I'm back, most of you forgot the story by now but I hope I didn't lose all of you I will be updating more frequently now, this chapter is short but there are more to come I promise.

The rest of the day went by in a blur Zoey told me about the ritual and the dark daughters and how she was the head dark daughter she really didn't have to explain much since Apollo –being a member an all- already told me most of it. I had so many things swimming in my head; I found it hard to concentrate the rest of the day for some one that had almost everything written down or scheduled I was completely trusted in to chaos, once I got to my dorm I made a list just to have some peace of mind.

Elliott is alive (for now, and there's nothing I could do to stop it)

Check up on Ella (to make sure she's alive) I can't believe it was only yesterday that I talked to her it seemed like a lifetime ago which leads me to the next item on the list.

Dylan. There's nothing I could do about him it in the hands of the Son of Erebus

My dream of a vampyre and her "guardian." I would have to wait to see if they made their appearance tonight and I have to ask Kalin what the hell a guardian is

I'm imprinted with Kalin. It happened there's nothing I could do and I'm going to take it as something positive, he could protect me better.

Then there was Mason I like him there's no denying that but I can't fully focus on him but that doesn't mean he's not on my mind.

Apollo is in the shower so she could get ready for the rituals tonight; in true Apollo fashion she had everything prepared for tonight for me and her. Once she was out it was my turn to take a shower I handed her the list I made and went into the bathroom, it's something we do when we don't have the words to say it face to face, in reality I do it mostly not Apollo she's more open than me even after all she's been through compared to me she has always been the one who can just be honest. I envy her in that.

The list will be the first time her will hear about the dream and my imprint with Kalin, she won't judge me and she will only talk about it if I do first.

After I finish showering and brushing my teeth I come out to see Apollo dressed and ready, she gives me a smile that says I still love you, and for some reason I start crying, Apollo sits me on the bed she hugs me ant tells me it's going to be okay.

"You're strong Themis, you have a big heart, you will get through, all of this, I called Ella she's okay she's with your uncle. Dylan will be captured and you will never have to see him again you will make it"

She doesn't mention Kalin, she just holds me until I'm okay, she's my constant the one thing that will never change one of the only people that loves me unconditionally without Apollo I would have broken under all the pressure already.

She wipes my tear stains away she asks me if I'm well enough to get ready all I do is nod she points to the clothes that she laid out for me. A simple black dress heeled ankle boots she pulled my hair in a ponytail, jewelry, and light make-up. (Outfit on my page.)

We were about to teleport when I turned to Apollo "what do you think about my imprint"

She laughed and said "I think I should have picked another skirt, I think…everything happens for a reason" the said quoting my mantra. I knew things were going to be okay.

Tell me what you think I wanted to kind of recap every think that was going on in Themis life and show Apollo and Themis's relationship