8 marks question effortlessly while Kyana knows she has to use her writing skill and her imagination to answer that particular number. Kyana promised herself that she would bash that girl to ashes at the next quiz. Go sportiveness.

10.00-10.10AM Students transfer to Herbology. Really, from sixth floor to green house? In 10 minutes?

10.20-10.30AM Professor Sprout is not pleased with everyone being late. "The Slytherins have been here 5 minutes ago and they are from Care of Magical Creatures!" Hello? Have you tried to jog from sixth floor to green house in 10 minutes, Professor Sprout?

10.30-11.00AM Kyana stared at the very frustrated Nells and Rae behind her. Those two Slytherins couldn't stand what's so special about Herbology. They couldn't stand what's so special about studying either. Really, even I couldn't understand what's so special about growing pinklebottoms to prevent sweating. Uhh, what? Seemed that only Ren who didn't see what's so weird about it, as she continued to listen attentively to Professor Sprout's lecture. Herbology is her favorite subject, and Professor Sprout really deplored why Ren was not sorted to Hufflepuff.

Kyana's attention broke when she heard annoying giggles coming from a pack of girls standing behind her. It was Aiyo and some girls. Yup, Aiyo, the quiet, absent-minded Gryffindor, now has a wolf pack of her own, some girls from Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and even Ravenclaw and Slytherin. They were talking about some girls things, like muggle fashion, beautifying spells, muggle music, boys (Aiyo talking about boys? O.O), places to hang out, the latest juice, and some nerdy things like writing stories, sneaking to the forest to paint, owl racing, cooking, or sleepovers. They sometimes joined Aiyo and Kyana and the rest when eating, and now it has become more regular as they grew closer to each other. It was not a big group of friend, but Kyana was glad that her shy, introverted friend is reaching out. Suddenly, pinklebottoms felt like sunshine and rainbow to her.

11.00-11.10AM Running, not walking, RUNNING, to Transfiguration. Come on! Come on! Five minutes left!

11.10-12.00PM Everyone made it on time. Phew. Maybe it was because the Transfiguration teacher is the strict, discipline Professor McGonagall. No one wants to substract their house point so they could with the House Cup. Today's subject: turning needle into ninja. Okay, quite silly, but you could always expect more from a Ravenclaw. And there you go, on the third try, Kyana turned the needle into a fiddle. It rhymes, but it's not a ninja.

12.00-1.00PM Lunch time. Yay. Today, Kyana & Ren choose to have their recess at the Transfiguration Courtyard as they are too tired to the Great Hall. Don't worry, having recess at lunch time in the Great Hall is not compulsory. One by one, their friends started to come to the Transfiguration Courtyard : Nells, Rae, Aiyo, Rose, and Aiyo's new friends. Rae came with a smirk in her face and hands tugged to her robes' pocket. When she pulled out her hands, two big Whoopers came out, and there's more coming. I don't know how the hell did she get all the Burger Kings, but they are having an awesome Burger King party, with Rae's iPod plugged in the iPod station dock that she carried in her backpack. Muggle technologies are allowed thanks to Arthur Weasley, but some random white-haired boy didn't like wizards touching mudblood things. Before Rose is able to make a clever biteback, Kyana had send Malfoy's hair aflame and throwing thunderbolts to him. Wow. Of course, a dentention for Kyana this evening at 7, no wonder since you're doing it in front of McGonagall's class.

1.00-1.20PM More running to Charms. Luckily, Professor Flitwick is a patient man, wait, patient little man.

1.20-2.00PM Need to say more? Charms, charms, charms. Floating things and pushing chairs. This is the best time to show case your wands, people. As for Kyana, she simply enjoyed how people envy her 9-inches, reed, unicorn hair wand. The core is the same with Cedric Diggory's, so who knows what good the same wand as the Transfiguration & Triwizard champion's wand could bring.

2.00-2.10PM Uh-oh, it's Potion. Hurry up or be ready to hear Snape's stingy comment.

2.10-3.00PM Professor Snape always have a stingy comment to spill whatever the situation is. He (she?) mocked Ravenclaw's intelligence that they somehow have not figured out a way how to walk faster. Rose, who also joined the class as per usual came back with a smart biteback. The rest of the class has been fun, however. Not fun, really, but being a smart Ravenclaw she is, Kyana had never felt any difficulties in practically almost all lesson, except Flying. Kyana just boringly poured her now ready mandrake antidote to the test tube to be presented to Professor Snape to be judged. Rae & Nells had already finished their antidote about 15 minutes ago and they know shot a 'good-luck' stare at Kyana, knowing that her brew is 10 minutes late and the color of her potion is greyish-orange instead of perfect orange that it supposed to be. Being a Slytherin, those two have never got anything bellow 'O' ('Outstanding') for potions, and they grinned ear to ear knowing that their potion is perfect orange and finished 5 minutes earlier than other students with no spilling on their table. But okay, having an 'E' ('Exceed Expectations') for Potions isn't as bad as having 'A' ('Acceptable') like Aiyo. She has to constantly worry her grades which almost fell to 'P' ('Pass'), the lowest warning for non-progression, since she knew she's not that good in Potions. Aiyo shot a panicked look at what supposed to be a perfect orange liquid, but is now a purple liquid with funny-smelling black smokes. Knowing that she cannot fail this time (or be given remedial classes after dinner), Kyana, Rose, Nells, Rae, & Ren began to cheer for her. "AIYO! IF YOU DARE TO GET AN 'A' THIS TIME, I'LL CERTAINLY PUT YOU TO FLUFFY'S CAGE!" "Come on, Aiyo! You could do it!" Aiyo, being cheered, found herself to be panicked instead of being encouraged. Her hands trembled as she tried to find something to neutralize her potion. Her hand was shaking as she panickly chopping gillyweed as Kyana continued to blackmail her. "AIYO! IF YOU FAIL POTION CLASS AGAIN I'LL CERTAINLY KILL YOU!" Aiyo dropped the gillyweed to the cauldron and began to stir the liquid, racing with the time. After a long, frustrating wait, everyone cheered as Aiyo's potion changed perfect orange. See? A little push would not hurt. To celebrate Aiyo's first 'O' in potion, they all agreed to have a little celebration at Three Broomsticks. Being her sometimes green-eyed self, Kyana suggest that everyone, I mean EVERYONE including Aiyo pay her some galleons so they could buy the best butterbeer for her. Umm, hello? Isn't Aiyo supposed to be celebrated here?

3.00-3.10PM Transfer to Defense Against Dark Arts (DADA), which is… blargh.

3.10-4.00PM Who says a Ravenclaw loves all subject? Even though Kyana wouldn't admit it, she found DADA is… depressing. Opposite of Aiyo, who loves every lessons involving wands including DADA, or Nells, who seemed to find positive sides in almost everything, DADA really relived Kyana's pessimist self. Really, DADA is a lesson about horror, terror, and how dangerous this world could be. Even though Kyana scored a beautiful 'O' for this lesson, she couldn't stand when it comes to DADA theory, & mostly use her imagination to answer the unit test.

4.00-4.10PM Transfer to Divination. Oh, happy days. The last period of the day is usually used for elective subjects. Some special elective subjects, like wandlore or Law of Magic, are only offered to students with outstanding achievements & contributions by the Head of Affective Education, which is also Professor McGonagall. This year, Kyana chose Divination (totally) and Care of Magical Creatures every Tuesday and Friday.

4.10-5.00PM However gory Professor Trelawney is, Divination is always enchanting. Just shut your mind and mind your tea cups. Astrology, tarot cards, crystal balls, mood rings, and Chinese wood sticks is always more interesting if you take it as a personal experience, not by hearing a sick sermon from Professor Trelawney. Don't ever use logic and this subject would never work for you. Even though Kyana is quite a logical person, she has her own way to enjoy this lesson. Whatever way it is, Kyana loves Divination, and she could tell who you are going to marry by just looking into your face. Kyana has a quite successful business every Valentine. Sly girl.

5.00-5.10PM Transfer to Arithmancy. What? Who says wizards don't need maths?

5.10-6.00PM Kyana is at her limit. Arithmancy is a boring subject, and it was held just before dinner. Kyana couldn't concentrate anymore as she is tired and bored. Grumbling while copying the Anathorean theorem, she couldn't stand why Ren is so perseverance and never show any signs of boredom. Well, if you know Ren, that's her. She's not an expressive kid, and has a shy demeanor. It's difficult to imagine her being angry or bored.

6.00-7.00PM Lesson is finished for the day. Students may proceed to the Great Hall for dinner. Dinner time is between 6.00-9.00PM, but Kyana couldn't stay long as she has a detention for attacking Malfoy last afternoon. The menu was much more grand and filling compared to breakfast and lunch, and you will have difficulties deciding which one to eat since all food looked delicious and tempting. Really, Hogwarts is not a good place to have an Atkins diet. Kyana ate as much as she needed and she excused herself from her friends to go to McGonagall's office.

7.00-7.10PM Transfer to McGonagalls' office. Kyana thought that the longer she stays in Hogwarts, in the future, she would walk as fast as a moving car.

7.10-8.00PM Well, the detention is simple. Write about the importance of self-control and diplomacy in a 60 cm parchment. A simple task for a talented writer like Kyana.

8.00-8.10PM Transfer to the Great Hall. Her friends are usually still there until the end of dining hour and which when the students are instructed to go back to their respective common rooms.

8.10-9.00PM I guess you could already predicted what happened here. Kyana and her friends just chat, chat, and chat while doing their homeworks. It took concentration, though, as for quieter students like Ren and Aiyo find it difficult to chat while doing their homeworks, so they usually separate themselves to the end of the table which is quieter and finish their homeworks, which usually end faster. For memorizing & revising before a test, both prefer a quieter place like their bedrooms back at the common room. For the rest… well, they talked almost about everything and held a cheating fiesta.

9.00-9.10PM Transfer to Ravenclaw's Common Room. Remember, if the eagle doorknob statue ask you "Which came first: a phoenix or a fire?" answer "A circle has no ending" or you wouldn't sleep inside that night.

9.10-9.30PM Kyana's BBM session. Yes, you heard it, Blackberry! Kyana & Aiyo, especially, have longed for Blackberry for a long time, and Kyana even chocked back her tears when she first open the Blackberry box their friends (Rae & Ren already have their blackberry long before the two got their own, and now Nells is considering switching her phone to Blackberry, even though her phone is high-tech, and is far more better than Aiyo's Chinese phone) give both of them as a surprise gift. Both of them are easily tired and not so much of a night person, so their BBM session is usually short. It's okay, though, since their short conversation is always wacky, crazy, witty, and emotional. Aiyo BBMed a 'Good Night', she passed out. Oh well. After sending several SMS to Nells, who is also not asleep for a certain time, she felt the haze in her eyes. She sent a short farewell to Nells and off she go to the lands of dreams.

©Aiyo, December 2010