"What do you mean?"

"What do you mean, 'what do I mean'?"

"Whats the problem."

"I thought we were gonna stop doing dis."

"Doing what?"

"Runnin' away."

"Remy, I made this decision before we decided to start up a relationship again. Honestly, I want to go."

"And what about us?"

"There can still be an us."

"How? You in JAPAN! Its one t'ing for me to commute here to New York from New Orleans and thats hard enought as it is, but Japan is a whole other country!"

"I'm sorry, but I need this. I really need a change of scenery."

"It feels like you need a change of scenery from me."

"No, its not like that."

"We get back from Russia an' I t'ink everyt'in is fine an' you pull this."

"A lot of people have long distance relationships."

"Not dis long."


"I'm really tryin' here Rogue. You know dat."

"I know you are. And me moving to Japan is really going to test our relationship."

"We don't need anymore tests."


"I hate being away from you chere and if you are all de way in Japan..."

"What does it matter? We can't be intimate anyway."

"Oh, so dats what dis is about."

"What are you talking about?"

"We get back from Russia, go on our date, and you're mad cuz you sucked up a lil of my energy. Who cares."

"Tonight was fun, no?" Remy asked as he walked me to the door of my room.

"Yes, tonight was fun. I'm surprised we actually went out on a date." We went out for italian in Little Italy where I stuffed myself on ravioli and bruschetta. After, we walked hand in hand down the streets which were still alive with excitement as the night winded down. It was fun.

"Yeah, I thought it would never happen with your ex boyfriend here an all..." Its been a few days since getting back from Russia and Peter decided to come with. His excuse was to see through Beast and Iceman's recovery but it was more so to see Kitty. In all sincerity: good for them.

"Please stop bringing that up." Just a hiccup. Thats what my relationship with Peter was. A hiccup

"You're right." Remy leaned in for a kiss making sure to activate his magic trick (what we have affectionately called his kinetic energy force field) before our lips touched. My powers have constantly stayed active.

Everything was going fine until I felt Remy's mind swirl into my own. He was imagining the kiss leading further but this fantasy would not come true. I immediately pulled back, "I'm sorry."

"No, its my fault. I wasn't paying attention."

"Wait... thats what you think about when you're kissing me? You think about trying not to die."

"No, I don't. I mean yeah I have to focus my magic trick-"

"Just go. Go back to your hotel room or where ever you are staying tonight."

"I care."

"Rogue... it doesn't even matter." He grabbed my gloved hand and I knew he would try to pull me in an attempt to comfort me, but it wouldn't work.

"Yes it does! I don't like having you in my head!"

"Jeez chere, can't be that bad."

"Besides that! Remy you are having a kid. You are experiencing life and I'm left behind. I can't have kids. I don't want any anytime soon, but its not even an option. We can barely make out let alone have sex. I just... whats the point."

"I love you. Thats the point."


"Stop wit all dis negativity."

"Its just reality! My powers are never going away. In a way, I don't want them to. I have accepted they are a part of me. I just wish I could turn it off and on yah know? Because with them on... we can't ever have a real relationship."

"This is a real relationship and somet'in is wrong wit you if you t'ink otherwise."

"Maybe something is wrong with me. I have always been the quiet girl in the corner reading a book that doesn't want to be disturbed, but the truth is that I want to be disturbed. I want to have a life. I want to have friends and a boyfriend. I wish I could just start over. Thats what Japan is. I thought I was moving forward from my goth stage but I don't think I will ever be rid of that part of me."

"I don't want you to start over. I want to be wit you an' I am sick of tryin to convince you."

"I know you want to be with me."

"So what, you don't know if you want to be wit me?"

"No, of course I do. Its just that... you're having a baby! I mean... come on! Maybe thats what this is about. You are having a baby... with your ex wife! I just... I don't know if I can deal with that. I don't know if I can deal with not being able to touch you like any other normal human being can. My mind is going crazy right now. I don't even know what brought this on..."

"Rogue, its okay to be confused. I'm confused to half de time. I just know dat I love you."

"I love you too."

"Then see? Everyt'in will be fine chere. Lets just take each day as it comes. Japan isn't for a while and when it comes we will deal with it."


The first week of April sprung up and I was already starting the month off badly. I was supposed to study for another expedition with Beast to check out some ruins in Mexico but then I got swept up in this cold. It started out as a sore throat which I ignored, then blew up into a full on cold with headaches, mucous pouring out of my nose and a wicked cough. Kurt got it first then passed it on to Kitty and now I've got it.

"I hate you."

"Oh great you're sick too?" Kitty sniffled.

"Yes and now I am stuck in quarentine with you two idiots." I grabbed a tissue from Kitty. "Is it okay that I am in the same room as you Kurt?"

"Its fine."

"Oh crap. I forgot you guys were still fighting... I so don't want to be here right now. You guys are going to make my headache way worse. This totally-"

I ignored Kitty, "Oh... you're talking to me now?"

"Yeah, I'm talking to you."

"You aren't mad anymore?"

"Oh I'm still mad. How can I not be mad? You killed my mom! You don't get it, do you? You don't have a mom and I do. Or did. But you decided to take that away from me and act like it didn't even matter!"

Wow. How insensitive am I? I never thought about it that way. Besides the fact that Mystique was a psycho... It was so easy for me to push the Mystique statue but it may have been a different story if it was a real person. "Kurt, I'm sorry."


"No, I am really sorry."

"See? Rogue says shes sorry. Kurt accepts. Now we can all move on! Both of you need to like shut up so I can get some sleep and rest before spring break next week. Because I am not going to miss out!" Kitty yelled.

"Oh, shut up." Kurt and I said simultaneously.



I was in a groggy haze. My ears felt like they had bubbles over them and my head felt like a watermelon. I couldn't breathe out my nose and coughed all night. I wasn't asleep, but I thought I was dreaming when Scott came in the room. "Scott? What are you doing?"

"You need to tell me again what happened when Sinister took Jean away."

"Scott... I already told you. I told everyone in the briefing room what happened in Russia."

"I need her back Rogue. How could you guys just let him take her? Maybe Jean was always the target. Maybe-"

"Scott. This isn't helping. We are going to find her but not right now in the middle of the night. I told you everything. I said I'm sorry that we couldn't protect her. We are doing everything possible to find her."

"No we aren't. We need-"

"What you need is to go take care of Rachel because she is scared shitless with her mom gone. Don't you dare try to pretend that you and Jean were this perfect couple and that you love her so much and you realize that now that she is gone. Just don't." That may have been a little harsh. "Now please get out of my room before you catch the germs."

"I'm going to find her. I have to find her."


Mysteryrogue: Updating less frequently, but I had a major cold that made my head feel like a watermelon :/ not fun (which inspired me to write it in this chap) but finally made time for this chapter to get away from all the Apocalypse madness. Remy and Rogue still obviously have a lot to deal with besides Bella and the baby and I just wanted to use this chap to be reminded of all that bc we know that Rogue isn't the type of girl to just get over things and everything is all happy. Not that easy.

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