Summary: Rosemary Lily Potter and Harry James Potter are twins that share a special connection. This is not a normal: what if Harry had a sibling story. Trust me, it's an interesting story.

Disclaimer: Am I rich and famous? No! Do I have blonde hair? No! Am I a fabulous writer? No! Well, this concludes that I am not the great JK Rowling and thus have no claims upon the wonderful world of Harry Potter.


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts walked slowly towards Hogsmeade Village. Sounds of happiness could be heard. Every shop had bright lights and music. As he passed the Three Broomsticks, Madame Rosmerta noticed him and called out, "Albus! Join the celebrations! You-Know-Who has gone at last!"

The great wizard chuckled and politely declined, while many people were celebrating, he was internally weeping. He thought, "yes Riddle is temporarily gone, but at what price? My favorite pupils (not that I keep favorites) are dead and their poor twins are left alone in this world."

With these sad thoughts, Dumbledore Apparated and reappeared in Little Whinging, Surrey. As he walked on the path towards Privet Drive, he noticed a cat sitting quite stiffly upon a wall. He chuckled once more, "Fancy seeing you here! Professor McGonagall!"

The cat suddenly changed into a stern looking woman. "Albus!" She screamed, "Is it true? Little Rosie and Harry are orphaned?" She stared at Dumbledore, he was slowly getting out a bag of lemon drops, he ate one and finally looked McGonagall in the eye. She was shocked to see that his eyes no longer twinkled; they were filled with tears and grief. He slowly nodded and without warning, Minerva McGonagall burst into tears.

Now Minerva McGonagall was a tough women, but she had loved Lily and James Potter like her own children and their children called her "Ganma." She needed to cry, but realized that her little grandchildren needed her to take care of them. She looked sharply at Dumbledore and said "Albus, where are they now? I want to take care of them. We can keep them at Hogwarts and raise them happily."

Dumbledore looked at the teary eyed Minerva and said, " I am terribly sorry Professor, I'm afraid the little ones have to stay with their blood relatives, as long as they stay there, they will be completely safe."

Minerva sighed, she knew Dumbledore would never let her keep them, but she did not want them to suffer with the Dursley's as parents. "Albus, they are the worst sort of muggles! We cannot allow them to stay there. Also, you know how much Petunia hated Lily, she will probably torment those poor children."

Albus sighed once more, he hated to do this but knew it was necessary for their survival. "Well Professor, you must remember, blood is thicker than water. I am leaving a letter explaining what happened to them and I am sure they will take care of the twins as if they were their own."

Minerva knew she had lost, she sniffed sadly and said, "Where are they? I want to see them before you leave them, who knows when we shall hold them again?"

Dumbledore smiled and noted that Minerva was very protective of these children. "Hagrid is bringing them," he replied. As Minerva began to protest, the wise professor sharply cut in, "Now don't start Minerva, I trust Hagrid with my life and he loves the kids too much, he is always careful around them."

Suddenly, they heard a whirring noise. Hagrid landed in front of them on a large flying motorcycle. He tearfully handed the twin bundles to Dumbledore. The three adults watched the sleeping children and noted the large scars on their heads. The little girl Rosemary had a large star shaped scar on her head and her brother a lightning bolt shaped scar. The adults sighed and realized they needed to leave before dawn broke. The left the children at the door step and tearfully departed. As they left, they took a glance back and said "Good Luck Harry and Rosie Potter!"

The small children turned in their blankets and held each others hands, unaware that many people had gathered and were making a toast to them, they were unaware that in a few hours they would be woken by a scream, unaware of the suffering they would have to endure for the next 10 years.