It had been a long rich life for Michael Knight. He was like any other American kid growing up in the care free 1950s. He was a teenager by the time the tumultuous 1960s rolled around. Fresh out of high school, he was drafted into the army and shipped off to Vietnam. He was formerly discharged and sent home after being wounded in battle. A bad head shot left him with a steel plate in his head.

After he came home, he decided to become a cop. He was top of his class and soon found work with the LAPD as a detective, often doing undercover work. Back then, he was known as Michael Long.

Officer Long had his second brush with death after being shot by a criminal gang he was pursuing and left for dead. It was only thanks to the intervention of multi millionaire Wilton Knight that his life was saved. He found Officer Long just in time, and it was thanks to modern medical miracles that Michael was still alive after what happened to him.

It was then decided that Officer Long had to have his appearance altered, and he was to assume a new identity, that of Michael Knight, in order to avoid being tracked down by those same criminals who nearly killed him. By all intents and purposes, Michael Long was dead!

After Michael grew accustomed to his new face and identity, he was offered the chance of a lifetime: To be able to work for The Foundation For Law And Government, an organization founded by Wilton Knight himself, and dedicated to tracking down criminals who always escaped from the long arm of the law. It was through The Foundation that Michael Knight was able to finally catch up with the criminal gang who tried to murder him and bring them to justice.

But he didn't do it alone! He had been bonded to The Foundation's ultimate weapon in their fight against crime: A black T-top equipped with a central computer who went by the acronym of K.I.T.T., which stood for Knight Industries Two Thousand.

It wasn't long before this dynamic duo built up the reputation of always getting the job done when it came to catching the wayward villains they were assigned to go after. It was like this for nearly 10 years for Michael Knight and KITT, then things started to change.

In the early 1990s, The City of Seattle bought out 49.99% of The Foundation's assets, and incorporated the organization into it's police force. Seattle could've bought out The Foundation entirely, had Devon Miles-Wilton Knight's long time friend and holder of his estate- not insisted he retain controlling interest in The Foundation, or 50.01% of the shares. Since then, it has been an uneasy partnership.

Soon after this partnership started, KITT was decommissioned from the elite crime fighting unit, and put into a warehouse until further notice. Michael Knight quit The Foundation soon after that.

Then, in the year 2000, The City of Seattle and The Foundation For Law And Government embarked on an ambitious project to create a brand new super weapon in the fight against crime. The sleek new ultra modern car came to be known as the Knight 4000, and it would be the fastest and most powerful weapon in the Seattle Police Force's arsenal!

That year, Devon Miles convinced Michael Knight to come back to work for The Foundation following a series of crimes where banned handguns were involved. Michael Knight came back on the condition that KITT was brought back into the fray.

KITT would eventually be installed in the Knight 4000 after it was detemined that it's original CPU was riddled with problems. Eventually, Michael and KITT would find out that the whole thing was an inside job involving several of Seattle Police's finest who were in collusion with a ruthless arms dealer trading in illegal and banned firearms. In the end, though, The Foundation would end up cracking the case, and whoever was left alive would face justice from their peers.

Meanwhile, Devon Miles would die suddenly, and Seattle would end up taking full ownership of The Foundation. KITT would be a part of their crime fighting unit for a short while and then be decommissioned for good in late 2005. A short time after, Michael Knight was offered a severance package from The City of Seattle; which he took, along with KITT, and retired to his lakeside cabin in central Washington State where he would live peacefully for what he hoped would be the rest of his natural life.

This night, however, was anything but peaceful. Michael had gone to bed at around 11PM, like he usually did; only this time, his sleep would be most uneasy.

He found himself in a strange place. He didn't know where he was, at first; but after looking around at the scenery, he began remembering. This was The Great Valley! He saw that he was surrounded by several longnecks of various sizes, shapes and skin colours. They didn't seem to notice he was there. He started looking for Little Foot, Grandma, Grandpa Longneck, and others he knew; but he couldn't see them. Then he saw a puddle of water at his feet. He looked down at it and saw his own reflection. He was surprised to note that he was young again! He saw himself as being barely older than 35! After a few moments of admiring his own reflection, he saw something really odd happen.

All of the longnecks that surrounded him suddenly started floating in mid air! Then they started moving in unison in one direction towards the east! "Hey! What's happening? Where are you all going!?" he cried out to them, but nobody seemed to hear him, or wanted to answer.

Then he saw other things start floating in mid air as well: Rocks, boulders and uprooted trees. It's as if the laws of gravity were suddenly turned upside down! All of the inanimate objects then started moving in all directions. He screamed as he threw himself against the ground to avoid a giant boulder speeding towards him, narrowly missing him as he fell face first in the grass!

When he looked up again, he saw that the sky suddenly became dark with clouds! The clouds were so thick that they were blocking out the sun, or what the longnecks called the "bright circle"! "What's going on!? WHAT IS THIS!?" he screamed, but there was nobody left to answer him.

After the bright circle was completely blocked out by the clouds, or "grey puffies", everything suddenly became dark. Then, out of the clouds, came this huge fireball; and it was hurtling itself right at him. He let out a huge scream as he futilely shielded himself against the fireball speeding down towards him.

Michael woke up with a start. He was drenched in a cold sweat and was breathing heavily. When he realized where he was, he fell back down onto his bed and breathed a huge sigh of relief. He figured it must still be the middle of the night, as it was still dark.

"Michael? Michael honey?" came the voice of a woman from his left.

The voice belonged to Bonnie Barstow Knight. She had been The Foundation's main computer and automotive technician for a number of years, and was responsible for maintaining and upgrading KITT the whole time she was there. She quit The Foundation in 1989 to go work as a research scientist at The Massachusetts institute of Technology(MIT), and worked on several US government sponsored projects.

Even though she and Michael lived on opposite sides of the continent, they still kept in touch on a regular basis. It was only until a short time after Michael had quit The Foundation for good that they met up again, and the chemistry between them began to grow. Two years later, they married; and they've been living happily ever since. Since neither of them wanted to have kids, Michael got a vasectomy a short time after they tied the knot.

"Michael, what's wrong?" Bonnie asked in a worried tone as she stroked his left shoulder. "You were screaming..."

Michael let out a breath. "I just had the weirdest dream..."

"Wanna talk about it?" She pressed.

After a few moments, he decided to confide in his wife. "It was so strange! I was back in... The Great Valley... You remember The Great Valley, don't you, dear?"

"The... place where all the talking dinosaurs lived..." Bonnie admitted. Although she only visited that magical place once, she DID remember it.

Michael nodded. "Yeah... Except that... well... I was surrounded by all of these longnecks, you see... and then they just started... floating in mid air, and moved off in an easterly direction... I saw other things floating in mid air, too; like rocks, trees and things... I had to duck to avoid one huge boulder from hitting me... Then, the sky suddenly became dark with clouds... The clouds were so thick that they blocked off the sun until it was as dark as night... Then out of the clouds came this giant fireball crashing towards me... and that was it!" He shrugged.

"You're right, Michael. That IS a strange dream!" Bonnie said after taking it all in. "It's also the exact same dream I've been having these past three nights..."

"Really?" Michael said as he looked surprisingly at her.

Bonnie nodded. "Except I didn't have a giant fireball cashing into me..."

Michael stared off at nothing in particular.

"What do you think it all means?" Bonnie asked of her mate.

"I don't know... But I do know one thing: I suddenly have this overpowering urge to return to The Great Valley..." Michael admitted.

"Me too..."

Both smiled at each other as they settled back down to sleep side by side facing each other until morning came.