"Holy, there is no- I can't – no – I'm not – You can't possibly think – oh no no no" I just kept on babbling. I can't be special, I'm not fit to be special, and she can't possibly think that I'm special. Whatever "special" means anyway.

"Well now we have to see what special things Themis has in store for us" Neffert said in a nice way.

"Um I think that the only 'special 'thing you can expect from me is a A in fencing" I said

Neffert laughed a little but this is no laughing matter "Nyx has her reasons and I'm sure you will figure that out on yourself, but anyway I must now leave you with your classmates" With that she left the room.

"Um so you're good at fencing?" The only boy in the group spoke up "I'm Damien" he extended his hand.

"Yeah four years and I was exaggerating about the A thing" I shook his hands "And I know who you are. Apollo told me about you about all of you actually. Yeah so I'm guessing your Shaunee, your Erin, your Stevie-Rae, and of course you're Zoey."

"Wow five out of five, so Themis is a strange name does it mean anything" Zoey asked. She was just making small talk.

"It stands for the goddess of Justice, I want to become a lawyer" I said.

"So what do you plan on doing on your first day of school?" Zoey asked

"Um I think I just need to go for a jog or something you know I need to be alone. Think. Breath." I said

"Wow! Another Zoey does she have the affinity for the five elements too?" I heard an Okie twang that came from Stevie-Rae's direction.

I don't know what came over me but I got furious "I'm not another Zoey, and I don't have the affinity for the five elements" I snapped at Stevie-Rae.

"I didn't say anything… I thought it" Stevie-Rae said. Everyone looked at me.

"What?" I said. All of a sudden I got a pain that shot through my head. I got a blast of noises in my head, it sounded like peoples normal voices except when I looked there lips weren't moving and there were too many voices for the room, thoughts I can hear peoples thoughts? I tried to block them make them shut up I just wanted things to be quiet again. The pain slowly subsided "Mind reader" I whispered.

"What?" All of them said at the same time.

"I am a mind reader; I can hear people's thoughts. Ow…and so many ugh. I think I'm going to for that jog now um… meet you back hear Lo?" I said leaving before she can even answer.

I headed in to the night trying to block people's stupid thoughts out of my head

"I can't believe he didn't call me back!"

"I hate you. I hate you. I hate you."

"Can she talk more? Dam girl shut up."

God people shut up and get a life. I was jogging east and my jogging picked up to a light run like I was running away from someone, something, anything. I ran faster I know what I was running from, I was running away from my "specialness" running away from Themis. Running away from my new life. Running towards my old life. I was heading straight towards a wall, I stopped and rested my head on the wall and banged on it with my fist. That was when I realized I was crying I turned around and slid down and sat on the ground and cried.

That was when I heard a twig snap. I looked up and saw only darkness "who is there?" I asked. I focused on its thoughts.

"What should I do?" I decided that it was a guy because of the sound of the thought. Because of Stevie-Rae I knew that the thoughts of people sound the same as when they talk, which makes it even harder to tell the difference of when a person is speaking or thinking.

"You should show yourself" I said deciding I was going to answer for him. I saw a guy come out of the shadows he took a step closer. I could see the outline of his features. He hesitated for a moment and then sat next to me.

"I didn't know what I should do, I saw you run and just start crying I was going to go but then I guess I stepped on a twig or something" I knew he meant what he said because of his thoughts, he also thought I was kind of cute which made me blush I lowered my head a little and my light brown hair touched the side of my face, thank god for the night.

"I know. I just found out I am I mind reader so…" No reason to hide the truth.

"Oh…well your new I haven't seen you around."

"Yeah I just got here and I'm guessing you heard of Zoey well even though I hate to think of myself that way I'm like the second "chosen one"" I had to explain to someone what I was going threw and why not a stranger. So I lifted my head and let him see my mark. He gasped…in his head.

"Um…well I am Erick" He said extending a hand.

"Nice to meet you Eri-" As soon as I touched his hand everything changed it was like I moved in to a different place and time. I was looking from above like an onlooker just watching. I saw a classroom full with kids. I saw Zoey and a bunch of other kids I didn't know. Something told me to watch a kid that has bright red hair and was slouching down in his seat obviously not paying attention. He started to cough. He coughed again and something told me that something bad was going to happen I didn't have any idea what. He kept coughing and I knew what was going to happen he is going to react to the change he is going to die. I tried to warn the people around him. "He is going to die! He's reacting to the change! Help! Help! Someone help him! Don't let him die!" I was all but going crazy. But it was too late blood was everywhere. Everyone was in shock.

"What do you see?" A voice whispered.

"He is dying, someone help him!" I practically yelled.

"Who's dying? Themis tell me who is dying?" The voice asked again.

"I don't know, I don't know! Red hair he has red hair! Someone help him." I felt my body was spewing blood everywhere the teacher urged for someone to call Neffert. When Neffert finally arrived she came with four other male vampires. They put him on a stretcher and Neffert gave him some kind of liquid. I guess it would help with his pain. Before he died he was saying how he didn't want to die, but that didn't matter he was dead now or at least going to. "It's too late he is dead! He's dead!"

I gasped for air and opened my eyes to see Zoey in front of me in the girls' dorm and all her friends, Apollo and Erick in the room. Zoey was holding both of my hands in hers. I was on one of those love seats. Everyone was staring at me and I mean everyone in the girls' dorm especially this bottle blond her glare was like daggers. What is her problem? I was too tired to try to read her mind.

"Themis what happened?" Zoey spoke up "she had a vision but how can that be. Nyx has blessed her with so many special gifts what else can she do first mindreading now vision what is next?" Zoey thought. What? What vision did I have a vision?

"I had a vision? How can that be? That is imposable isn't I read minds not visions! Especially not these kinds of vision no-no take them back! I don't want them I just want to be normal now-now look at me." Everyone just looked at me silent they didn't know what to say not even in thought. Except for one girl that was thinking that there is no way that I could have visions that visions were her thing and that I couldn't have them. The thoughts came from bottle blond the one that was starring at me and was still looking at me. As bitchy as blonde put it she was right there was no way I could have visions. Wait did she just say she has visions too maybe she could help me. Visions hurt like hell especially when they finish. "You have visions too? If that was what happened to me I mean" I tried to stand up but when I moved my head stung. It was like a headache that came instantly I yelped at the pain that came.

Zoey grabbed my hands tighter. "Are you okay?" she asked by thought.

"Yeah I'm okay it just-" I didn't get to finish blonde waked toward my chair.

"-visions are shity and hurt like hell. Yeah I know. I'm the one that has visions" what her mind finished for her was "and you fake wannabe Zoey can't have them got that."

Okay that got me pissed. Aphrodite is a bitch I know that for a fact now maybe she was nice underneath and that is because I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt, but she has flicked her nail one too many times. "Okay listen here-" I stood up letting go of Zoeys hands as she stood up after me I kind of wobbled a little and Erick grabbed my arm to steady me. I looked at him my eyes said thanks "no problem" he told me by thought. My own way of a different communication with the world. "-I don't care about visions I don't want them. So don't go judging me okay? You don't know anything about me to be calling me anything okay even if you just said it by thought I'm sorry I 'stole your thing' but call me a wannabe Zoey again and I don't care if it was by thought but I will shove your stilettos boots right up your-" I was cutoff by the door opening loudly. We all turned our heads to see Neffert rushing towards me with Damian by her side.

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