Chapter 7

The burst of colorful fire shot through the air then exploded in a crowd awing spectacle. More fireworks shot up after it and exploded, gaining more appreciative noises from the crowds around the port. They rained downward again and grew black before they hit the water.

A great silence filled the city, only the water as it lapped on the metal dock dared to make noise. Silence in the wake of a war. But that war was finally over. Kor was dead, the horrid Baron was gone and a new republic was to be established by the rise of the next morning's sun.

Jak watched as the men who had put the display on laugh with each other as they pack up their supplies and started sending it down the ladders back to the ground. The hero remembered the Flower Festival in Sandover. He and Daxter had been the ones that always climbed up to the top of sea bluffs near the farmer's house and set off fireworks for the villagers. He remembered how the duo would then run as fast as they could to the forest to see the far way display in Rock Village.

They were alone now. The displayers had gone down to join the party, but Daxter had stayed with him. He glanced down at the ottsel, immediately seeing the evident scar of his side.

He had survived. That was all that mattered to Jak. Daxter was okay, he was still able to crack some jokes when the moment was right. Jak still needed him and he was still there.

Jak sighed, feeling happier than he had felt in nearly two and half years. Daxter glanced over at him and smiled as his larger friend lay down on the spire's ledge to stare up at the stars. The animal came over to stand on Jak's belly.

Jak looked up at his friend. "That was the same place you were when I first saw you back in prison." His voice was quiet as he brought up the painful memory.

Daxter's face twitched. "Yeah, except you look way better and you don't smell."

Jak smirked. "Thanks Dax."

"Yeah, yeah. Yer welcome." Daxter waved his paw in the air and did a spin.

"No, Dax. Thank you."

Daxter looked back at him. "For what?"

"For saving me. For being there. For knowing how to crack a joke." Jak shrugged.

Daxter stared at him for a moment. "You're welcome… But don't make a big deal out o' it. It doesn't suit your 'tall, dark, and gruesome' image."

Jak laughed. It was a real laugh. He couldn't quite help it. For Daxter to be there, everything was falling into the right place.

Daxter looked down at him as Jak stopped laughing. There was a moment when the just sat there. Then Jak smiled. Like he used to, back when he had been a kid.

Daxter stopped his motion and smiled back. "Smilin', though. You can do that a lot more."



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