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The title, Atarashii Inochi literally means New Life; as referring to Sakura leading a new life in Soul Society.

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Atarashii Inochi – New Life

Botsu - Death



A slow steady stream of rain poured down on the ruins of a beaten Konoha. Blood was smeared on the walls and corpses of Konoha shinobi and enemy shinobi were strewn across the once lively streets. The scent of death and smoke lingered in the damp air. The skies were dark when several forms of shinobi raced through the forest to help their already fallen comrades, not knowing they were already too late to assist in anything.

The symbol of Sunagakure glinted in the almost darkness surrounding the shinobi. One shinobi, whose attire differentiated him as the Kazekage gritted his teeth in frustration. He could almost see the carnage that awaited them beyond the dense forests. A rare show of emotion for him, but right now; image is damned. Sabaku no Gaara just wanted his knuckle headed friend to be safe and alive.

Picking up his pace, his loyal shinobi followed suite quietly. The feeling of dread increased within them when they saw smoke rise from the village of Konoha. Breaking through the forest, Gaara immediately went to the place he had felt the burst of Kyuubi's chakra. Praying was something he never did but right now, Gaara prayed for the safety of Uzumaki Naruto and Haruno Sakura.


The pinkette dodged the blade coming her way only to feel the effects of the Chidori linger on her skin. She gritted her teeth in frustration as she felt the pain crawl up her arm. Healing was out of the question. She was almost out of chakra and she needed to kill the man in front of her. The man she had once loved with all her heart, the man who held her heart till this moment, the man who swore to destroy Konoha.

Haruno Sakura.

He stared at the woman before him. Even battered and beaten, she still looked beautiful in his eyes. He could sense the hesitation behind those eyes that held determination to kill him. He felt the slightest bit of guilt as his eyes trailed towards the bloody corpse of his best friend lying against a tree.

Uchiha Sasuke.

Bloodied and unmoving, the once lively corpse of a blonde boy had an almost smile on his lips. His soul still lingered in the air, fighting off Death from claiming him. He wanted to leave his earth with his best friends. Even though Sasuke had killed him, he saw the guilt and the adoration in his eyes. It was enough for him to accept death but only if his two best friends died together with him. He smiled confidently. Team 7 would be reunited.

Uzumaki Naruto.

Sakura's strength was wavering. She knew she could not stand another minute against Sasuke. The three of them were the second generation of the Legendary Sennin. Her vision was blurry but she shook it off, she would not be killed without bringing Sasuke down with her.

Charging at him with a chakra filled fist, Sasuke dodged and struck his katana out; piercing her right next to her heart. Blood gushing out of her mouth as he pulled the sword back, Sakura clutched her chest and swayed towards Naruto. If she was going to die soon, it would be next to Naruto.

Landing in a heap beside the lifeless boy, she felt like her heart had been ripped open and bare for the world to see. Her mouth opened to release more blood and she turned to face Sasuke. He walked towards her slowly, his now dark eyes void of any emotion. Sakura bit her lip, swallowing a frustrated scream. She had failed.

Failed to bring Sasuke back.

Failed to protect Konoha.

Failed her friends and family.

Failed Team 7.

Failed Naruto.

Failed her life.

Silently, Sasuke crouched down and brushed the bangs away from her eyes. Too weak to protest, she closed her eyes as his lips landed a soft kiss to her large forehead. Tears came to her eyes. How long had she dreamed of Sasuke kissing her like that? It was ironic he would do so when she was dying.

"I'm sorry."

Mustering what strength she had, Sakura snorted. "Why are you apologizing to me now?" She cried as she glared at him. "Konoha is dead, Tsunade-sama is dead, and even Naruto is dead! So why the hell are you apologizing now?"

Sasuke stared at her and for the first time, Sakura saw the turmoil of emotions in his eyes. He closed his eyes and opened them with a pained look.

"The council was corrupt. The village was always under the impression that my clan was behind the Kyuubi's attack 17 years ago. My father and the clan members planned a coup de tat and wanted my brother to enter ANBU to spy on the council and the Hokage. After the chaos of the third ninja war, my brother turned into a pacifist. He hated war and would have done anything to stop it." At this he took a long breath.

"He betrayed the clan and told the Hokage of my father's plans. They ordered him to kill the whole clan and using his nature to want to prevent a war, they pressured him into killing the clan." Sasuke closed his eyes. "Even though he was strong, he was still a child. And he wanted to protect me. He pleaded with the Hokage to let me live and threatened the council if something was to happen to me."

He opened his eyes and saw Sakura's glistening eyes. A few tears had escaped and Sasuke smirked softly.

Once again, like so many years ago, she felt her heat soar out for him. The pain of betrayal from not only his clan but the village they had protected. She lowered her head as her tears began to flow. Sasuke caressed her cheek before thrusting the handle of his katana to her.

"Kill me."

Sakura's eyes widened. "W-What?"

"I've already completed my goal. Now, I just want to die peacefully with both you and Naruto." He said thrusting the sword in her face.

Sakura smiled gently as she took the sword in the hands as Sasuke sat himself beside her, a soft smile played on his lips.

"Thank you, Sakura."

And Sakura pierced his katana right through his heart and pulled it back out. Sasuke hissed and coughed out blood. The pain he felt was searing in his body. A warm hand covered the wound and the pain left. Sasuke smiled at Sakura thankfully and closed his eyes, exhaling his last breath.

Sakura sat crying as she positioned the katana over her heart as well. Soon, she'll be with Naruto and Sasuke again. She thrust the katana through her heart and a warm smile graced her lips. Finally after years of seperation, Team 7 was reunited.


Gaara arrived at the area, already dreading at what he would find. His eyes widened in grief at the picture before him. He fell to his knees as he stared at the scene before him. He felt someone approached him, breathing hard and stopping next to him. Gaara glanced curiously at the man beside him.

Hatake Kakashi's mismatched eyes stared at the corpses of his former students. Grief and sadness was overflowing in his heart. But he still smiled at the intertwined hands of the three. After years of being separated, the great Team 7 was finally reunited.

Kakashi chuckled at the irony and wistfully thought it would be nice to die now and be together with his team, but alas he could not. Not when he still had a promise to fulfill.

"You'd better turn Konoha into a better country, Kaka-sensei! Or I'll come back from the dead to beat you up!"

"Konoha needs to be rebuilt and a new council needs to be formed." He turned to Gaara. "I think it's time for the five nations to become one again." Kakashi said holding out his hand to him.

Gaara stared at the hand before taking it in his own. A promise to a new future already made.


Soul Society

A young pink haired girl lay on the white hospital bed of the 4th Division. An elderly man with a long beard stood with his cane next to the girl, a soft looking woman beside him; both observing the strange girl that fell out of the sky.

Unlike other souls who would appear in a house in Rokungai, the girl fell from the sky straight into the 4th Division. It was already confirmed that the girl was a soul, but one with a powerful amount of Reiryouku that could rival that of the Captain Commander.

Said Commander, Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni turned to the 4th Division Captain.

Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni. So-taichou of the Gotei 13.

The woman turned to him as well; a troubled look graced her soft features.

Unohana Retsu. Taichou of the 4th Division of the Gotei 13.

"What should we do about the girl, So-taichou?" asked Unohana.

Yamamoto was quiet before nodding to himself. "Ask your lieutenant to watch over the girl and when she wakes, send her to the meeting room."

Unohana nodded and went off in search of her Lieutenant.

Yamamoto turned back to the girl and brushed her pink bangs from her shoulder, a symbol of a red and white uchiwa fan and a red swirl was embedded into her skin.


"Now that the promotion ceremony is done, I wish to speak to you on another matter." Yamamoto said, causing all present captains to look at the man quizzically. They had been informed of the promotion ceremony, but not a meeting about anything.

"And what might this matter be So-taichou?" Captain of the 6th Division, Kuchiki Ginrei asked.

"A matter of a world other than the human world."


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