Bankotsu, sitting on the porch, thought about what happened the other day between himself and Jakotsu; looking at Jakotsu's hair pin. Before he knew it, he sees Jakotsu walking up his way. (Oh no, what do say, what do do….) Bankotsu sighs.

"Ban- Chan!" Jakotsu calls out.

"Great", Bankotsu mutters under his breath. However before he escape, Jakotsu already appeared, sitting on his left [The readers right].

"Oh hey, you found my hair pin, oh, thank you sooo much Ban- Chan", Jakotsu now happy as ever.

"Uh Jakotsu…." Bankotsu sort of looking away.

"I should apologize", Jakotsu immediately put out. I didn't mean to go after you like that, the other day. You told me to back off and I didn't listen, when I should've. Am I getting kicked out of the group?"

"What?" Bankotsu surprised. "No- no of course not, just because I got mad at you the other day doesn't mean you're getting kicked out".

"YEAH!" Jakotsu cheered.

Bankotsu laughs. "Here, I got you something", handing Jakotsu a scarf. "It's my apology to you".

Jakotsu widens his eyes at his gift. "Oh, wow a new scarf, thank you Ban- Chan, thank you sooo much, I was getting sick of the one I had, so how did you get it?"

"I took it off a man who was almost dying", Bankotsu answered.

"Oh", Jakotsu grinned, scouting in closer to rest his head on Bankotsu's shoulder.

Bankotsu glances at Jakotsu really quick, and with a grin on his face, he puts his arm over his shoulders.

"You should've brought some sake", Jakotsu yawns. "You're nice a warm oo-aniki.

Bankotsu laughs a little. "Oh yeah?" (Maybe I should've brought some sake). 45 minutes later, Jakotsu passes out asleep, and Bankotsu ends up carrying back inside to his futon. "Good night Jakotsu", kissing him slightly on the forehead.

Morning time hits, as Bankotsu headed outside to clean off his armor.

"Ban- Chan!" Jakotsu called out, wearing his new black and yellow Yukata with his read scarf he retrieved from Bankotsu.

Bankotsu looks over to watch Jakotsu pose, or whatever Jakotsu was doing with his Banryu. "Jakotsu, what- are you doing to my Banryu, huh?"

"Oh, do you like it?" Jakotsu asked.

"Oh, it's so damn beautiful. It's so shiny, so you polished it huh?" Bankotsu, taking his Banryu away from Jakotsu; walking to the outside of the porch with it.

Jakotsu sinks to his knees, disappointed, falling for the misconception.

"Um, Jakotsu", Bankotsu turning around.

"Yeah", Jakotsu grumbles.

"Nice outfit", Bankotsu replies.

"KEHYA!" Jakotsu jumping and hugging Bankotsu from behind.

Bankotsu laughs again, as he, with Jakotsu's help, take the clean amour back in.

***The End***