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by Aeaflo

Chapter 1: The date?

"Come in!" yelled a girl from her living room couch to the door.

"What are you doing still sitting on the couch?" asked the person who was previously outside.

"What do you mean, what am I doing? I am sitting on my couch," said the girl on the couch who only acknowledged her visitor with a nod and a smile before turning her attention back to the telly.

"Lily! If I were any other person, I wouldn't put up with you but lucky for you," Lily snorted at this "I am a very loving and a kind friend who cares for you. Now, weren't you supposed to be getting ready an hour ago? It starts in one hour you know?"

"I love you too Alice and you know that I can get ready in 40 minutes tops. And yes, I do know it starts in an hour, you've been reminding me for the past week now," Lily replied in a bored sort of tone.

Alice turned off the telly and went to pull Lily of the couch. "Lily, stop playing around and go get ready then. This is the most important date in the world. This is your first date in since forever! Besides, Frank approves of the guy and you know how much I value his opinion. I mean we are married and all."

"Aliceeee" Lily whined trying to resist Alice's tugging. "I don't want to go. This is stupid and unimportant. I don't even know who he is. You know very well why I haven't been in a date for so long… The world needs me but I'll go on this one measly date just for you. Ugh, why am I even friends with you is the one mystery I've never been able to solve," Lily said with a teasing smile and an exaggerated rolling of her eyes before running off to her room leaving Alice behind where she couldn't get her.

Alice just smiled and sat on the couch turning the telly back on while waiting for Lily to emerge.

40 minutes later...

"I told you I could get ready in 40 minutes," said Lily with a triumphant smile.

"What would you have done if I hadn't showed up to check up on you. eh Lily?" asked Alice worried.

Lily's composure softened and she said, "I would have gone on the date Alice. You know I don't break a promise specially ones I make to you. I promised you I was going on this date so I'm going."

"Merlin knows you need to go on a date. You need someone new in your life. Someone that inspires you and..."

"I still don't understand why I need to go Alice. The last thing I need right now is someone new to worry about. I already worry enough about you," Lily sighed loudly. "Everyone knows you're just a hopeless romantic. That's why you set me up. I still think that is why you married Frank" said Lily with a smile.

"Oh, Lily," Alice laughed lightly before continuing. "I just want you to have what I have with Frank but with someone you like. It's a wonderful feeling and..."

"And I'm leaving before I turn out like you. Merlin knows we don't need another whipped person in this world," said Lily turning towards her apartment door.

"Lily, please take this seriously okay?" said Alice following Lily and taking hold of her shoulders forcing her to look her in the eyes. "Just... just have fun okay? I won't tell you anything else because I know nothing I'll say will penetrate that thick skull of yours" Lily just rolled her eyes but smiled at Alice's concern. "Just go okay. You'll knock him dead, specially with that *lovely dress." Alice winked before pushing Lily out the door. –

The date?

– "This way ma'am" said the waiter walking in front of Lily while she looked around. She had to admit, the restaurant was lovely. It had very nice and fancy decorations and the silverware looked very expensive. The tables were square and had red tablecloths on them with a single flower in a vase at the center. It looked simple but very elegant to the eye. As they neared the table, the waiter stopped and said to the man sitting down "this here is the girl you were waiting for sir."

The man looked up and smiled when his eyes reached Lily. He stood up and extended his hand to which Lily reached out to shake until he turned it over, bent his head, and kissed it. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you Lily," he said in a deep baritone voice while he pulled out her chair for her to sit.

"Please, the menus sir" replied the man.

"What would you like to drink sir?" asked the waiter while handing them the menus for them to look at.

"I'd like the best whine you have. What about you Lily?"

"Same please"

"You can go now, we'll order when you bring our drinks," said the man to the waiter sending him away.

"That's not fair," said Lily after a few of minutes of looking through the menu.

"What is not fair Lily?"

"That you know my name but I don't know yours"

"Oh, I am sorry, Frank accidentally let your name slip, my name is Sirius Black"

"Nice to meet you Sirius"

"You are a very good looking woman Lily"

At this Lily lifted her eyebrow and muttered under her breath "so one of those?"

"Excuse me?" replied Sirius apparently catching that Lily said something but not really understanding her. "What do you mean?" he inquired.

"Well, I don't really fancy going out with someone who the first thing they say is that"
"And here I thought we were making progress. Not even to the drinks and we're already going down" Sirius replied with a teasing smile and said under his breath "And here I was expecting a shag."

"What? Seriously…" exclaimed Lily having heard what he said.

"I am Sirius, aren't I?" he replied clearly enjoying making Lily mad.

"I am so killing Alice after I am done here" said Lily darkly to herself.

"Woah, woah there, no need to be so hostile" Sirius said amused at her antics. "I can clearly see that you don't want to be on this date. Merlin knows I don't want to be here either. I usually don't date but since Frank is my mate, who can say no to mates eh?"

Lily looked suspiciously at him. He did look uncomfortable now that she thought about it. He kept on shifting his eyes. Everything else made it seem as though he were comfortable but if you looked at his eyes, you could tell that he was far from. Now that she thought about it, he was very handsome, the most handsome man she'd met by far. He had grey eyes, ebony hair, perfect skin, not too tan, not too light, and he looked as though he had a great body. But lucky (or unlucky) for her she didn't tend to fall for someone's looks if not, she probably would have done what he thought they were going to do at the end of the date.

"You wanna ditch?" he asked Lily bringing her out of her stupor.

"What?" Lily replied thinking she had heard him incorrectly.

"I said, you wanna ditch?" he repeated again.

Lily responded by standing up and walking towards the exit while he followed. Once they were outside, they started walking towards a park that was nearby. It was very late therefore, the park was mostly deserted so Lily thought it was the perfect place to go and get some air. Once at the park, Lily breathed in deeply and turned to look at Sirius.

"You know, you are the first girl I've met who hasn't fallen for my looks. Impressive I must say" said Sirius.

"Yeah well, I'm not your typical everyday girl," replied Lily defensively.

"You sure are not," said Sirius with a thoughtful expression.

"So why don't you want to date?" asked Sirius curiously after a long pause.

"I could ask the same question to you"

"Well, I am not a man of one girl if I do say so myself. I have to keep my options open. Now your turn to answer."

"I am not looking to date right now."

"Oh, I see, so you're a nun?"

"What? No, I just don't fancy dating a toe-rag like you"

"I am insulted Miss Lily. I am not a toe-rag. On the contrary, I am a perfect gentleman and my bad, you are definitely not a nun with that hot bod."

Lily snorted and turned to walk towards the swings.

She sat down and started to swing herself slowly barely lifting her feet of the ground.

"What are you doing?" asked Sirius.

"I am swinging myself on a swing," replied Lily.

"Oh, I remember those from muggle studies. Weren't you supposed to slide down though?" asked Sirius with a confused expression.

Lily laughed and pointed at the slide "no, you're supposed to slide from that, it's called the slide for a reason and this is called the swing because, well because you're supposed to swing."

"Oooooooh," said Sirius with comprehension. "You know, you would have been a better muggle studies teacher. I never really understood anything my teacher said," replied Sirius sitting down on the swing next to Lily's and swinging himself just like Lily.

"Didn't you go to Hogwarts? Gryffindor house?" asked Lily breaking the silence and giving in to her curiosity.

"Yes… wait a minute… weren't you also in my house? I remember you. You were head girl with my best mate and you were the smartest witch in our year," said Sirius. "That's were I saw you. See when I saw you, I thought I'd seen you before but I couldn't recall where."

Lily just smiled and proceeded to answer "same here. You are the infamous Sirius Black: marauder, hunk, prankster, and ladies man. How could I not remember you? Hmmm, so we meet again after how many years? Two I think. What a date. Every girl in the planet must be real jealous of me right now."
"Exactly," Sirius replied with a cocky smile. "You know, we don't really have to make this out to a date. I don't really date anyways. I have a different taste. Like them more free, if you know what I mean. We could just catch up if you want, make it like a classmate reunion or something."

"Ok," said Lily smiling at his twisted thoughtfulness but still being thankful of not having to continue with the date and having another excuse to talk to him and catch up. "So how have you been since school? I never really talked to you but it's nice seeing someone I used to at least vaguely know. Reminds me of my good times at Hogwarts. You know?"
"I know what you mean. Well I've been here and there. Not really doing anything. I'm taking a brake from work and stuff until something shows up. Plus, my Uncle Alphard left me some galleons so I'm not worried. What about you?"

"Well, I left school, found a place to live, and went into studying for being an Auror but left since I didn't like the fact that they were able to use unforgiveables. I was kind of disappointed. Alice and Frank stayed, they don't use them but still, I didn't want to be taught how to use them. After that, I looked for a job and found one as an editor on the daily prophet. The job is not great for obvious reasons; it's the daily prophet. They practically hide anything that's really important and as an editor I can't change it but just look for errors and I look for small ways to maybe hint some messages to the people reading them. I don't love my job but at least it gets the bills paid, I get an insight into what the ministry tries to hide, and I have flexible hours. They call me in when they finish writing their stuff which sometimes gives me a few days of free time."

"Wow, impressive as always. Wouldn't expect any less from the Lily Evans," replied Sirius.

Lily laughed and proceeded to swing her swing farther as Sirius did the same. They continued to talk into the night about Hogwarts and life until it go late and Sirius said "well it was nice seeing you again even though I didn't get to meet your bed but it's all good" Lily hit him on the head and he just laughed. "No, I'm serious" Lily lifted her eyebrow challenging him to continue. "Ok, let me start again… it was nice seeing you again Lily. Maybe we could be mates. You're not my type, no offence,"

"None taken" said Lily.

"You're very unique and I like that. I've always wanted to have a mate who is a girl and since you don't want to shag me, it's perfect. Makes the friendship easier and all, " said Sirius in an earnest tone.

"It was nice meeting you too and I would love to be your friend," said Lily with a smile.

They stood up and started walking towards the back of a building to which they could apparate home.

"You know, next week I'm having a party. My best mate is coming back from training. Maybe you could come," said Sirius when they reached the back of the building.

"We'll see what happens," answered Lily.

"Alice and Frank are coming"

"Fine, I'll be there mate," Lily said with a teasing smile putting an emphasis on the word 'mate' for Sirius' benefit.

Sirius just chuckled and said goodbye before Lily hugged him, and apparated out of sight.

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