Ziva and Tony were left in the NCIS office. Gibbs was talking to the Male Director. Mcgee was talking to Abby. Ziva and Tony were looking through a suspect's file.

"Did you bring the take-out, Tony" Ziva asked

"Of course I did" Tony said

"Sorry, I thought you forgot" Ziva said

"What do you mean?" Tony asked

"I just thought since you're flirting with everything that wears a skirt you might have forgotten" Ziva said

"Since I flirt with everyone who wears a skirt why aren't I flirting with you?" Tony asked childishly

"One, I do not wear a skirt and second you know that if you flirt with me I will quite possibly kill you" Ziva said

"That's true" Tony said

"Besides you have it easy, all you do all day is watch movies, flirt with girls, suck up to the boss, and act like a child" Ziva said

"No you have it easy, all you do is act like Gibbs is your father, speak improper English, and act tough" Tony said

Ziva looked hurt for a while then she shook it off.

"First off, the reason I act like Gibbs is my father is becauseā€¦" Ziva said

"Is because what?" Tony asked

"You know what, I don't have to explain my self to a child" Ziva said

She opened her fortune cookie and the fortune said, "Don't Judge unless you know the person really well"

Ziva was about to apologize to Tony when suddenly there was this earthquake.

Ziva was about to ask Tony about it but she fainted before she could ask.

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