-::- Summary -::-

Edward left Bella and she become a famous movie star. None of the Cullens know about her success, all except Alice who's been following her best friends career.

-::- Story -::-

-::- Chapter 1: Opportunity -::-

(Bella's pov)

It's been 5 years since I left home, 5 years since my heart had been shattered into a million pieces and 5 years when I decided to never be the same again.

-::- The Beginning -::-

After the love of my life left me I wouldn't eat, sleep or even talk to people. After two months my dad told me to get my life back or I would be send back to Jacksonville, back to my mother. So to get him of my back I decided to 'get my life back'. I started to talk to my friends and make plans with them. I also went to La Push regularly to visit my old friend Jacob Black and by the end of the school year I was pretty happy again.

After graduation Angela and I went to LA for a little vacation. We were walking down the street when a woman came up to us and asked if we were interested in an acting job. 'YES!' I looked at Angela as if she was crazy. 'Ow come on Bella I thought you wanted a change'. She was right I did want a change but I just thought about a new hair cut or a new wardrobe. The woman gave us her business card and told us to call her if we knew what we wanted to do.

When we came back to our hotel room Angela decided to confront me about this whole acting thing. 'OMG! I can't believe that just happened to us' she screeched at me. 'Angela don't even think about it, we'd probably end up standing in the back were no one can even see us' 'So, come on Bella who said we'd be standing in the back maybe...' I cut her of 'Maybe what, we'd get a lead role come on Angela we're two small town girls. I highly doubt we'd even get a single line, besides you know I can't act'. 'No you can't lie but you never tried to act. Bella I thought you wanted a change' she knew that when someone said that to me I would bite and go along with the idea, so before I knew it I was standing in a big office looking at the woman who gave us her card.