-::- Chapter 9: A Change of Plans -::-

(Bella's pov)

I woke up feeling sick. I couldn't believe what happened at the after party. They just walked up to me like nothing ever happened. Like their leaving was just normal (well I guess to them it is, they leave all the time). I'm so tired, I looked next to me and Paul was still asleep. I climbed off the bed as quietly as I could.

When I came to the kitchen I looked around, I was gonna miss this place but I couldn't stay here. They were here and I had a feeling I was going to run in to them again if I stayed. I grabbed my laptop, went to sit by the bar and started looking through online travel brochures. I was thinking France, no we were already going to France for the promotional tour. I looked at the various countries Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Greece they were all countries we were either going or already went. Our next stop would be London I guess we could go their a little early, I'm sure there's plenty to see and do their. When the microwave started peeping it startled me a little, I raced over not wanting the sound to wake Paul. I took out the Pop-Tarts and put them in on a plate. I went to the other side of the counter and poured myself a cup of coffee, when I felt two arms around sneaking around my waist.

'Good morning, I didn't know you were awake' I looked back and saw Paul still in his boxers and hair looked like it hadn't been washed for weeks. He kissed my neck 'I was awake before you got up.' 'Why didn't you say anything?' He chuckled 'I wanted to see if you were gonna give me breakfast in bed.' He pulled on arm off and started to reach for my coffee cup. I snatched it out of his hands 'I don't think so, go make some yourself.' 'You're a caffeine additc.' I tured around and gave him one of my secret weapon puppy dog pout 'I thought that you liked that about me?' Battering my lashes like I'd never done before. 'I love everything about you' Paul kissed the right side of my jaw going lower kiss by kiss. 'Oh no you don't! I need coffee.' I walked back the my plate with Pop-Tarts, grabbing them and went to sit by the bar. Paul sat down next to me with his own cup of coffee, he looked at the laptop and then back to me. 'You're serious about leaving?' he took a sip from his coffee and gave a one of his tell the truth or you're in trouble look. 'Yeah I really don't like it here anymore and...' 'You love Italy, it's one of your favorite places in the world.' 'I know but I've seen it all before and..' yet again he didn't let me finish my sentance. 'Has it got something to do with those people at the after party?' he knew me so wel...but than again with how I acted it was pretty obvious. 'No... wel a little, O just don't want to run in to them again'. 'Why? They seem like nice, normal people.' Ha! normal he had no idea what he's talking about, like the Cullens are normal. 'I know they're...normal but' I didn't want to talk about it, it still hurted like hell the think about.

Paul looked at the pained expression on my face and decided to change the subject. 'Where do you want to go? France, Germany or Greece I know you'll love Greece' He reached for the laptop. 'London' he looked at me and asked 'London?' 'Yeah, we're suppose to go there next and on the last tours we didn't had a chance to look at any of the buildings and stuff we could do that now' I laughed, talking about leaving this place made me incredibly happy. Paul smiled back at me 'London it is, I'll call Angela and tell her about the change in plans.' He kissed my forehead and walked back into the bedroom.