I shouldn't be here. I currently live at Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters. Gifted meaning mutants. Everyone at the school is a mutant, meaning they have some inhuman ability. Example: my friend Daz projects laser-like beams from her hands. But me? After some crazed mutant terrorist named Magneto kidnapped me a month ago, I lost my powers. I was kind of grateful. I had spent my life not being able to touch another human being. No high fives, no hugs, no pinkie promises. But now, without my powers, I just feel out of place here. Now I'm some freakish girl with a white streak in her hair. Positive note? My boyfriend, Peter, is coming back home from Russia. The only way I have ever felt him is as a cold metal body. I haven't told him about my powers going AWOL but I'm sure he will be glad.

My name is Anabelle. Yes, Anabelle. But I go by Ana. I'm seventeen and have been living at the Institute since I was four years old. I was born in South Carolina and killed my mother during child birth. My mutant abilities were even present then. No one else died, because all the medical personal wore gloves so no one knew about my powers. But Mystique did. She kidnapped me from the hospital and kept me as her own. When I was two I got a little brother named Kurt. He was blue just like she was. When he was born I thought he was a cat put on this Earth just so I could play with him.

When I was four, Kurt and I were sent to the Institute after our mom was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D the only government agency that knows we exist. They sent us to Xavier's with Mystique's blessing. (She was hoping they could help me control my powers.) Logan, aka Wolverine, is our legal guardian. I guess he is our father. (Though Kurt thought Beast was his father for a while.) He is not the most affectionate person I know (if he tries to kill you during Danger Room sessions he likes you), but he taught me how to ride a bike and achieves his other fatherly duties. (You should have heard his sex talk. Hilarious.)

We still see Mystique during the summers on Asteroid M, but I doubt we will be going back there anymore since it belongs to Magneto and I'm still entirely pissed that he kidnapped me. Despite my bad relations with Magneto, I am still fond of the Brotherhood (Magnetos version of Xavier's Institute) who are like my second family. They know me as Rogue. The X-men know them as Pyro, Avalanche, Gambit, but I know them as John, Lance and Remy. (There are others like Blob and Toad who are too repulsive to get to know. As well as Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch who hate me for unknown reasons. Maybe its because I am an X-man, but they know I wouldn't say anything about their daily activities, which aren't that secret.) They aren't as evil as everyone thinks. They are just bored kids, half of which have dropped out of school, who spend most of their time using their powers to steal food and materialistic items. I know its wrong, but when you grow up in some rotten shack of a house (compared to Xavier's mansion) you can expect them to do bad things. The Professor has always extended his hand to them, but they are too far gone so we are constantly sent to trail after them to make sure they don't expose our identities.

Even when I had my powers, I still felt like a somewhat normal teen. We all go to a public high school, which is enough drama in its own, and then we all live here under the same roof. (A definite overload.) But I love it. My best friends are Dazzler aka Allison and Psylocke aka Elizabeth. Psy just moved here from the U.K a year ago and is still adjusting to things like eating hamburgers on a regular basis. Allison is a gorgeous blonde with deep azure eyes who is always dragging me to karaoke sessions at night clubs. Elizabeth has telepathic powers and is even working on creating a "psychic knife". I don't know what that is, but it sounds pretty cool. Elizabeth is a natural brunette who dyes her hair purple. You may think she is some maverick who may be willing to start a fist fight for bumping her in the hallway or some punker who aspires to get a million piercings and tattoos, but actually she is the exact opposite. (The purple hair must be some rebellious attack on her European ways.)

As for me... I'm just a girl.

My little brother galloping at full speed toward me, yelling at me from down the hall. "Ana! You won't believe it!"

"What?" A second ago he was 100 yards away from me, but now he poofed right in front of me, courtesy of his teleportation.

"Kitty finally agreed to go out with me!" The grin on his face spread to each of his elf like ears.

"Kurt! Shut up!" The study hall clamored.

"But... she hates you." I whispered.

"Apparently she doesn't anymore. Don't be mean."

"I'm not being mean. Her hating you is a well-known fact."

Daz chimed in. "That is true."

"Well, she doesn't hate me anymore. I asked her to Winter Formal and she said yes!"

"Why would you want to go out with her anyway. She is so..."

"Annoying?" Daz offered.

"Yes, extremely annoying," I agreed.

" She is hot. And funny. And sweet."

"Sweet?!" Daz and I said in unison.

"Yes, she is sweet."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "She is so tiny I don't know how all that mean fits in her."

"She isn't that mean."

"I'm her roommate. I know how mean she is. And completely anal. I left a sock on the floor and she phased it in the wall! Now there is half a sock sticking out of the wall next to my bed and I can't take it off!"

"See, you think that is mean whereas I think it is funny."

"You are my brother. You are suppose to be on my side."

"Not when there is a hot girl in the mix!" He smiled and teleported away.

"Do you think she actually agreed to go out with him? This isn't some horrible practical joke?"

"I question her motives too Daz. I can't believe she would agree to it. For the past three years she has been here she has been utterly repulsed by him and now she is going to Winter Formal with him? That is just crazy! I swear if this is some joke I will beat her up. I am so serious."

"Yes, I know how serious you are. Never one to back down from a fight."

"I don't need my powers to kill her."

"Jeez, Ana."

"Don't even. You know Kitty Pryde is a complete-"

"A complete what?" Kitty Pryde was suddenly hovering next to me.

"A complete bitch." I get my mouth from Logan. Its his fault that I'm not afraid to speak my mind.

"True..." She admitted as she plopped herself in the seat next to me.

"I heard you are going to Winter Formal with my brother."

"Yeah... I finally gave in."

"After all these years you finally give in?"

"Yes... I find his blue fur incredibly attractive now," she said as she twirled her strands of blonde hair with her fingers.

"Are you being sarcastic?"

"Actually I find his fur disgusting, but luckily with Stark's little invention I won't have to look at it."

"You will still be able to feel it." Daz noted.

"I know but its fine..."

"Why are you really going out with him?" I prodded.

"Jeez, you should be happy for your brother Ana."

"I am if you are genuine. He has liked you for a long time, for whatever psychotic reason."
"I am genuine. I am always genuine. So how is Peter? I heard he was coming back tomorrow." I was surprised she even asked. She had a huge crush on him, but he chose me. She has always been rude to me ever since.

"Yes. He is."

"Does he know about your powers? Or lack there of." Why is she talking to me like I'm her friend or something? Since when did she ever want a casual conversation with me?
"No, he doesn't."

"Are you going to have sex?"

"Kitty!" Daz was silently laughing during the whole conversation, but now she spoke up. "Thats not any of your business. Why would you even ask that..."

"I was just curious..."

"Why would you be curious?" Daz and I spoke again in unison.

"Because you are seventeen and are still a virgin! I cannot believe that! You are such a little angel!" Its not like I'm the only virgin in my group... Allison is a little more experienced than me (she gave Alex Summers a blow job in eighth grade), but Elizabeth has good Christian values and is saving herself for marriage. Kitty has had sex with her on again, off again boyfriend Bobby. (Though I think sex is all they have in common.) I don't know where I stand on the issue. I never even though sex would be possible in my condition. Even with his metal skin, I just thought it would be too weird for Peter and I to have sex.

"Just because I am not a slut like you Kitty, doesn't mean-"
"I am sixteen okay? Perfectly normal. Don't you watch TV?"

"Do you know how stupid you sound?"

"Just saying..." She disappeared as she phased out of sight.

"Okay... are you going to have sex with him?" Daz questioned.
"I don't know... where would we have it anyway! I kinda picture the occasion romantic... how can it be romantic here?"
"Ask Kitty to leave."

"I don't want her to know! Then everyone will know! She is such a gossip!"

"Well then... I don't know. You can borrow one of the cars on your date."
"Back seat Daz? How is that romantic?"

"He is eighteen. Go get a hotel room."
"Okay. End of convo. I need to finish my psychology homework."
"Right..." Daz said, unable to hide her smile.

A voice appeared in my head. "Ana, please come to my office." It was the Professor. Dang... I hope he didn't just hear what we were talking about...

I went to the Professor's office, as instructed, but he wasn't there. As soon as I entered I was greeted by a massive set of wings. Wings like an angel. "Wow." Was all I could say.


"Sorry for what? All I said was wow. I should be apologizing if I offended you. Its just your wings are so... beautiful."


"Yeah..." I was careful not get near him, but had the strongest desire to touch them... when I realized I could touch them. They twitched when my fingers came into contact. "Sorry, I wasn't even thinking."

"Its fine..."

We were silent for few minutes as I traced each feather. I walked around him to the wing's origin on his back. "These are amazing..."

"They are horrifying."

"How can you say that?"
"Try living with them." His head fell down, depressed.

"Not all mutant abilities are horrifying."
"Oh really?"

"You aren't going to get rid of them are you?"
"Thats what I was hoping."

"You shouldn't. I wish I could fly-" again "-you should keep them."

"I doubt you could change my mind."

"Take it from someone whose mutant ability was a curse."


The Professor entered the office in his hovering wheelchair. "Ana, thats enough. Warren can you wait outside for a moment? Perhaps the balcony for some fresh air?"

"Sure." He glanced at me as he exited. I returned his smile.

Warren... "What did you need Professor..."

"I was wondering how you were doing without your powers. How are you feeling?"

"Do you sincerely want to know or did you get a little help?" I tapped my frontal lobe.

"You are more like Logan every day."


"I just wanted to know how you are progressing... no reappearance-"

"Why do you ask questions you already know Chuck?" Logan entered the office now, wet with sweat from a Danger Room session no doubt.

"I'm just curious as to how-"

"Don't bother. Magneto wiped them clean. Thats what you said. Thats what you know."

My cell phone vibrated in my pocket. They continued to argue I shied out of the room.


"Its John."

"I know who it is." We chuckled.

"Mystique wants to talk to you."

"Since when has she been back in town?"
"Since now. She wants to talk to you."

"Yeah... I heard yah. I will be right there."

Its funny how two rival mutant groups can live two miles away from each other. When I arrived I was greeted by apprehension. They all crowded the living room and just stared. Remy was the only one to move. His red eyes got closer. He cradled my hands in his.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Just listen okay?"
"Yes... okay."

He sat me down on the edge of the couch and used the armrest as his own seat. Mystique spoke with hope. "Rogue, we want you to join the Brotherhood."

Someone whose mutant ability was a curse.