"What? Are you serious?" Remy rubbed my shoulder soothingly as I spoke in complete disbelief.

Mystique spoke bleakly. "My friend Destiny has foreseen a terrible-"

"Are you still really calling her your 'friend'?"

"Ana. Please this is no time for your nonsense. She has foreseen a terrible future. Usually her visions are blurry, as they may change, but this one is crystal clear. The days of mutants living in secrecy will be no longer. Within the next year, giant robots will be sent out to detain every mutant or worse. We need to prepare ourselves. Magneto is starting an army on Genosha."

The room was deathly quiet. Everyone overcome with a feeling of somber, heads down in disbelief. "Even if there was a war brewing, I'm not on your side. I'm not a mutant anymore. What can I do?"

"Magneto will give you back your powers. When he kidnapped you I thought he was going to help you. He was trying to help you, but mutant genes are unpredictable. What happened to you...He would never wish that on anybody."

"Wait, you knew? You let him kidnap me?" I was suddenly furious. Mystique never had my best interest at heart but I still considered her my mother. But this?

"I never thought-" Mystique tried to defend herself, but I wasn't going to let her.

"I can't believe you Mystique. Of all the things you have ever done to me..."

"Chere, is okay..." Remy tried to calm be down, but to no avail.

"No it is not okay Remy!"

"Rogue, how is it that out of this whole conversation you seem to ignore the fact that the humans are starting a war!?" Pietro yelled. "You should be blessed that Magneto wants you at all!"

"I'm not his little dog jumping at everything he says trying to prove yourself to him. I don't need your Daddy's love."

"How dare you!" Wanda stepped in an effort to protect her brother.

Remy interjected now. "Pietro, Wanda sit down. If you touch a hair on her head I will kill you both."

"Everyone CALM DOWN!" Mystique, trying to get a handle on the situation, screamed at the top of her lungs. We obeyed. "Rogue, think about it. Myself, along with a few others, are leaving today. If you decided to join us, we will send a ship for you to take you to Genosha."

"I'm not going to Genosha. I am not going anywhere near Magneto."

Mystique approached me and, as if she had any right to being my mother, she cradled my hands in hers. "Please think about it."

I sighed.

"Pietro, Wanda, John... you are with me." She barked her final orders and exited with the three Brotherhood mutants trailing after her.

I followed them out of the house. "Wait! John?" I skipped over to him. He turned and faced me with a melancholy expression.


"We have school tomorrow. You can't leave." The chilling winter breeze swept over us.

"Rogue, did you hear anything she said? I have to go."

"No you don't. Stay. Its January. January, February, March, April, and in June we graduate. We haven't been working this hard for nothing. If you even miss one day of school, you are going to be kicked out." When John was recruited to the Brotherhood about four years ago from Australia he should have been a sophomore in high school, but they held him back. Since then he just gave up. The only class he has ever gotten an A in was chemistry last year, but I think thats mainly due to the fact that we worked with Bunsen burners everyday. I never thought he cared about school. I thought he was just like Blob and Toad who dropped out in junior high, but last year we were in the same English class and he asked me for help on an essay. Ever since then I have been helping him with school. He wasn't even going to be graduating this year, but he talked to his counselor who said he had to take two summer school classes, have perfect attendance and get all B's during his senior year. While most of us seniors had only four classes and got out around noon, John was taking seven. He was at school Monday through Thursday from seven in the morning until three o'clock in the afternoon.

I even got to enlist the help of Xavier's staff. He comes to the mansion Tuesday through Thursday for tutoring or any other days he needs it. Beast and I help with English and Math. Remy helps him with French. Logan helps him with his physiology and biology classes, literally showing him organs and muscles at times. His other two classes are electives which he has to do on his own. He has been doing extremely well and was on the path to graduating, but if he leaves now all his hard work goes down the drain.

"Rogue. I can't. I have to go."

"John, please. Don't stay because I am asking you to. Stay for yourself."

He was silent for what seemed like minutes, staring at my optimistic face. He stayed silent as he walked over to Mystique and her minions. They spoke and then he came back to me. "Okay... I'm staying... for now."

"Good!" I squeezed him as hard as I could, but without my powers I felt so feeble. I squeezed anyway and he laughed.

"I have to go tie up some loose ends with Mystique. Hang out here a while and we can go to the mansion together? Beast is going to correct my English essay due tomorrow and help me a bit with my math review before the test tomorrow."

"Okay. No problem." Remy was at the door way as I made my way back into the house. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Are you even going to consider the offer?"

"No. The only thing I have to consider is deciding whether or not I should tell the Professor. I usually keep Brotherhood meetings to myself, but this is huge. This involves everyone."

"You can't tell the X-men! They will try to stop Magneto without thinking of the giant robots waiting to kill us."


"Do not tell them yet Ro. Please..."

"Fine I won't tell them yet, but I will tell them soon... if I can even keep it out of my head. I live with a lot of psychics you know."

"You have enough on your mind. You probably won't even think about it, considerin' your Russian is coming into town tomorrow."

"His name is Peter." I said as I rolled my eyes.

"He is Russian ain't he?"

"Remy... wait. How do you know about Peter?"

"Lance told me."

"How the hell would he know?"

He shrugged. "I don't know."

"LANCE!" I ran up the creaky stairs and into Lance's room. It was a complete pigsty.

"What?" He was laying on his bed in a contemplative position.

"I will answer my own question soon enough." I stretched over him and reached in the corner behind his bed probing for a clue.

"Rogue?! What are you doing?" Remy questioned when he arrived.

"Its fine Rem. I kind of like the view..." Lance folded his arms behind his head.

"Oh shut up!" I gave him a light tap on the head. "I'm looking for something." I began searching through the dresser and closet, then under his bed. Besides the numerous cob webs and miscellaneous papers there was the clue I was looking for. I held up a pink frilly thong.

"Lance you freak... didn't know you were into that kind of thing." Remy chuckled.

"I'm not! Its not mine!" He bolted up off the bed in a defensive stance.

"I know its not yours. Its Kitty's." I suggested.

"How... would you know that?"

"I'm only her roommate! I can't believe you are sleeping with her!" Wait, this was all fitting together perfectly. "How long have you been sleeping with her?"

"The past couple months..."

"But not anymore..."

"No... did she tell you?"

"She wanted you to go to the dance, didn't she?"

"Yeah, but I wasn't going to go to that stupid thing."

"Dumb bitch."


"She is going out with my brother to that stupid dance! She is probably trying to make you jealous." I know I just received cataclysmal news just minutes ago that mutants might become extinct, but right now all I can think about is my brother.

"Well, that won't work. Like I could ever be jealous of that blue freak. No offense. Kitty was just sex. Good sex. Eh... alright sex. But its not like I am going to be her boyfriend or anything. She knew that that was the deal."

"I can't believe this... I gotta go tell Kurt."

"Look at what a good little detective you are, chere. Maybe you have a profession there."

"Maybe." Logan's animal instincts must be rubbing off on me.

I told my brother as soon as I got to the mansion, but he won't listen. He is too infatuated to know that he is going to get hurt. He said I can't protect him forever. He said he wants to show her that he is a good guy and the right guy for her. It would be romantic... if she was deserving. Kurt is always so careful when he teleports. If he doesn't know what is on the other side of a door he could get stuck. Why can't he be just as cautious about Kitty?

I was already asleep for hours when Kitty snuck back into our room. I wondered if she was with Lance. Or Bobby. Or anyone. I wanted to punch her, but I didn't. Maybe I couldn't protect him from this. He needed to know heartbreak. He needed to learn this lesson on his own.

The next day at school, Kitty and Kurt were walking around hand in hand. It was disgustingly annoying. But I wasn't going to think about that. Because I was going to go pick up Peter at the airport after school. I was so excited that he was coming home. I hadn't seen him in three months! The day went by quickly and soon I was on my way.

Peter was easy to recognize out of the hundreds of other arrivals. His black hair was growing past his ears last time I saw him, but now it was buzzed short. He was much larger than I remembered, working on his family farm in Russia seemed to have added even more muscle to his frame. These aren't the reasons I could effortlessly pick him out of the crowd. The real reason? January. In New York. Everyone else is bundled up to the extremes, including myself. But Peter? He was wearing a short sleeve shirt and jeans.

"Peter!" I ran into his arms at full speed. He picked me up and spun me around. I felt perfect. Once on solid ground, I tried to kiss him. But he rebuffed my attempt.

"Ana! What are you doing? You want to put me in a coma?"

"No, I-"

"We can kiss later. Just not here, you know that."


He let out a hearty laugh. "Calm down Ana. I'm excited too, but I can't get too excited."

I was so thrilled to tell him my secret, but now it didn't seem like the right time. "Yeah... okay. Well lets get to the car."

He held my gloved hand as I lead him to the parking garage where I parked the car. I had never wanted to kiss anymore more in my life! But I practiced my years of restrain. I don't know when I will tell him. Its not like its summer and I am in a bikini. I am literally covered from my neck down. I'm even wearing a beanie. The only exposed skin I have is my face. I want to tell him, but I just don't know how.

On the hour drive back home Peter talked about his sister, Illyana, who was extremely sick. Xavier and his friend Moria, who is a doctor, went to visit her. The outcome is regretful. All they know is that it is some virus that only effects mutants and its fatal. Illyana is Peter's only reason for living. She was the reason he went back to Russia. I feel awful that I took him from that. Kurt is the one that told him I was kidnapped. Otherwise Pete never would have known. It felt selfish to be glad he was back.

Peter also talked about the farm. It keeps him busy. He asked about school and the gossip around the mansion. I told him my concerns with my brother and Kitty. Just being next to him helped me relax. He also begged to go to McDonald's. He hadn't had a hamburger in months. We stopped on the way, though I didn't eat anything. The cashier's eyes lit up when Peter asked for ten dollar burgers, five dollar fries, fifteen chicken Mcnuggets and a large soda. She stared at us while he ate, thinking maybe I would eat a bite. Its not like Peter is obese! He looks like a fit football player, but weighs twice as much. It must be all that metal in his system.

When we pulled into the mansion's drive way we were greeted by ice skaters. Bobby had made a safe ice rink and everyone seemed to be outside enjoying it. Elizabeth and Allison were lacing up their skates as they waved to us. Jean and Scott held hands as they glided along the frozen water. They looked so in love. Storm was bringing out a tray of hot chocolate for the younger kids who eagerly made their way to the beverages. Kurt and Kitty were doing spins on the ice. They waved too. Ugh.

"Lets get you inside and settled in."


"Hey Colossus. You're back." Logan was in the foyer when we got in the house. His skates were slung over his shoulder.

"I didn't know you could skate Logan." I pondered aloud.

"Been around a few years. You pick up things now and then."


There was an awkward silence. Finally Logan barked. "Shouldn't you be putting your bags away bub?"

"Oh... yeah. I will see you both on the ice." Peter stammered. "I, uh... don't have my skates... here."

"Its okay Pete. Bobby can fashion you some ice ones."

"Okay... see you in a bit Rogue." He disappeared up the stair case.

"Soo... he seemed scared."

"You scared him, Logan."

"Or is he scared for another reason?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Because he can finally get... intimate with his girlfriend?"

"Logan! Ew... I can't even believe you just said the word intimate."

"I know... neither can I."

"Honestly... he doesn't even know."

"You haven't told him?"

"No. So don't worry about it."

"Should we have the sex talk again or..."

"I remember it... don't worry."

"Just be careful. Okay?"

"Okay... hey just a heads up: Jean and Scott are out there."

He snarled. "Thanks."

"Hey..." Warren came out of the kitchen with a cookie in hand and greeted me.

"Hi, how are you?"

"Good, good. Just getting used to all this."

"Why aren't you out there ice skating with everyone?"

"My wings will just get in the way. I don't want to accidentally knock someone out." He laughed nervously.

"Bobby made a huge ice rink! Your wings won't get in the way..."

"Yeah, I don't know..."

"Fine, miss out. But this is kind of a family here. You have to accept it sooner or later."

"Perhaps later..."

"Fine. I'm going to head out there. See you around?"

"Yeah... oh wait Ana? It is Ana right?"

I smiled. "Yeah."

"Is that your boyfriend?"

"Yeah, thats Peter. He is a really good guy... You should get to know him."

"Oh... yeah he is my roommate I think."

"Oh thats right... you are in his old room. Well I guess its still his room. He doesn't live here. He is only going to be your temporary roommate."

"Yeah... Storm told me."

"Okay..." Why did I feel so awkward? "Maybe I will see you on the ice."

"See you later Ana."

The cool air felt amazing. I floated on the smooth ice, holding Peter's hand as he pulled me along side him. Everyone was laughing and having a good time, but then an uneasy feeling swept over the crowd. I turned to see what everyone was looking at: my friends. Remy, Lance, John, and Toad (well Toad isn't my friend) were jaunting over to our group. I rushed over to them, impatiently wanting to know what they wanted.

"What are you guys doing here?" I inquired

Remy spoke. "We just came to ice skate Ro."

"Can't you ice skate somewhere else?"

"Come on please... We won't be startin' any trouble I promise yah. We just want to skate."

"Fine." I yelled for Bobby who came sliding over.

"What's going on? Everything okay Ana?"

"Yeah... can they skate with us?"

Bobby's voice trembled with apprehension. "Yeah... sure."

"Alright!" The boys made their way on to the ice where everyone seemed to stay clear of them. John perfectly meshed, but Lance and Toad were already rambunctious.

"Hey, thanks Iceman." Remy, nudged Bobby's shoulder playfully which seemed to loosen him up a bit.

"No problem." Bobby said as he went back to the rink.

"We aren't going to cause any trouble Ro, I promise."


"So I see your hubby over there glaring at us. I don't think he likes me very much." Why is everyone asking about my boyfriend today?

"Remy... don't."

"Just wondering... did you tell him about your powers gone missin'?"

"No, I didn't. And that is none of your business."

"Come on now. I care about you."

"You missed out on your chance a long time ago Remy. Don't start."

"I know I did..." When Remy first moved here from New Orleans, he was eighteen and I was fourteen. I was spending a lot of time with the Brotherhood. I guess you could say it was my rebellious phase. Months passed and soon Remy was the only person I have ever felt close to. I wasn't afraid to tell him anything.

We went to a lot of high school parties. At one of them... Remy and I kissed. He knew the risk, but kissed me anyway and I nearly put him in a coma.


"Remy! I can't believe you just kissed me." My mind was abruptly flooded with memories of Louisiana. Poker nights with my dad... no not my dad. Remy's dad. "You're gonna kill yourself!"

"Come on, couldn't you feel the sparks flyin'?"
"That was probably just you transferring your memories to me. Which I don't like. Now you are in my head."

"Harder for you to keep me out of your mind." He grinned, baring his white teeth. He kissed me again.

Riding in the swamps... Ce qui se passe pour moi? I know French?! "Remy LeBeau! Seriously! Stop it!"

"I like you Ana." He held my hands in his.

"John warned me about you, yah know? He said you were a womanizer."

"John warned me about you too. He said you were beautiful, but I didn't believe him."

I ignored the statement. I doubt John would say that. "Well? Are you a womanizer?"

"Maybe he's just jealous? You think about that?"

"John? Please..."

"Lets stop talking about John..."

I giggled. "Fine. So... you like me?" Was I blushing? I really hope I'm not blushing...

"These past few months have been amazing. Ever since I met you... I can't stop thinking about you."

"Me too..."

We left the party and spent the night together. Just talking... I asked him about his memories in my head. He told me of days at the bayou, Mardi Gras...

The next day he was kissing some blonde. What never started, ended.

I want to forget about it, but I can't. Remy is still my friend, the only person I can really talk to. We just weren't meant to be.
Retreating back to present day, "Okay then."

I didn't want to go back to Peter just yet. He is the definitely the jealous type. He would ask why they were here, what we were talking about, etc., etc... So I decided skate with Elizabeth and Daz for a while. They would probably ask about the Brotherhood too, but they would be more chill about it. "Hey whats up."

"Elizabeth won't shut up about the new guy." Daz stated. I started laughing. They didn't even care that the Brotherhood was here.

"What new guy? There are always new people around here."

"Warren!" Elizabeth gushed, "Warren is sooo cute."

"How do you know him?" I asked.

"The Professor asked me to give him a tour. I think we really hit it off. He is gorgeous!"

"Elizabeth... you barely know the guy! You talked to him for like... what? Fifteen minutes?" Daz grabbed a hair tie from her pocket and pulled her long blonde hair into a pony tail.

"He sounds so eloquent..."

"I agree with Daz."

"Rogue! That is because you haven't met him!"

"Actually I have."

"You have?!" Daz and Allison glanced at me.

"Yeah, I saw him in the Professor's office yesterday."

"Rogue, you cannot have him!"

"Elizabeth he isn't your property." Daz giggled.

"No! Its not fair Rogue! You have Peter. Why would you want Warren?"

"I don't want Warren! You're going crazy. I have only had two conversations with him. I don't even know him. If you like him then great. Go for it. I'm leaving now..."

"Elizabeth! What is your problem?"

"I just..."

The conversation diminished as I got farther away. Where is Peter?

The day went on without interruption. There was a huge dinner to celebrate Peter's homecoming. (Jean made it "American" themed with an array of hot dogs, hamburgers, and other artery clogging master pieces. Scott didn't even seem to mind when Jean asked him to cook. He would do anything for her, including cooking food outside on the barbecue in chilling temperatures.) After dinner we took our dessert to the living room and watched movies all night. The younger students had to leave for bed at ten thirty. They left with loads of whining and moaning, "It's not fair..."

I thought I would finally tell Peter about my powers. He walked me to my room. When I went in to kiss him I was greeted by cold metallic lips. Then he said goodnight...

Saturday was spent at the mall like it usually is. Whoever wants to go has to be ready by noon. The students are hauled off in bus loads to the nearest mall. They are free to go wherever they want, but have to meet back at five o'clock to leave. Unfortunately, as an older member, it is my responsibility to be a chaperon this week. Peter joined me and wanted to go to the theater. It was only the dollar theater, so all the movies were months old but Peter didn't know the difference. There are no theaters in Russia apparently. He opted for an action flick and surprisingly did not order popcorn.

On Sunday John came over for a study session. Dr. McCoy and I met him in the main library and tried to explain the quadratic formula, but to no use.

"This doesn't make any sense!" John complained. "When am I ever going to have to use this crap?"

"Just try to understand John..." Beast tried reasoning.

I noted, "Remember its negative 'b' , plus or minus-"

"The square root of blah blah blah... yes I know that already. I just don't know why I have to do a hundred problems on this formula!"

"Your teacher just wants you to practice John." Beast added, "Practice makes perfect."


"John... you are going to get this. Trust me."

"Sure, Rogue. Sure."

Three hours later John was done with his math homework, art homework, and half way done with his English project that wasn't due until next week. Dang... I haven't even started mine. I left the room, but still could hear Beast reciting Shakespeare quotes as I made my way down the hall.

I opened the door to my room. "What. The. Fuck."

"Rogue... I... I didn't think you were here."

"What do you mean you didn't think I was here Peter? I was down stairs in the study...This is my room."

"I'm gonna go..." Kitty put back on her pants and her shirt and scrambled out of the room.

"Did you just have sex with her?"

"Ana... I-"

"Did you just have sex with her?!" I demanded.

Unable to meet my eyes, "Yes."

I wanted to cry. "Why would you do that to me?" I didn't know what else to say.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. You don't know what its like for me! Its so hard... I want you so bad all the time and I can't have you."

"Why... why would you do this to me?"

"I don't know! I don't know what I was thinking... When we were ice skating the other day I saw you with Gambit and he... I was jealous and Kitty said that you two were getting back together and today you were with John all day-"

"Wait, you had sex with her then?! On the first fucking day you were here?!"


"I can't believe you!"

"I came here to spend time with you Ana! I did! But you are so busy and-"

"Me and Gambit have never been together so we couldn't possibly be getting back together. I told you I was helping John study! Its not even like we were alone! Beast was there! Not that I have to explain any of this to YOU!"

"Ana, I'm sorry. I was just so insecure about us. Kitty meant nothing. Kitty meant nothing to me, I swear. I don't even know how this happened."

"When Magneto kidnapped me, my powers were stripped away. I have been wanting to tell you ever since you got here. I have been wanting to kiss you and I'm so glad i didn't! You are a digusting-"

"What the hell is going on here?!" Logan entered the room with Kurt by his side. "I can hear you two screaming from the Danger Room!"

"Peter just slept with my roommate."

"What?!" Logan growled, his adamantium claws instantly emerging.

"You had sex with Kitty?" I could feel Kurt's heart breaking, just as I predicted. "I thought we were friends Peter, why would you do this to me? To my sister?"

"I- I..." Peter couldn't get a word out.

I was going to leave this with the final word. "You two deserve each other Pete. By the way, you should really get checked out. Syph is a bitch along with all the other STD's she has once had."

"Professor!" I slammed open the door to his office, where he was going through meticulous paper work.

"Ana, please calm down... what is the problem?"

"I need a new room."

"Why? Whats wrong with your current living situation?"

"My roommate just had sex with my now ex-boyfriend. I need a new room because if I stay in there I will tear her head off. Literally."

He rubbed his temples. "Ahh... well Ana I am sorry. There are no other rooms available."

"There has got to be a hundred rooms in the mansion. Thats why it is called a mansion."

"They are all full."

"There has got to be one open room... Please Professor. Please..." I was begging now.

"Well, I shouldn't allow this considering what you just told me about sexual relations going on between the students, but there is a room. You will room with Warren, until I can make other arrangements."

"I can't be in Peter's old room!"

"It's not Peter's room and he won't be staying there. Scott is taking him to the airport as we speak."

"I can't be in Peter's old room." I repeated.

"This is your only option."


Warren answered the door on my second knock. "Hey... what's up?"

"I'm your new roommate."