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[Extra: This is a FOUR- SHOT . If I forgotten anything during this fanfic please do not come after me with torches and pitch forks, Thank you.]

Shot One

The Path

"So how many do you think there should be in our mercenary band?" Bankotsu asked, walking down the long path in the woods with Jakotsu.

"How about…um…", Jakotsu trying to think up of some random number. "How about four, that way we have seven".

Bankotsu gave Jakotsu an odd look. "Two plus four equals six, Jakotsu".

"Wait", Jakotsu re- counting his fingers again.

"How about this-" Bankotsu waiting for Jakotsu to pat attention. Jakotsu, finally looking at Bankotsu, forgetting about the numbers.

"How about we pick a day to go out, and whoever we pick by sunset will be in our band", Bankotsu bringing up the idea.

"But what if we can't find anyone by then?" Jakotsu asked.

"Don't worry about it Jakotsu. I mean, we can't be only two mercenaries around, you know", Bankotsu a little nervous at the thought.

Finally walking down another path, outside the woods, the darkness grew. Everything eventually went silent, expect the rush of wind going by. Bankotsu, thinking of his dream last night, turned slightly back to Jakotsu, in a stare. Jakotsu gave him a questioning look, confused, wondering what Bankotsu had wanted.

However, Bankotsu turned back around, deciding it was best not to bring up the topic. Jakotsu sighed, deciding to let it go, at least, until Bankotsu re-turned around again; staring again. Jakotsu's face triggered on the question marks again, deciding this time to figure out what Bankotsu had wanted. As Bankotsu turns back around this time, just knowing that questions would start coming.

"Bankotsu oo-aniki?" Jakotsu asked.

"What?", Bankotsu asking for an answer.

"Do you need me for something?" Jakotsu questioned.

"Look it's nothing alright", Bankotsu said.

Jakotsu sighed. "Well, it has to be something, you keep looking back here for a reason-".

"Look just drop it, okay", Bankotsu ordered.

"No", Jakotsu disobeying Bankotsu.

"Drop it", Bankotsu augured back.

"No", Jakotsu walked on left side facing him, as their walk comes to a stop. "I want to know what's going on. Are you mad at me or something?" Jakotsu asked.

"No, okay, you didn't do anything, alright, now can you just give it a rest?" Bankotsu, really wanting him to stop questioning.

"Okay, fine, but only because you're so damn cute", Jakotsu ended.

Bankotsu widens his eyes, and blinks. "Huh?"

Jakotsu sighs. "Nevermind, let's just keep walking".

With that, Bankotsu and Jakotsu finally to the end of the path to find the next village without another word.