Ziva P.O.V.

By the way, it's Monday in this fanfic. Okay? No flames please!

Ziva mentally cursed herself for fainting. She was better than that. She'd seen things that people definitely do not want to see. Ziva got off the ground to make sure her ponytail was still in a ponytail because just because she's not a girly girl doesn't mean she still isn't a girl. Before she could see the condition of her hair. She saw herself at the opposite desk. Was there a mirror there of something and where was Tony?

"Tony" she yelled

"I'm right here," the second Ziva answered

"Oh my god, Tony!" Ziva yelled

"What, Is my hair okay" He asked

He looked in the mirror inside his desk right next to the jelly doughnut and did a silent yell.

"I'm you and you're me," he said repeatedly

"This is not good" Ziva said

"You should be honored, that you're in my body," He said

"Me and Abby were planning on having a sleep-over Friday!" I said

"Yeah, well I'm having a date on Friday" Tony said

"Right now, let's just try to figure out how to fix this," I said

Gibbs walked in.

"Ziva, Tony. Find anything?" he asked

"I found a witness," I said

"Where?" he asked

"720 March Rd" I said

" Let's go" Gibbs said

I went over to Tony.

"Tony" I whispered

"Yeah?" he said

"We go to each other's houses tonight" I said

"You mean, I go to your house and you go to mine?" he asked surprised

"Yes Tony, that's what I mean" I said

"Oh and Tony?" I said

"Yeah" he said

"Please don't wear anything that I wouldn't wear," I pleaded

"Okay but don't wear anything I wouldn't wear. Okay?" He said

"I understand"

"Good we all understand each other" he said