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Chapter 2: Mummy! A Giant told me that I can do magic!

Pain, that was all they could feel. Somehow the glass at the zoo disappeared and reappeared. The poor twins knew they would be seriously punished. However, they felt that the events at the zoo were not their fault. How on earth could they manage to do that with glass? It was just some illusion or freak event. As soon as they were brought back to number four, they were taken aside and beaten with a belt.

The twins treatment at the hands of their relatives were ridiculous. They did not have too many beatings after they started primary school because the teachers were starting to notice their bad posture due to pain. But that didn't stop their uncle or cousin. They were beaten very often during summer break. Many would expect Aunt Petunia to step in. But for some mysterious reason, she encouraged it: especially on Rosemary Lily Potter. The twins thought she resented their mother for some reason, hence the anger towards the twins.

Eventually they were let out of their cupboard and given a meager meal to sastisfy their hunger after their punishment. They were not given food for three days and were locked in their cupboard for a week after a daily beating. They were used to not eating, but their beatings were particularly rough this time around.

It was a new day in the Dursely household; once again the Potter twins were slaving away doing chores. When Harry Potter went to retrieve the mail, he noticed that there were two thick envelopes with his and Rosie's name on it. On the back of that envelope was an odd crest.

Harry pondered the reasons that someone would write to them. They had often used to daydream about a distant relative or friend of their parent sending a letter to the Dursley's and saving the twins. They eventually gave up on such dreams knowing that it was hopeless and they were stuck being slaves for the rest of their lives.

Harry's thoughts:

What is this odd letter? We never get any mail. I hope Uncle Vernon does not take away the letter. Maybe someone is going to rescue us. That's odd it even has our cupboard on the title. Weird!

End thoughts

Harry handed the rest of the mail to the Dursely's and proceeded to open his letter (he had Rosie's in his other hand).

Suddenly, Dudley grabbed the letters out of his hand and gave them to Vernon. Uncle Vernon just looked at the letter and his face changed from normal to red to purple in a matter of seconds. He kicked all of the children (including Dudley) out of the kitchen. They heard Vernon complaining about how the letter writers are probably spying on them and such. Then they said they would ignore the letter and no one would bother them.

Rosie's POV

When the door reopened, Harry tried to get the letter back but Uncle Vernon put a stop to that. Honestly, I'm afraid to believe that something good is in the letter. Even if there is, the Dursely's will never let me be happy. I gave up ages ago on being rescued, but I feel some more hope now. But I'm scared to believe.

Uncle Vernon is moving us to Dudley's second bedroom, probably because the people who wrote the letter know we are staying in a cupboard. Well, it looks like he got rid of the letters.

You know, yesterday we would have given anything to stay in an actual bedroom, but today we would rather have the letter and a cupboard rather than a bedroom and no letter. (Sigh) Well, if the people really want to contact us maybe they will send another letter.

The next day there were more letters which their Uncle burned. Everyday more letters came until Uncle Vernon blocked the mail slot. However, there were still more letters in random places. I found some in the milk jars that the milkman brought and so forth. On the next Sunday, Uncle Vernon was overjoyed because he thought there would be no post on Sunday's, but how wrong he was.


The Dursely's were sitting casually in the living room eating cookies; suddenly there were billions of letters poring through the fireplace! The entire place got shaken up. The twins tried to grab a letter and escape, but their mad Uncle grabbed them. He moved the entire "family" to a small shack in the middle of a lake. It was an ugly little shack which was difficult to stay in on a rainy night.

The Dursely's went to sleep in the shack after eating potato chips; the twins were only given one each. The twins were starving and the worst part was, it was their Birthday. That's right, July 31 was their birthday. They were never informed who was older though Rosie always teased Harry saying that she was older and smarter.

Despite the horrible life they led, the twins took care of each other and always did something, sometimes even drawing a cake on the ground, for their birthday.

As the clock struck midnight, they heard a terrifying sound. It was as if someone was trying to break down the door. Trembling they ran to hide in a shadowy corner while Uncle Vernon grabbed his rifle and hid his wife and son behind him.

Suddenly, the door crashed to the ground and in the doorway was a huge man! It looked like a giant monster, but the twins did not scream, in fact they felt that they had met this man before. They seemed to sense that he was a kindly soul.

Rosie's POV:

The giant stepped through and kindly grunted, "Sorry about that. I had to get in to meet my favorite twins."

Uncle Vernon was shocked. When he finally found his voice he threatened the giant with his rifle and the giant told him to shut up and broke the rifle!

He turned to Dudley and said, "Blimey Harry, you are lot different than I thought, particularly rim the middle. Now, where is your sister?"

Dudley trembled and cried, "I'm not Harry and I have no ugly sister."

That is when we stepped out and Harry said, "I'm Harry and this is my sister Rosie."

For some reason the giant's eyes filled with tears when he looked at us. He smiled kindly and told us that he was Hagrid the Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts. I was shocked, I had no idea what to think, part of me wanted to believe him but part thought that this was just a cruel trick.

The giant pulled out a cake and handed it to us. We were touched, no one had ever baked us a cake before and this man we did not know gave us one! It even had our names on it, along with designs shaped like our scars.

Harry said thank you while I simply nodded. You may wonder why I still don't talk even though the Dursely's don't dare do anything to me while the giant, Hagrid, is here. The thing is, I'm afraid. Every person I have ever spoken to other than my brother have hurt me physically and mentally. I can't trust anyone and it's been so long since I've spoken that I can't anymore.

Hagrid made a fire in the fireplace, I don't know how, it was like magic! I was totally confused.

Hagrid gave us some food and gave us the letters that had come earlier. He told us we were a wizard and witch! I can't believe it! There is no such thing as magic. How could we, simple Potter twins have magic, all the time people picked on us, Uncle Vernon hit us, we could do nothing! How can we be magic?

Hagrid explained to us all about Hogwarts and gave Dudley a pig's tail when Uncle Vernon tried to protest! I really like this man now.

I wonder if my parents were magic too, if they were, how did they die in a car crash?

I told Harry through my mind to ask Hagrid this question. When he did, the nice giant grew extremely angry and yelled at the Dursley's! Apparently our parents did not die in a car crash! My relatives lied to me! Apparently we are famous as well. It's odd, but I feel sad suddenly. My parents died to protect us! I wish I had gotten to know them. It's unfair! All this time I was feeling rather angry at them for getting drunk and leaving us. I thought they died drunk because they did not want to take care of me. After all, I am a freak.

The Dursely's got angry and ran to huddle in a corner for the rest of the night and Hagrid gave us his HUGE coat to "kip under."

That night, Rosemary Lily Potter dreamed about telling a beautiful red haired women, Mummy, a giant told me that I can do magic!

The next morning I awoke to the sound of tapping. I knew it was too good to be true! It was all a dream!

Wait, that's not Aunt Petunia's knocks, I opened my eyes and saw Harry we looked around and saw an owl tapping on the windows!

Hagrid told us to give him some weird shaped money out of his pockets.

Then Hagrid took us away to London. We ended up in front of this tiny, dirty building. I had the strangest feeling that we were one of the few people that could see it. When we entered the shop there half the people came up to us and shook our hands it was rather odd.


As the twins first entered Diagon Alley they were shocked and looked around with wide eyes trying to take in everything they could see.