Hey everyone, here's my shortest piece yet (and I thought "Meteor Shower" was short o.o). This idea was brought to me by my cousin, Light of Polaris, so this one goes out to her. I love you, cuz. I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Inuyasha! That's Rumiko Takahashi's privilege.

The Sword and the Sheath

He is the Sword, the blade of protection, battle, determination, hope.

Full of chips and scratches, he battles on, always fighting for the weak and good.

When all seems lost, he never gives in, no matter the cost.

She is the Sheath; calming the Sword, protecting the Sword when he is resting.

She purifies any and all harmful effects dealt to the Sword and everyone around her.

She understands the Sword, loving and caring for him, even when the days are dark.

Together, Sword and Sheath are one. Nothing can keep them separate for long.

Always, they fight for what's right. They fight the evil that tries to consume.

Always, they work together, opposites yet equal in strength and abilities.

And when the day is done, they return to each other, nursing the other, protecting the other.

Always together. Always. One.