If you expected an epic story about how the Protoss empire came to be, I'm sorry. I generally don't have the stamina to write that kind of thing ... yet.

This is simply my interpretation of Khas's ( and his prominent disciples' ) teachings in poem form :)

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The Unity:

The True Connection cannot be seen, nor described, yet it is everywhere on this world.

The lu'ngui lives in water, but is not aware of what water is.

The kakas that flies through the air does not stop to ponder how it does this.

Yet the air supports all flying creatures, just as water sustains all aquatic beings, and the Link is open to all life.

So it is open to all people, but people only value what they can see and touch, and therein lies the origin of Strife.

They want what belongs to others, and they steal.

They want to be rid of rivals, so they kill.

They want land, so they invade.

The wails of indignance they do not hear, but their own complaints are loud and clear.

The pleas of the wounded they do not heed, but they are frantic when they themselves bleed.

The plight of the homeless they do not see, except when they themselves are forced to flee.

My brethren, what difference does the appeareance of your scales make ?

In the end, our skins are bound to the same fate.

Crumpled by time until the Flames of Death consumes them,

Who will you fight and kill then ?

When your Pulse is released and scattered by the wind,

Will any tribe take you in ?

I tell you then, my brethren, only the One Tribe will !

For he who embraces the Unity shall live on still !

The Link is your only eternal home, from when you were conceived to when you set your tomb,

And then your Pulse shall join in the Link with others,

Regardless of your eye or stripe colours !

And then you shall see through new eyes,

And be called to inhabit different hides !

For we are One Tribe !

Thus spoke the Bringer of Light


Those who cease to exert their will shall know peace. Those who know peace shall know the Link.

Verily, the Link is open to all, since long before the Fall.

And it shall be reopened, to all those who have maintained enough Silence,

To hear the call of the Crystals, and thus reclaim our lost Jewels.

My brethren, excessive greed leads to selfishness, selfishness to hatred and anger, and all these to madness.

Anger is the barrier to Silence,

Hatred is the barrier to acceptance,

And Madness deprives you of all sense.

Therefore, my brethren, as you stand at this very Gate,

Forget what demands you have up to this date, for otherwise your hunger shall never abate.

He who is unwilling to give, will not ever receive,

But he who steps back will see a wider Sky and Earth,

And he who stops pursuing depts is entitled to all wealth !

Look through this Crystal, and remember ! All that the Ancient Ones had given us !

Those precious gifts we took for granted, and still more we wanted,

And then the Ancient Ones saw that, and left our Realm,

And thereafter we had no one to ask from.

Therefore do not treat as enemy anyone who has refused you,

For only the truly just can decide what is due.

Do not move to strike down those who are different,

For then they are forced to approach you with the same intent.

See now, my brethren, the pointlessness of your previous passions !

There is no conflict ! No reason for your tensions ! Free of your misconceptions !

Hear now, as you listen to my sayings, you are no longer bothered by the call to petty wars,

As you have had to put up with over and over before !

Feel now, as it reaches out to you, the message of our ancestors,

Just as you have felt the Pulse of your mothers, and fathers, and brothers and sisters !

For we are One Tribe !

Thus spoke the Bringer of Light


I have implored you to follow only Reason, for I shall entrust to you a divine Mission.

You shall go to all the places which have been settled,

By the people of the HomeWorld.

Tell them the truth that you have now been told.

And then you shall uphold that truth, as your successors shall do in time to come,

Judges, law-givers, scholars, investigators, and administrators you shall become.

Do not falter in uncovering the truth, for Truth is the root of order,

As it is the only standard that shall endure forever.

He who promotes false doctrine, and is purposedly dishonest to his fellow People,

Cannot hide his offenses from your judicial powers.

Therefore, I say to you again, do not inflict violence on those who refuse you,

But through the Link, get them to understand your view.

Be silent, and listen to their motives. Be quiet, and grasp their objectives.

Only when you are thus aligned, can you decide what is right.

And when each one's lot has been assigned, keep them in your sight.

For their survival, let your People learn how to fight, but watch out for those who do not restrain their might.

When it appears that they shall cause great harm, through your authority you shall bring them back to calm.

And if you are not involved in governance,

There are still duties of great importance.

Here and there in your journeys you will find,

Great knowledge and relics that our ancient Forebears have left behind.

These you shall unearth and observe,

And take great care to chart and preserve.

For the betterment of the People, you shall always seek to optimise,

What science, technology and philosophy has been devised.

Make use of any talents and tools you discover, to help you explore even places you cannot enter.

Even knowledge which has not yet been approved, must still be recorded and improved,

For the Truth cannot be 'removed'.

Thus spoke the Bringer of Light to the first Judicators.

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