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by Aeaflo

Chapter 2: Late

Back at her place…

Lily had just turned on the light to her living room when she saw a figure sitting on the couch that made her jump. "Shit, Alice you scared the living daylights out me!"

"I almost cursed you. What are you still doing here in my flat?" asked Lily after catching her breath approaching the couch in which Alice was sitting.

"Well, I was waiting for you. Now sit, and tell me all about your date with the handsome Sirius Black," said Alice excitedly patting the spot on the couch next to her.

Lily proceeded to sit and prepared herself before saying, "well… I got to the restaurant, met him and we skipped right to pudding if you know what I mean" Lily winked and smiled at Alice who just stared at her open mouthed.


"Yes, we had hot, sweaty, animalistic fun…"

"Oh My Merlin! Lily, you go girl! Tell me more. I am so proud of you…"

Lily just raised her eyebrow at Alice questioningly before breaking out into hysterics.

"Why are you laughing? Was it that bad?" asked Alice with a truly confused face.

"Alice, do you even know me? Do you really think that I would do that?" questioned Lily stopping her laughter and looking amused seeing Alice's face.

Alice just stared at her open mouthed and replied "well… no… but I thought, you know, it's Sirius Black, Merlin's gift to women. I thought it was possible. I mean, I know I wouldn't mind tapping that…"

"Do you listen to yourself? Does that ring on your hand have any meaning?"

"Lily, you know what I'm saying has some truth to it. And anyways, we are talking about your date. Now really, tell me and stop playing with my fragile emotions."

"Well, it was a date for the first half and the second was more like a schoolmate reunion. Nothing special and no, Alice, I am not going on another date with Sirius Black."

"Lily, why must you torture me? No more dates? Schoolmate reunion? Have you not been listening to me?" asked Alice desperately.

"He is my mate Alice. I made a friend. Isn't that good enough?"

"Well you need to stop making friends and make boyfriends."

"He is my boyfriend"


"Boy – friend, a friend who's a boy. A mate."

"Ugh, you need to stop getting my hopes up"

"But it's so fun," said Lily brightly.

Alice just stared at her blankly before proceeding. "You are way too happy to only have talked to him. There must have been something else."

"Not really. We just talked and he has the potential to be a really close mate of mine like you. That is all… although he did invite me to a party. Said you were going" said Lily more seriously.

"Really? Well in that case, we will definitely go and hopefully you will change your mind about him"

Meanwhile, in another part of town…

"Hey, do you have any food in this place? I've searched everywhere"

"Sirius, what are you doing in my kitchen at this hour? Shouldn't you be at home?" said a disgruntled Remus from his kitchen door. He was wearing pyjamas and looked as though he had just woken up. He looked at his stove clock and saw that it was about to be 11p.m.

"True but I'm hungry and I don't feel like buying any food right now since I figured you had some food"

"When are you not hungry? Never mind, don't answer that. Where were you anyways? I was going to ask you about the party but didn't find you…" said Remus taking out a milk carton and shaking it in Sirius' face to show him that he had food while Sirius rolled his eyes. Remus poured himself a cup, and passed the carton to Sirius who promptly drank out of the carton before answering his question.

"I was on a date"

"Since when do you date?" asked Remus taking now the empty carton from Sirius and throwing it away.

"I'll have you know that… I don't date"

"Then who was the lucky lady that got an actual date with you?"

"Her name is Lily Evans," replied Sirius causing Remus to start choking on his milk.

"Alright there mate?" asked Sirius while patting Remus too forcefully on the back.

"I'm okay. I'm okay! I stopped choking a while ago," said Remus once again disgruntled while Sirius chortled at his facial expression.

"Sorry mate, couldn't pass an excuse for hitting you without getting my limbs twisted"

Remus ignored him an asked "Lily Evans, as in the one that went to our school, Gryffindor, head girl?"

"You know her?"

"Of course I do, I was a prefect with her 5th and 6th year. She went out with you?"

"Yeah, why do you make it sound like it's a bad thing?" asked Sirius slightly offended.

"Because all the girls you go out with are only for a shag and I don't think Lily's one of those girls."

Sirius nodded in agreement and proceeded to say, "If it makes you feel better, she didn't know her date was with me. She probably would have left and don't worry mate, she's not like my usual birds."

"That makes sense but a blind date? Who set you up?"

"Frank did, he said Alice had a friend who was single and I needed to do something today so I went."

Remus just shook his head and proceeded to say "poor Lily."

"Hey! We actually had a good time. We ended up going to the park and talking. She's doing well and now we are mates"

"You are friends with a girl?" Remus asked with disbelief.

"Yes, I am friends with a girl and I invited her to the party next week" said Sirius with pride.

Remus raised his eyebrows and proceeded to say, "That's nice. I haven't seen her in a while. She would be the one to make friends with you now that I think about it. She was never really interested in any of your antics back at school."

"Yeah well she promised to come so she'll be there"

"Have you sent out the invitations yet?" asked Remus after a while. After looking at Sirius' guilty face Remus asked, "Remember the last time we had a party and you forgot to send the invitations? No one showed up and the people that tried to come to the party got lost. We don't want that again. It was the lamest party in the history of parties. You even said it almost ended your good reputation."

"Shit, I know. So that's what I needed to do. Merlin, then I'm going to head to my flat now and start on that," said Sirius grabbing his coat.

"Right now?" asked Remus incredulously.

"Of course now, before I forget. Wouldn't want that to happen," said Sirius before apparating away not hearing what Remus yelled last.

"But it's 11:30p.m!"

Later next week…

"You did a great job Sirius," said Remus to Sirius while he entered from the porch into the living room through the glass door. They were now in Sirius' living room facing the floor to ceiling windows that faced outside onto the back porch.

"I know," replied Sirius admiring his work.

Indeed, the party looked like it was going to be one of the best they had in while. Sirius' back porch was made to resemble a dance floor with the outside furniture placed around strategically to allow people to sit and mingle if they were not dancing. There were colourful lights floating over the makeshift dance floor giving it a club-like effect. The music sounded everywhere around them but was being changed by a musical radio in the corner that automatically mixed the songs. They had a mixture of wizard and muggle songs playing out. The place was perfect for a party since Sirius' flat was on the top floor of a building giving them privacy. His porch even had a low wall that allowed for a beautiful view of the city of London. To muggles who, if for some reason, saw the building, they would not see lights or hear music coming out of Sirius' porch but would see a clean porch with no one around.

Inside, his living room was another place for people to sit and mingle. The music outside could still be heard but not as loud. There were drinks and foods on a table near the wall were guests could help themselves to what they liked.

Even thought the party had just started, they already had a crowd forming, Frank and Alice in it, on the dance floor and in the spacious living room.

"When do you think he'll get here?" asked Remus after a while. Remus knew that although Sirius didn't show it, he was very anxious for their mate to arrive. Sirius had not seen him since the season had started and so he put a lot of work into having an excellent party to welcome him back. It was Sirius' way of showing that he missed his friend without saying it out loud. It was understandable, of course, that he would miss him since they were best mates and if one didn't know, one would think they were brothers. They were not brothers by birth but by heart.

"I don't…" Sirius' reply suddenly was cut off by a loud "I'm here!" coming from the entrance door to the flat.

Remus and Sirius turned quickly to see who was standing at the door. They headed to the door quickly to greet their friend who had finally arrived. Remus hugged him first and said "Welcome back mate, we missed you."

Sirius hugged him next hugging him longer but not too long so that is stopped being a manly hug. "Fuck, James, where were you? With another bird?" said Sirius after hugging James.

This had always been Sirius' way of showing he cared and of easing the tension. It was his way of talking to James and letting him know that they were still cool even after a long time of not seeing each other.

"I missed you too Sirius," said James with a smile. "And no, I was with some guys."

At Sirius frightened expression, James started laughing and said, "Not like that, you buffoon, I mean I was with the team-mates from the squad. I invited some to the party, hope you don't mind."

Behind James stood two men. "This is Victor Coppard" said James motioning to the tall, brown haired and brown eyed one with a buzz cut. "And this is Caleb Craig" continued James motioning to the one of average height with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. "Caleb and Victor, this is Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, my best mates" James said addressing Caleb and Victor while motioning to Sirius and Remus respectively.

After all the introductions were made and the guest had gotten comfortable, they continued to get to know each other and converse amicably. They were soon joined by a group of ladies who joined the conversation and flirted with them. After a while, James asked "where's Peter? I noticed he hasn't shown up to say hi and was waiting but he hasn't showed yet."

"Oh, he's with this bird. We didn't want to bother him since they were getting pretty cosy but he's here, he's just outside" replied Sirius while James nodded in understanding. "That reminds me, I have to go look for someone," said Sirius standing up.

Outside on the terrace…

Alice and Frank were now sitting down after having danced for a while. They were taking a brake but the atmosphere around them felt tense.

"Are you alright? Don't worry," said Frank trying to soothe a distressed Alice.

"Frank, don't worry? Seriously? Don't worry? I have to worry. What if she's not okay?" asked Alice with a voice that started to sound like she was about to panic.

"She is okay, okay? She's always okay. She knows how to take care of herself. She probably hasn't arrived yet because she can't find her shoes or something," replied Frank in a soothing yet firm tone while he stared at his wife. The truth was he was worried too but he didn't want his wife to know because he knew that she would probably get even more anxious and would do something rash. "If you want, we can go inside and wait in there and if she doesn't show up in the next ten minutes, we'll go, okay?"

Alice just nodded and stood up taking a hold of Frank's hand for comfort while he led her inside.

"There you are, I was just going to go ask you where Lily was. Where is she?" Sirius had gone to look for Alice and Frank and ran into them while they were coming in.

"She hasn't arrived yet but she'll be here soon. She said she was going to be late since she had some work stuff to do but she'll be here," replied Frank seeing as Alice still looked distressed and couldn't talk without seeming like she was anxious. "Oh, there's someone knocking on your door Sirius, you should go open it," continued Frank motioning to the entrance.

Sirius opened it and smiled broadly after seeing who was behind the door. "You've finally arrived! What took you so long?"

"I've been knocking on the door for ages now and nobody opened. Oh, and sorry I'm late. I didn't know what to wear since I've never been to one of your parties," said a flustered looking Lily.

"Sorry about that and you've made the right choice. You look lovely," said Sirius with a smile while taking her hand and twirling her around. Lily was wearing a fitted dress that with a scoop back that had bows attached to the scoop, some high heels, and her hair was down. Overall, she looked beautiful but not "hot" like most of the other girls at the party.

"You should have told me clothing was optional," said Lily playfully while looking around at the party and seeing what other girls were wearing. Sirius just laughed and continued leading Lily into his apartment.

Alice hugged Lily as soon as she saw her while Sirius was still tugging her away. "Why did you get here late?" Alice whispered with a pointed look.

Lily just looked at her and whispered "The mission…"

"What are you whispering about?" asked Sirius once he realized Lily wasn't following him and interrupting them when he saw their worried faces.

"I'll explain everything later" Lily said to Alice. Then she turned to Sirius, smiled and said "nothing important. Now where are you taking me?"

Sirius continued to pull her along and said "I'm going to introduce you to the person this party was intended for."

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