Dancing with my love

Surly he must've come from The Above

Being happy, wanting to live

Never getting, but wanting to give

See you there cowering in fear

Then he leans down with a sneer

His happy voice grows dark

His eyes cloud with fog

I cannot call out for help

You're hidden in the murky smog

Cannot beg you help

To keep me alive

I hope you understand just this one time

The best I've felt in years

Being with him

But even if we get over our fears

We will never win.

And then finally I am lifted up

I much like a delicate teacup

And I am thrown in and enveloped in heat

Why couldn't my hair be more like wheat?

And I ask you, my dear, and my son-but do not fear my asking

Do you like the pies?

Oh, and one last thing, do teacups burn?