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Sho Hachi – Kaishi

Chapter Eight – Beginning


Sakura sighed tiredly as she flopped down on her bed in the 8th Division. Blindly reaching behind her, she grabbed her large teddy bear that Jushiro had given her half the year before. Squeezing it to her chest, she sighed again.

She finally got a day off. After 82years of service to the place, she finally got a day off. But now that she had it…

She had absolutely no idea what to do with it.

Burying her face in her teddy bear's head, she thought about what she could do today. Drinking with Rangiku was out of the question. She had paperwork to finish. Nanao was in the human world on a mission. Ginrei is still being emo with her after her engagement party. Byakuya was… just not possible for he had been avoiding her.

"I hate this…" She mumbled into the teddy bear's head.

She held the teddy up and facing her and stared at it. The white bear stared back at her. She pouted as she glared at the inanimate object, then she grinned wickedly.

"It's time to pay Toshiro a visit, Shiro-kun."


Hitsugaya Toshiro panted as he laid down his wooden katana beside him. It has been 6 months since he first entered the academy. During the first few months, someone from the 8th Division wouldn't stop coming to bother him, but after that, she just stopped coming.

Not that he missed her or anything. Haruno Sakura had found that her life purpose wasto annoy him every chance she had. It was just… too quiet.

Banishing thoughts of the pink-haired fuku-taichou from his mind, Toshiro turned his attention to his day dreaming friend, Sojiro Kusaka. The black-haired rival of his had a contented smile on his lips and faraway look in his eyes. Chuckling at his friend, he decided that it was about time to head back to the class soon for afternoon classes.

"Kusaka." He called.

Kusaka turned to him with a raised eyebrow in question.

"Class should be starting soon."

Nodding, Kusaka gathered his wooden katana and stood with Toshiro, determined to convince Toshiro to go to the baths after class ended. Toshiro walked ahead as Kusaka walked more slowly, arranging his things.

"Hey how 'bout we go to the baths later, Toshiro?"

"Not interested."

Kusaka frowned. "Come on. Taking showers in the dorms are fine and all, but don't you think it would be nice to take a dip in the hot baths once in a while?"

"No. We'll probably get homework anyway."

"… Is that an excuse because you don't want the owner saying you're a kid again?"


Kusaka smirked as Toshiro frowned at him. Toshiro grunted and turned his back to Kusaka and continued walking… only to face a large white teddy bear that he knew all too well.

Toshiro's eye twitched as Kusaka blinked repeatedly at the sight of the large teddy bear that was half of Toshiro's size. He couldn't see who was holding it since the person was hiding behind the bear. He saw Toshiro sigh and grabbed the bear and pulled it from the owner's grasps.

"What are you doing here, Haruno-fuku-taichou?" Toshiro hissed.

Kusaka stood dumbfounded at the sight of the infamous Haruno Sakura, lieutenant of the 8th Division. He heard that she was one of the strongest Shinigami in the Gotei 13 despite not achieving Bankai yet. But he never thought he would meet her in the hallways of the academy.

Sakura pouted. "Why are you so cold, Toshiro? I haven't seen you for so long; give me a chance to annoy you a little." She grinned then turned her attention to Kusaka who was staring dumbfounded at her. "Are you Toshiro's friend?"

"Um… Y-Yes, Haruno-fuku-taichou!" Kusaka stuttered, a light blush dusting his cheeks.

Sakura smiled at him. "It's nice to see Toshiro actually making friends for once."

At this, Toshiro twitched. "Care to tell me why you're here? Don't you have work to do?"

Sakura grinned. "I have a day off today!" She grabbed her teddy bear from Toshiro's hands and readjusted the tiny bow on its neck. "So I decided to come here and take you and your friend out after your classes."

Toshiro glared. "No."

Sakura grinned. "Yes."

Glare. "No."

Grin. "Yes. And you're not going to stop me from dragging you."

Glare. "I might have homework."

Grin. "Please Toshiro. You act as if I never went to the academy. The teachers never give homework on a Wednesday."

Glare. "I need to train."

Frown. "Oh come on. I'm only asking you for one day!"

Softened glare. "Still no."

Pout. "Please? I promise I'll call you Hitsugaya after this day if you do!"



Toshiro sighed. "Fine…"

Sakura cheered. "Yes!" She wrapped her arms around Toshiro and hugged him. Toshiro struggled to get out of Sakura's grip but eventually sighed and gave up.

Sakura let go of Toshiro and turned to Kusaka. "Be ready at the gates in something semi-formal, okay?" She turned to Toshiro. "You too, kid."

Toshiro felt a vein popping. "I'm not a kid!"

Sakura laughed. "Could've fooled me."

She shoved her teddy bear in Toshiro's arms and winked at him. "Take care of it for awhile, okay? I need to go do something for awhile."

"I have class!"

Sakura grinned. "Deal with it. I'll make it up to you, I promise!" With that, she shunpo-ed away, leaving a fuming Toshiro and a dumbfounded Kusaka.

Toshiro sighed, clearly irritated with Sakura's behavior. He held the teddy bear in his hands in front of his face and glared at it. The teddy bear stared innocently back. Toshiro glared harder and if the teddy bear was alive, it would have been sweating bullets by now.

Kusaka looked at his friend weirdly. "Umm… Toshiro…?"

Toshiro turned to Kusaka. "What?"

"You're glaring at an inanimate object."


Kusaka laughed. "This is the first time I've seen you like this!"

Toshiro scowled and turned back to the bear. "Come on, I need to drop this thing off in my room before class."


Toshiro was impatient. He's always been impatient. Momo knew this well and so did Kusaka.

So did Sakura. But that didn't stop her from being late.

"Sorry I'm late, Toshiro." She grinned sheepishly. Toshiro glared at her. Kusaka laughed at Toshiro who glared at his friend.

"And why are you late?" He asked.

Sakura frowned. "Aizen."

Hearing Sakura's fiancée's name, he nodded in understanding. Though he never knew why exactly Sakura was engaged to a man she hated, he accepted it since it was her choice. That didn't mean he liked the man one bit.

Sakura turned to Kusaka. "I never really got your name though."

Kusaka blushed. "Err… It's Kusaka Sojiro."

Sakura smiled. "Nice meeting you, Kusaka-kun."

Kusaka's blush deepened. "Um.. Er… N-Nice m-meeting y-you too, Ha-Haruno-fuku-taichou."

"Aww… Aren't you cute?" She cooed making Kusaka blush even darker and Toshiro roll his eyes. She turned to Toshiro. "You never told me you had such cute friends, Toshiro."

Toshiro glared at her. "Why should I tell you anything?"

"Because I like to think I'm your sister?" Sakura tilted her head innocently.

Toshiro felt his eyebrow twitch. "You are not my sister!"

Sakura laughed. "Whatever you say, Toshiro." Then she walked up to Kusaka and took his arm. "Now, who wants ramen and teppayaki?"


Friday, 2 days after Sakura's day off.

Sakura sighed worriedly again as she sipped at her tea. Sitting at his desk, Aizen cast an amused glance at her. For the past few months, they had been somewhat civil with each other. But Sakura had always found it necessary to pick an argument with him whenever she had the chance. Aizen mused at the idea of Sakura arguing with him just so she can be reminded he was the villain and she can't fall in love with him. Aizen shook his head at the idea. It was a pleasing though but one he knew it would never happen with Sakura.

Sakura simply continued to stare at the door. She had that bad feeling in her gut again. Her mind kept wandering to Toshiro and Kusaka as well. Should she go and visit them today?

After she sighed for the 36th time, not that he was counting, Aizen put down his paperwork and turned to Sakura who was sitting on his office couch sipping her tea and having a faraway look in her eyes.

Smirking, Aizen decided to have some fun. Quietly and quickly, Aizen shunpo-ed behind Sakura. She was still sipping her tea, not noticing Aizen had moved. He wrapped his arms around her suddenly and Sakura jumped from the contact.

"The hell, Aizen?" She yelled and turned to him.

"You seem distracted, love. Anything on your mind?"

Sakura glared at him. "No. It's nothing you need to know of."

He chuckled as he kissed her neck softly. "I am your fiancée, Sakura. You should tell me your troubles."

Sakura sighed. "When will you stop it with that crap? I'm only your fiancée by name, Aizen. Not by heart."

Aizen chuckled. "I know. I only do this to annoy you, love."

Sakura twitched then sighed. She leaned her head back as Aizen kissed long her neck. She was used to this that she really didn't mind anymore. It has been more than 50 years, so she slowly got used to his caresses.


"Yes, love?"

"Stop calling me 'love' or I'll castrate you."


It was still early morning when a knocking on her door awoke her. The thundering rain did nothing to cover the insistent knocking on her door. Sakura grumbled as she turned to her alarm clock.

'It's 2.30 in the freaking morning. If it's Aizen again, I swear I'm going to castrate him!' Sakura inwardly groaned as she trudged towards the door and slamming it open, preparing to yell at whomever it was that disturbed her sleep.

She was shocked and yelped when Toshiro launched himself at her and hugged her tightly. He was soaking wet and she could feel the hilt of his Zanpak-to digging into her thigh as he gripped her night shirt tighter and buried his face deeper into her stomach.

He was trembling and from what Sakura could feel from the wetness on her stomach, he was crying. Sakura's eyes softened and she wrapped her arms around him pulling him closer to her. She caressed his damp hair and hummed a soft tune in his ear. After a few minutes, Toshiro calmed down but he still had a death grip on her.

Sakura narrowed her eyes at this. Toshiro would never openly hug or cry to her. Whatever happened was enough to shake him up till he could abandon his pride to cry to her.

Worried about his state, Sakura pulled him away slightly and reached behind him to close the door. Spreading her Reiryouku throughout the room, she made sure no one outside could hear them. She turned to Toshiro and her eyes softened at his bloodshot eyes.

"Toshiro…?" She called quietly.


Sakura blinked at this. "Who…?"

"Kusaka. They killed him."

Sakura's eyes widened. She gritted her teeth, mentally cursing the ones who killed Kusaka to hell and back. She only met Kusaka but knew he was Toshiro's precious friend. She's going o kill whoe-

"It was Central 46. They ordered it."

Sakura stilled. Central 46? Sakura was literally seeping with malice. Her eyes turned red and she could've sworn she heard herself growl. She knew she hated those idiots with a passion. First they give the order to execute her friends, now they execute Kusaka? What the hell was his crime?

Forcing herself to calm down, she pulled Toshiro closer to her. "Why?"

Toshiro was silent and Sakura gritted her teeth. "Toshiro… Please tell me. Why?"

Toshiro was silent. Then; "We both had the same Zanpak-to."

Sakura stayed silent then stood up. Toshiro looked up at her confused. She didn't look angry but she just looked really sad. She smiled softly at him. "Let's get some sleep okay? We'll talk in the morning." She said and pulled him towards her bed, thankful that Aizen decided that he could give her a night's rest.


Toshiro awoke to the smell of strawberries and vanilla. His tired eyes wanted nothing more than to close and travel to dream land but he couldn't do that. Not yet. He tiredly sat up and looked around the room. He briefly wondered where he was before remembering the events of the day before.

He was in Sakura's room.

He cried to Sakura.

He hugged Sakura.

Toshiro groaned. She was never going to let him live this down.

"Morning, Toshiro-chan."

Toshiro turned to Sakura with tired eyes. She held a tray of food and a bag. He looked curiously at the bag, then at Sakura.

Sakura grinned. "I went to the Academy to tell them that you'll be with me for the day. And I brought you some clothes. You got my bed all wet too."

Toshiro turned away. "Sorry." He mumbled.

Sakura smiled and walked over to him. She set the tray on his lap and sat next to him. She picked up the chopsticks and picked up some rice. She held it near his mouth. "Now say 'aaahh…'" She teased.

Toshiro glared then stopped and turned to the side. Sakura frowned at this. Then put the chopsticks down. She stood and walked over to where Hyourinmaru laid next to Kaze no Raikiri. She grabbed it and unsheathed it. She walked back towards Toshiro who was looking back at her curiously. She pointed the sword at his heart. Toshiro froze where he was, sweat trickling down his skin. He knew how accurate Sakura was, and he knew if she would, she could kill him right now.

"Do you feel guilty, Hitsugaya Toshiro?"

Toshiro blinked repeatedly. "What?"

She pressed the katana gently at Toshiro's chest, drawing a thin line of blood across his pale skin. "Do you feel guilty of being one of the causes of Kusaka's death?"

Toshiro looked down, hiding his eyes from her. He stayed silent. Sakura lifted the sword and raised his chin with its tip. "Answer, Hitsugaya."

Toshiro's turquoise eyes hardened. "Yes."

Sakura smiled softly and lowered Hyourinmaru. "Then stand and live the life he wanted to have as a Shinigami."

Toshiro blinked repeatedly, and then smirked. "Aa."


10 years later

"Shit! How's my hair?" Sakura nearly shrieked. Gin chuckled heartily as Nanao smoothed out Sakura's white dress.

Sakura glared at Gin as Rangiku tried to fix the veil on her pink hair. Then, continued to fix the bun Sakura had insisted on doing herself. Sighing again, Rangiku bent down to help Nanao.

"Why are you even her? Aren't you supposed to be helping Aizen? Or maybe greet the guest?" Sakura hissed.

Gin raised an eyebrow at this. "I am not the best man, Tosen is. Besides, who is there to greet? The only ones here are some seated officers from every Division, Captains and Lieutenants and Kuchiki's grand dad."Gin frowned at this. "Why did you invite him?"

"Because I wanted him to walk me down the aisle and give me away." Sakura turned back towards the mirror when Rangiku and Nanao got up. Rangiku threw her an encouraging smile and Sakura grimaced. She was nervous as hell and she definitely did not want to marry Aizen. Ginrei was never very happy with the news either when he heard she was getting married. He was muttering something about 'ruining Hisana's plans'.

Ginrei was the only one who knew of the real reason Sakura was marrying Aizen. He had been royally pissed when he heard and was about to barge out the door to kill him when Sakura said it was helping her as well. She didn't want to lose Kaien or Miyako. Better yet, Ginrei.

"Why him though?"

Sakura twitched. She really wanted to grab her Zanpak-to and hit him with it. She was nervous enough as it is. "Because I wanted him to." Sakura turned to Gin, ignoring Rangiku's protests. "Besides, it's my wedding. I can do whatever the hell I want with it, got it?"

Gin's smile widened. "I knew you secretly loved him all these years." Then he had to shunpo out the room, avoiding the vase that was thrown his way.

Sakura's face was red. To others it was a look of embarrassment at being caught. But to Sakura, it was a look of dissatisfaction and anger. Hearing Nanao sigh, she turned to said girl. She had an obvious pout on her lips as she eyed Sakura's veil. Sakura smiled slightly. She was really glad Nanao had agreed to become her bridesmaids even though she wasn't fully supporting this wedding. Hell, even she wasn't supporting it herself.

"Something wrong, Nanao-chan?"

Nanao glared at her.

"Yes. Your veil is a complete mess… again."

Sakura grinned sheepishly. "But I still look good, don't I?"

At this, Rangiku laughed. "Sakura, you look good even when all you're wearing is a piece of cloth."

Grinning at Rangiku, she noticed Nanao's pout. "Rangiku-chan, can you leave us for a bit?"

Rangiku raised an eyebrow but left the room saying she would be back with her bouquet. Standing in front of the mirror with Nanao beside her in silence, Sakura thought back on how annoying this was.

"You know you can still protest this when we're taking our vows." Sakura said absentmindedly as she loosened some strands of hair from her tight bun. She twirled the strands around her finger letting them curl and released them with a satisfied smile before turning to Nanao who was holding out a prettily decorated box.

Sakura blinked several times at the box before staring at a red faced Nanao.

"I-I wanted to say I'm sorry. I don't have any right to say who you should get married to but I just didn't want to lose you like Lisa… And besides, you'd be busy when there are kids running arou-"

"Okay, stop right there." Sakura interrupted. She really didn't want to have any kids with Aizen of all people. "First, thanks for the present. Second, I accept your apology and third." Sakura paused before forcing a blush to her cheeks. "Do you… want to be the godmother of our first child…?" 'Not that I'm sure I want to have a child with that man. But it's probably inevitable. He practically rapes me every chance he gets already. I don't even want to think about when we're married.'

Nanao's eyes brightened and she nods quickly. "Of course!"

Sakura smiled at her sister, happy to finally have the old her back. She was getting tired of being ignored by her. Sakura took the box and opened it to find a handmade crystal bracelet. Sakura smiled warmly at Nanao and hugged her.

"Thank you, Nanao-chan…"

"You're welcome… Oh and Sakura-neesan?"


"You're going to ruin your hair."



"Shit! How's my hair?"


Sakura sighed nervously as she held Ginrei's arm. His face was set on a scowl as he adjusted his haori. He had decided to wear a simple black and white kimono that looked like it was fit for a funeral than a wedding. Sakura's wedding dress on the other hand was a traditional western style dress that she insisted on having. It was her wedding after all. She'll wear what she wanted to wear.

"You can still run. I have enough Reiryouku to cover you."

Sakura stifled a giggled and nodded at Ginrei. "It's fine. I need to get information out of him anyway. This could be for the best."

"And children?"

Sakura grimaced. "Are you looking forward to be a grandfather yet?"

"If the children are his, then no."

Sakura laughed softly at this. "Try. I plan to at least have one kid to make this seem authentic."

Ginrei raised an eyebrow at this.

Sakura shook her head. "I'll still love the kid no matter what. I won't let Aizen get his nasty claws on him."

Ginrei nodded just as the wedding march music began. Sakura took a deep breath and took a step forward towards another new beginning.


Sakura sighed content as she swirled the contents of her glass of sake. Aizen beside her, watching the rest of the wedding reception play out. He smiled as he turned to Sakura.

"You really went all out."

Sakura chuckled. "It is my first wedding. Even though it's to a man I don't even love." Sakura mumbled the rest just enough for Aizen to hear and smirk at her.

"So you don't plan on having children with me?"

Sakura halted her actions and pretended to think. After a while, she turned to him. "I guess… It's okay…" She turned away. "I've… I've wanted to have a kid for so long now. I want to know how it feels to give birth to a child and to raise him or her."

Aizen moved his eyes to pay attention to the dancing Shinigami. "Then… You will have full custody of him after I leave."

Sakura glanced at him. "Leave? Oh don't bother; I know you're not going to answer anyway." She took a sip of sake then turned to him with narrowed eyes. "I want a baby girl."

Aizen smirked. "Not a chance."


Sakura flopped down on the bed with a tired sigh. Who knew weddings could be such a tiresome event, especially since she was the bride. Aizen slipped off his haori as he watched in Sakura curl up in amusement.

"Are you not going to change?"

Sakura glared at Aizen. "I'm too tired." She mumbled into the mattress.

Aizen chuckled and took off his glasses, placing them on the table as he approached her. He hovered over her form and traced his fingers gently down her half clothed back. Sakura shivered at his touch slightly. He leaned down and kissed her shoulder softly.

"Maybe now you could stop thinking of Kuchiki when I hold you."

Sakura eyes snapped open and she quickly turned under him. "You…" She trailed off.

"Of course I knew, Sakura. Don't take me for an idiot. You would have never submitted to me unless you pictured me as someone else."

Sakura looked away, her face red at being caught. Aizen chuckled and kissed her cheek lightly. "Perhaps you could give me one night of satisfaction?"

Sakura stared to the side as Aizen trailed kisses along her neck and his hand trailing down her side and resting at her hips. His bit her skin and kissed it again and trailed his tongue down to her collarbone when he stopped.

Sakura's hands gripped at his kimono back. Aizen raised and examined her red face. There wasn't a hint of disgust as her lips took on a small pout. She turned to the side again as her blush darkened. "Just… just this once…"

Aizen nodded and proceeded to lean down to kiss her when she pushed him back. He raised an eye brow at this. She scowled at him. "At least let me take a bath, damn it."

Aizen's smirk returned full force. "Shall I join you?"

Sakura simply pushed him off and headed to the joined bathroom. Aizen sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He heard a soft cough from the bathroom and saw Sakura looking at him with a red face. She adverted her eyes from him when he looked at her questioningly. She snapped her eyes back to his with a glare.

"Are you coming or not?" Her cheeks were even darker than her hair and it made Aizen chuckle. At his chuckle, she glared harder. "If you're going to laugh, I'm leaving you there."

Aizen shook his head and approached Sakura. Gripping her wrist, he slammed the door shut and gestured for her to undress as he began to take off his kimono. Sakura sighed and turned so as to not look at him as she pulled down her dress zipper at the side. Pulling the dress down to her hips, she unzipped the other zip on her dress to pull the gown down to her feet.

Standing in the bathroom in nothing more that her panties, Aizen's eyes roamed her backside appreciatively. Feeling his gaze on her, Sakura turned to him with a scowl on her lips as she observed him. He had only stripped down to his boxers and Sakura inwardly sighed in relief. Aizen chuckled and held his hand out to her with a smirk plastered on his face. Sakura sighed and hesitantly took his hand.

Smiling, he pulled her gently to him and cupped her chin gently. Sakura took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she leaned forward, pushing all thoughts of Byakuya from her mind. Aizen leaned down and pressed her lips to his. Sakura waited for him to deepen it like he always did.

But he did no such thing.

Pulling away, she raised her eyes to him, clearly confused with him. Aizen chuckled at her. "You said you would give me one night of satisfaction. So you will start this. I have no qualms to proceed with our wedding night later on this week."

Sakura blinked repeatedly as Aizen let her go and went to the shower. Sakura stood there for awhile before shaking her head and looking at where Aizen went. Sakura shook her head, an exasperated smile on her lips and followed Aizen into the shower.

Steeling her resolve, she wrapped her arms around Aizen's torso from behind. Her face was heating up as Aizen smirked. He turned to her and his fingers cupped her chin, bringing her face closer to his as he leaned down to capture her lips. Sakura parted her lips and his tongue darted in to tangle with hers as his hands traveled down to her hips and pulled her hips to his.

Sakura could feel his clothed erection against her clothed sex. Her face heated up and she raised her hands to his hair and pulling him closer. His hands gripped her shoulders and pushed harshly to the wall, making her gasp at the sudden movement. He pulled his lips from hers and left light kisses down her neck. Sakura's breathing quickened as her grip on his hair tightened. She hissed when he bit into her skin before kissing it, leaving a small bruise on her collar bone.

Sakura's mind was hazy as thoughts of Byakuya passed through her head. She knew she said she would give Aizen a chance to have sex with her without her thinking of Byakuya, but her mind wouldn't listen. Her mind just didn't want to let go of Byakuya. A low moan escaped her lips when Aizen's hands cupped her breasts roughly, the pads of his thumbs grazing her pink nipples teasingly.

Sakura's hands were at his arms, not knowing whether to push his away or pull him closer. Her breaths were coming out in short pants now and she held back a yelp when Aizen latched his mouth to one of her nipples. Eyes now glazed with lust, Sakura couldn't think properly anymore as moan after sweet moan escaped her lips. Aizen smirked inwardly at her continuous moans as he nibbled and licked at her nipple gently.

Sakura's hands were in his hair now, tugging at each little lick and nibble. He trailed wet kisses down her body, dipping his tongue in her navel before finally reaching the line of her white panties. Aizen could practically smell her arousal. Pulling down the clothe down her legs, Sakura gasped when she felt Aizen trail his hand up her inner thigh, close to her dripping sex. He chuckled softly as he hooked a hand behind her knee and guiding it to rest on his shoulder, bringing her sex directly to his waiting mouth.

Aizen let his tongue slide along her inner thigh, tasting the liquid that had seeped out of her. He savoured her sweet taste as his tongue glide to her opening as he reached up to grasp her hips to hold her to him. Sakura moaned loudly as she threaded her hands in Aizen's hair, pulling him closer to her making him part her inner lips and lick around her opening.

Sakura leaned heavily on the wall, her body trembling as all thoughts of Byakuya escaped her mind. She didn't care anymore who it was that brought so much pleasure to her heated body. She briefly wondered how could she have kept a level head when this man made love to her countless of times in the past. Those thoughts however were forgotten when Aizen dragged his tongue from her opening to her swollen clit. He gently flicked it before swirling slow agonizing circles around it.

Moans fell from her lips as she began thrusting her core into his mouth, trying to match his rhythm but his restraining hands prevented that. All she could do was buck wildly against him and moan at every movement of his tongue. She rocked her hips against his mouth as his tongue dipped and swirled, one minute thrusting inside of her and sucking at her swollen nub the next. She felt a coil begin to tighten and knew she wouldn't last long if he continued his ministrations.

Sakura screamed when Aizen suddenly thrusted two of his fingers inside of her. Aizen groaned as he felt her tight walls grip his fingers, trying to pull them in more deeply. He licked at her nub as he pumped his fingers into her. Sakura's moans echoed inside the shower as she shook her head, trying to comprehend the intense pleasure she felt.

Sakura felt that coil inside of her tighten even more. She groaned loudly as the sensations overpowered her.

"Oh god Aizen, I'm gonna..."

Sakura gasped when Aizen added a third finger. Aizen inwardly chuckled as he listened to her nearly screaming moans. He pushed her hips further into the wall and the hand not thrusting like mad into her traveled to her abdomen where he could feel his fingers liding in and out of her. His fingers slid hard into her and his hand pressed down on her abdomen, forcing her walls to contract around his fingers.

Sakura lips parted and let out a defeaning scream as her orgasm sent her back arching clear off the wall. Aizen groaned at the feeling of her walls contracting around his fingers and did his best to lap up her overflowing juices but it still spilled to the floor. She panted heavily as Aizen released her hips and she slumped to the ground, her whole body feeling like jell-o.

Aizen chuckled at her tired form. One leg propped up on of his shoulders, the other bent as her torso leaned against the wall and her head tilted to the side as she tried to regain her breath. He felt his erection pulsing against the fabric of his boxers and decided it was high time for the climax of the night.

Putting her leg down, he reached his arms under her knees and back and lifted her up bridal-style. Feeling dizzy from the sudden movement, she wrapped her arms around his neck to prevent from falling. Aizen carried her to the bedroom to lay her on the bed before removing his boxers hastily.

Sakura was too dazed to notice Aizen carrying her or where she was laying. Aizen crashed their lisp together again and she gasped in surprise and moaned when he slipped his fingers past her folds. She grasped his forearms tightly as he pumped his fingers in and out of her slick core. He swallowed her moans as his pace increased and Sakura could feel that hot coil tighten again. Aizen chuckled into her mouth as her moans increased and her muscles tighten around his fingers.

Sakura could already feel her orgasm coming but let out a groan of protest when Aizen removed her fingers. He chuckled loudly as he detached himself from her lips. Grasping her wrist firmly, he flipped her on her stomach. Sakura landed on the mattress with a 'omph!'. She raised herself on her elbows and looked behind her to glare when she saw his smirk.

He trailed his hands up her thigh to grip her hip with his left hand as he leaned over her body and grab her arm with his right. He pulled her to him, making her arch her back to him. He trailed kisses down her neck and shoulder, making her pant. She turned her head to him he crashed his mouth to hers. Their tongues wrestled for dominance as Aizen's hand that was on her hip traveled up to her breasts to play with her har pink nipple. Sakura moaned loudly into their kiss as she raised an arm to grab Aizen's head to deepen the kiss.

Aizen's hand traveled down her stomach and dissapeared behind her. Her only warning was Aizen sliding his length up and down her opening before plunging deep inside of her. Sakura arched her back as she screamed the sudden intrusion. She could feel him stretching her wide and deep within her. A few hard thrusts and he would be literally inside her all the way he could go.

Aizen groaned her name in pleasure when he felt Sakura's muscles around him, rippling and wet. His breaths came in short pants as he began to rock against her. Sakura's constant moans went straight to his erection and she could feel his pulsating inside of her as her walls carresed his every being.

He pushed her back onto the mattres as he thrusted in and out of her. Sakura gripped the sheets tightly, her knuckles turning white from the strength. Her mouth was covered by the mattress sheets making her moans and groans muffled. Pausing to hook his arm under on of her thighs and lifting it, he thrust in harder and deeper than before with the new angle. Sakura's scream was muffled as Aizen continued to thrust inside of her.

She turned her face to the side, her short pants and moans sounding throughout the room. She could feel that she was close and from how Aizen's thrust were becoming even more erratic, she guessed he was near his end as well.

"Faster…" Her lust filled request was so soft that it almost didn't reach Aizen's ears.

To say Aizen was shocked was an understatement. He was bewildered. But he threw that shock at the back of his mind as he started to pick up his pace. He was practically slamming inside of her and she screamed at the new pace. She panted as she could feel her end nearing. With a particlarly hard thrust that hit the entrance to her womb, Sakura screamed his name as she came. Her muscled contracting all over his length and Aizen grunted as he came inside of her.

Collapsing onto the bed, Aizen tiredly slipped out of her and rolled to her side. Sakura closed her eyes in exhaustion as Aizen stared at the ceiling in wonder. He turned his half-lidded eyes to her tired form. Reaching down, he grasped the thin blanket and draped it over Sakura's body before tucking himself beside her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Sakura was too tired to argue as she sighed into his neck.

"Ne, Aizen?" Her voice was thick with exhaustion as she mumbled his name.


"Can I stay as Lieutenant in the 8th Division? Please?" She asked burying her face into his neck.

Aizen stayed silent as he mused over the idea. Originally he wanted her to be demoted so that he could keep a close eye on her, but she seemed willing enough to have sex with him and she didn't seem to pry into his business, so…

He shiged. "I'll talk to So-taichou tomorrow. Now sleep."

Sakura gave him a tired smile and promptly fell asleep.


2 years later

Sakura stretched her arms above her and moaned appreciatively as she felt her bones popping. She turned back at the bed to see Aizen still sleeping, the blanket covering only the lower half of his form. It's been two years since she married him and she could at least stand to be around him without picking a fight or anything. They were more civil than they had been in the past 80 or so years. She still hadn't gotten pregnant yet even after nights and nights of sex with the man.

Sakura sighed as she grabbed a towel and headed for the bathroom. She had training with Toshiro later and she wanted to get the smell of sex off of her. The small man had keen senses that somehow reminded her of Kakashi and Kiba.

Entering the 10th Division Barracks, she first went to the office to find Rangiku. Even after two years of marriage, Rangiku had seen it fit to bring her drinking at least one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening while they talked among themselves. Rangiku was her closest friend since Lisa and Hisana. She had made sure that Aizen wouldn't do anything to her though. Just because she was civil with him didn't mean they didn't have their daily arguments about certain things.

Not bothering to knock, she wasn't greeted with a sleepy Rangiku trying to do paperwork but a white haori wearing Toshiro at the desk with half of the paperwork already done.

Sakura blinked repeatedly as she stared. Toshiro looked up from his work to see Sakura staring wide eyed at him. He raised an eyebrow at this. A formal announcement was made last night about his promotion, didn't she hear it?

Sakura pointed a finger at him and asked in a mocking horrified voice; "When the hell did you achieve Bankai?"

Toshiro leaned back against the chair. He never did tell Sakura about him achieving Bankai. It wasn't like he didn't want to keep it from her. He just didn't know how to tell her.

How are you supposed to tell your sister who has been in the force longer than you and still hasn't achieved Bankai that you achieved Bankai and was promoted to Captain?

"Yeah… About that, I was going to tell you…" He mumbled, knowing that she could still hear him.

Sakura crossed her arms. "You were thinking I would get mad and frustrated at you because you achieved Bankai earlier than me?"

Toshiro turned his attention back to the paperwork. "Kind off…"

Sakura sighed as she approached him. She placed her hands on his desk and leaned forward. "I'm not mad at you, Toshiro. I'm proud. I'm just a little disappointed you didn't tell me a little earlier." She gave him a small smile.

Toshiro smiled slightly back. Then, Sakura's smile grew into a maniacal grin that made Toshiro scoot back in his seat and sweat bullets.

"But that doesn't mean I won't get my revenge for not telling me."


6 years later

"You're retired. Why are you going on a mission?" Sakura asked irrediculously as she watched Ginrei tied his zanpak-to with his obi at his waist.

"It is a simple recon mission. We will only be scouting for possible shinigami candidates in the districts." Ginrei said as he turned to her. He saw Naruto and Sasuke sitting beside her with worried expressions on their faces as well.

He was the only one who Sakura's zanpak-to spirits allowed to see them. Ginrei was after all the closest thing she had to a father here. Sakura had always confided in him about everything. From her huge problem with Aizen to her problems of boredom.

Sakura sighed. "I'm just worried. So are Naruto and Sasuke even though they don't say it." She was interupted by Naruto's 'Hey!' and Sasuke's scoff of disagreement. "You're old Ginrei. Get Byakuya to do it."

Sakura's eyes saddened slightly at the thought of her former bestfriend. She didn't think that they were considered best friends anymore with how he's been avoiding her like a plague after the wedding.

"You should try to at least make an effort."

Sakura stared at Ginrei with a confused expression. Then blinked when she saw Sasuke and Naruto gave exasperated sighs at her.

"Geez, Sakura-chan. Aren't you supposed to be smart."

"Hn. Or are you smart just so you could impress—Ow!" Sasuke was cut off.

Sakura pinched Sasuke's ear and pulled as she gritted her teeth. "That was when I was fucking twelve, Sasuke. Get over yourself."

"Alright already! Just let go of my ear!"

"Ne, teme. Don't you think you deserve it? Since before it was always me wh—Ow! Ow! Ow! Sakura-chan!"

Sakura pinched both of their ears harshly while mumbling something about being twelve and immature. Ginrei chuckled at their antics but he nodded anyway.

"I was talking about Byakuya. It pains me see my daughter and grandson argue like little kids. Hisana would not have wanted it either." Ginrei said as he tightened his obi.

Sakura sighed tiredly as she let go of Naruto and Sasuke's ears. The two Zanpak-to proceeded to rub their ears in pain as Sakura looked away. She wanted to reconcile with Byakuya since Aizen announced the engagement. But the man had found it necessary to stay angry at her for the duration of the engagement and even during the wedding. After that, he just bluntly ignored her.

Sakura sighed again before turning to Ginrei. He approached her and she stood to give the older man a hug. Ginrei's normally tense body relaxed and returned the embrace. They pulled apart when Naruto suddenly threw an arm around Ginrei's shoulders.

"You better come back safely, old man!"

Ginrei grunted and shrugged the blonde's arm off. He turned to the door and slid it open. Sakura leaned on the wall waving her hand at him. He nodded once at her then turned to leave.

Sakura stood there with her hand still waving. She then sighed and turned to Naruto and Sasuke. "I have a really bad feeling."

Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other, and then back at Sakura.

"Just have faith in him."


Sakura sat on the porch watching the cherry blossoms fall slowly to the ground. In her hands was a half-filled cup of green tea. To some, it was a particularly normal picture. But to Rangiku and Nanao who were standing at the office, watching her, it meant that something was troubling her. Sakura always had sake when watching cherry blossoms fall, so when she requested the kitchen to make some tea for her, Nanao immediately contacted Rangiku.

3 days had passes since Ginrei left for the scouting mission. He was scheduled to be back yesterday but he still hadn't showed up. Sakura was getting worried.

Sighing, she lifted the cup to her lips and drank the tea, her mind still focused on Ginrei. Aizen had given her some time alone, which she was thankful of and Byakuya was agitated as well. She tried talking to him, but he ignored her.

Shaking her head, she stood up and gathered the cup and teapot on the tray. Her eyes saddened when she thought of Byakuya hating her.

Hearing knocks on the door she blinked repeatedly. She was in the 5th Division's garden, where everybody knew not to disturb her. Furrowing her eyebrows she called the person in.

Sakura's eyes widened when Byakuya came in with an unreadable expression and a small box in hand. Byakuya turned to her and nodded.

Sakura blinked repeatedly, trying to comprehend what exactly was going on. Byakuya was adamant on ignoring and avoiding her so why was he here now?

"Byakuya-kun? What are you doing here?"

Byakuya stared at her for awhile before averting his eyes elsewhere. His eyes landed on the tray of tea and he knew she wasn't going to take the news well. Being close to her before her engagement, Byakuya knew of her habits. She only drank tea when watching cherry blossoms fall when she was troubled or worried.

Inwardly taking a deep breath, he turned to her and opened his mouth.

"Ginrei-ojiisama was caught off guard and killed during his mission in Rokungai."

Sakura couldn't believe it. Even with Byakuya right in front of her looking so serious. She didn't want to believe it. Sakura shook her head as she stepped back from him. She distantly heard Aizen coming in the room, but for once in nearly a hundred years, she didn't mind it. She didn't mind the glare Aizen sent Byakuya. She didn't mind Aizen wrapping his arms around her. She didn't mind the tint of sadness and anguish in Byakuya's eyes. She just didn't mind. She was numb to it all.

"W-What did you say?" Her lips moved, her brain on over ride, her heart hoping… wishing for it not to be true.

But Byakuya's face said it all. His lips moved, repeating the words he had just told her before and Sakura's whole world turned black.


Sakura groaned as she opened her eyes slowly. Her head was spinning as she sat up slowly on the bed. She heard some shuffling in the room before the bed dipped, indicating someone was sitting beside her. She felt arms wrap around her shoulders and a hand go to her forehead. She focused her eyes on the person beside her, blinking a few times trying to adjust to the light.

"Are you all right, Sakura?"

Hearing his voice Sakura's eyes widened. "Aizen?" She looked around the room recognizing it as their shared room. "What… happened?"

"You fainted." Then he gave her a smug smirk. "Gave me a shock there."

"I… fainted…?" She whispered to herself. Then she remembered what happened. The tea, Byakuya suddenly coming to meet her.

Ginrei's new of death.

"Oh god…" Sakura gasped as she felt tears forming in her eyes. Her hands covered her mouth as he body shook.

Aizen's grip on her tightened, as if trying to comfort her but she didn't want his touch. She wanted Byakuya's touch to hold her and comfort her.

Her tears flowed freely as Aizen pulled her closer to him and caressed her head. He said nothing as she cried silently. Sakura shook her head. Byakuya wouldn't stay so silent. He would comfort her, saying he was there for her. Feeling desperate, she pushed Aizen away from her and wrapped her arms around herself. She gritted her teeth, preventing her sobs from sounding. Aizen stared at her and sighed. He stood up and left the room silently sliding the door closed.

After he left, she broke down completely.


Byakuya sighed tiredly as he signed the last of the paperwork for the day. He never expected Sakura to faint like that when he told her. Aizen being the one to fuss over her was… painful to see. He shook his head and turned to the small box on his table. Ginrei's will said to give the item in the box to Sakura. How was he supposed to give it to her now? He could always order Renji to do it, but… his grandfather's will was ordered for him to give her the gift.

Byakuya sighed again. How on earth was he supposed to give it to her now? He already swore to himself not to interact with her unless it was on missions after her wedding… but why did he insist on doing that anyway?

Shaking his head, he glanced at the clock. It was late; he should get going back to the Kuchiki Manor.

Quickly using shunpo, he arrived at the Manor to be greeted by pink tackling him to the ground. Byakuya blinked repeatedly before tensing when he heard sobbing from the body on top of him.

Sakura was clinging to Byakuya like he was her lifeline. Her hands clutched at his kimono until her knuckles turned white and her face was streaked with tears. She was crying hard on him that all Byakuya could do was abandon his goal to ignore her and embrace the crying woman in his arms, whispering soft words in her ear.


Sakura woke up oddly refreshed. She breathed in the comforting scent that was so Byakuya…

Her eye snapped open and was met with the sight of a calm and sleeping Byakuya. A scream lost itself in her throat as she slowly moved away but was pulled back by Byakuya's arms. Sakura's blush came rushing up her neck as Sasuke and Naruto snickered in her head.

Sakura shook her head, and got rid of her blush. She gently shook him awake.

Byakuya groaned and Sakura felt her blush return full force at the sound. She silently cursed Naruto's perverted mind that was shoving images of a naked Byakuya into her head. She watched as Byakuya slowly opened his eyes then widened considerably.

He released her and backed away quickly. Sakura quickly got up and headed for the door. She paused before turning back to him .Byakuya was looking at her with his normal mask of indifference. Her heart gave a small twinge of disappointment.

"Thank you… for comforting me, even though you hate me."

Byakuya blinked at this and was about to say he didn't hate her but she had already left. Groaning, Byakuya dropped to his futon.

'She thinks that I… hate her?'


Sakura opened the door to her and Aizen's room and was greeted with the sight of her husband still sleeping on the bed with only the thin blanket covering his lower half, leaving his upper half exposed for all to see. Sakura sighed and approached the man. Even though she didn't love the man, she still felt guilty for sleeping with another. She was married to him, after all. Sighing, she wrapped her arm around his torso.

Aizen slowly blinked his eyes when he felt Sakura drape her arm over him. He looked down and saw her guilty eyes and sighed. She already felt guilty. Guess his punishment wasn't really needed after all, he thought as he felt the handcuffs he had bought poking at his back.

Aizen wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him. He gently kissed her forehead and looked at her with bored eyes. "The hollow that killed Ginrei was sighted yesterday near the 1st District. I will personally be going and I requested for you to come as well."

Sakura's eyes widened before she smiled at him, genuinely for the first time since the hollowfication incident. She reached up and kissed him full on the lips and buried her face into his neck. He could feel her shaking as silent tears dropped to his shoulders and he smiled. Perhaps being good to her once in a while had its quirks.


Sakura grasped her Zanpak-to hilt tightly. Her eyes trailed over the area. This was where the hollow that killed Ginrei was last sighted. The moonlight was filtered through the thick leaves of the forest. Sakura sighed as she looked around. There were no signs of the hollow, and it was already night time.

She felt a light weight on her shoulders as she yawned. She turned to find Aizen smiling at her. Distant voices of 'Aww…' and 'That's so sweet!' made it to her ears but she ignored them. She sighed as Aizen wrapped his arms around her and rested his chin on her shoulders.

"Come to bed, already. We'll continue tomorrow."

Sakura shook her head and shrugged him off her. She took his haori and slipped her arms through the sleeves. "I'm going to go do another check around the area." She said and took off leaving Aizen staring at her in exasperation.

Sakura jumped through the trees, memories of doing the same as a shinobi flashed through her mind. She let a small smile graze her lips as she landed in a clearing. It wasn't anything but it was peaceful. She turned back to where she came from and blinked repeatedly when she realized she had went farther than she thought.

Realizing there was no use to go back there, she stared at the moon. It was full and a beautiful sight. She wished Ginrei and Byakuya were there to enjoy it with her.

Hearing slight rustling, Sakura tensed. Her hand already on the hilt of her Zanpak-to, as she listened to the sounds of rustling. A low chuckle made it to her ears and she turned to face a hideous looking hollow. Its mask was huge, covering most of its body and dark green skin. Its tail resembled a snake with a large bell on its end.

Sakura narrowed her eyes and debated whether to call for reinforcements or not. Deciding to wait and see its abilities before calling for help, she gripped the hilt of her katana, ready to strike.

The hollow chuckled. "What's this, another petty Shinigami? Hopefully you would be more of an entertainment to me than those old fools who came before!"

Sakura gritted her teeth as she realized this hollow had killed Ginrei. "Tell me; was one of these Shinigami old enough to be my grandfather? Did the man have a symbol with feathers on him?"

The hollow laughed loudly. "You mean the old man with that white scarf? Yes. I did kill him. He was the last to be killed though. Fast for an old guy, I'd say." He laughed some more.

She glared at the hollow. "Then you're the one I have to kill."

With that, she drew her Zanpak-to and attacked. The hollow jumped away just in time before the blade made contact with the ground and spilt open. Sakura turned and swung her sword at him again but this time, the hollow simply smiled and shook its tail.

Hearing the bell, Sakura suddenly stopped. Her body wouldn't move no matter how hard she tried. The hollow laughed and swung its hand to her. Sakura closed her eyes and chocked when the hand hit her. She flew and crashed to a nearby tree. Sakura struggled to stand but her body wouldn't listen.

"Foolish Shinigami! My bell doesn't allow those who hear it to move!" It laughed as the bell shook again and again.

Sakura gritted her teeth and struggled to sit up. Her Reiryouku was going haywire, sensing the oncoming danger. Sakura glared at the approaching hollow.

"You must be the old man's daughter. I must say, he held up a lot longer than you! But even through all those efforts, he still died. But he did say something before I ate him." The hollow grinned. " 'Sakura' was what he said. Is that you're name, girly?"

Sakura felt tears gather in her eyes. Even near death, he was worried for her. She shadowed her eyes, thinking of Ginrei and Byakuya.

"Giving up already? Your father had more will power than this."

The hollow reached for her when Sakura swiftly cut its hand using her Zanpak-to. She smirked at the screeching hollow.

"Don't underestimate me, you stupid hollow."

"How? You couldn'tmove!"

Sakura stood with her Zanpak-to poised to attack. "I've handled attacks that affect the body through the hearing systems before." She said smirking, as she remembered Dosu from Sound.

She ran and prepared to strike but the hollow laughed and drew its own weapon. A long whip that wrapped around Sakura's body and threw her away from it.

Sakura grunted as her back hit the ground. She quickly shunpo-ed out of the way when the whip came at her again. The hollow laughed at her as it continued to attack her with the whip.

Sakura cursed as she dodged each attack. 'Damn it! I can't get close to it even if I use Shunpo!' "Damn it! Mamoru, Kaze no Raikiri!"

Sakura hurried blocked the incoming attacks with her swords. She jumped out of the way for one attack but it bounced back at her and wrapped itself around her body, preventing her from using her Zanpak-to.

The hollow laughed again. "It looks like this time, it's my victory!"

Sakura struggled to get out of its grip as she thought of Byakuya. Tears gathered in her eyes.

'Is this really how I'll die? Eaten by a hollow?' She thought as the hollow opened its mouth. She shut her eyes tightly, hoping for life.

"Don't give up, Sakura!"

"Sakura-chan, this isn't like you!"

'Sasuke… Naruto…'

"Don't tell us this is how it ends, Sakura!"

"You've already received everything of us! You just need to know our names!"

"Come on Sakura-chan!"

"Think of OUR relationship! Think of Team 7!"

Sakura gritted her teeth as memories from her past life and her current life passed through her eyes. She felt her reiatsu levels rising and she guessed the hollow felt it too for he stared at her in disbelief. Sakura gave it a smirk that could make Sasuke proud.

"I said, don't underestimate me. Bankai!"

Her swords glowed bright red and the hollow released her form the sudden fire that burned its whip. Wind and lightning surrounded Sakura as the hollow backed away. Once the wind and lightning disappeared, Sakura opened her eyes.


Aizen turned towards the direction he felt the strong surge of reiatsu. He knew this reiatsu belonged to but he didn't believe Sakura had this much reiatsu stored in her. Her current Reiryouku could rival Kenpachi Zaraki of the 11th Division.


Aizen turned to Momo and nodded to her. "Gather the other Shinigami and head towards the source of the reiatsu."

"Yes, sir!"

Aizen raced through the trees, the other Shinigami following close behind. Nearly at the clearing where the reiatsu was strongest, they heard a hollow scream in pain. Everyone picked up the pace and arrived at the clearing a few seconds later. There was smoke everywhere and the wind in the area was strong, as if a tornado had just passed by. The smoked gradually lifted and everyone stood stunned.

Aizen approached the figure in the smoke. His eyes roamed down the body and then to the swords in her hands. Silver Scrimitars in each hand, with light blue edges that shined in the moonlight and different handguards. The left was a red swirl and the other a circle that is divided into two colours; red and white. Green strips of cloth dangled from both ends of the swords.

Aizen scowled inwardly as he recognized the wielder of the swords.

Sosuke Haruno Sakura had just achieved her Bankai.


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