I woke up early, extra early, to have enough time to eat breakfast (the last of the Rice Krispies) and get ready before everyone else before we left for the airport. First we have to fly to L.A where we are picking up Jubilee, Remy and Belladonna (who are flying in from New Orleans.) Yeah, Belladonna. I guess I had an epiphany that made me realize that Remy is in my life. He is going to be in my life forever and I might as well get used to it. This means that Belladonna is now a part of my life whether I like it or not. And I don't like it but I have to suck it up. I love him, right?

Besides Belladonna coming, which felt like drama in itself even though I invited her, I was really... excited. Once we are there it is non stop work in order to get our new head quarters set up. Everyone is still trying to decide if they want to be in Japan or stay in New York which is getting too crowded and too anti mutant crazed. Jubilee's parents thought it would be a good idea for Jubilee to live in Japan for cultural reasons not to mention the fact that they just can't handle her anymore. Without Danger Room sessions and training Jubilee's powers have been uncontrollable and they are at a loss of what to do besides sending her back to us.

Peter is also coming to Japan to help with the new mansion. He might also decide to move him and his sister to JH to escape the lonliness of Russia. Which would be awkward right? Its only awkward because he makes it like that. He barely speaks to me out of fear and when he does speak it is one word responses and phrases as if I don't deserve any better? I don't care that he cheated on me over a year ago! What does it even matter! And so what that him and Kitty are phone dating. They can do whatever they want! I am over it! Not that I neccesarily want him living with me. I move to another country, another continent, but it seems like I will never get my fresh start.

So far its three yes: Logan, Jubilee and myself. And four maybes: Peter/Illyana, Kitty, Rahne, and Danielle. No one seems to want to leave Bayville. I can't say I'd feel the same if I was still in Bayville. I hated highschool.

Before we even think about living situations we have to do something with the empty acres of land. We literally have to build the mansion so I swear if Magneto blows this one up I will kill him with my own two hands.

Speaking of unwanted people, Kitty comes in to ruin my breakfast. She literally phases her head through my bowl of cereal. "You're inviting a pregnant woman on a plane. To Japan. With us. For spring break. And she's pregnant."

"Correct. Now get the hell out of my food! Thats nasty."

She followed orders. I hoped she would just leave, it was way too early in the morning for this, but instead she took a seat next to me. "Yeah, I just lost my tooth brush in Beast. I should probably have told him huh? Its not like I want it now but-"

"Kitty! What do you want?"

"Oh, right. Why are you inviting the baby momma! I don't get it."

"And this is your business because...?"

"Because I am going on this trip! This is MY spring break!" It was so weird that it was spring break. Last year I was in high school. Last year I was in California where Remy came and told me about his past, his past with Belladonna. Its crazy to think that she is still keeping us apart in some ways. I agreed to go to Louisianna on a hopeful whim. A hopeful optimistic whim. Believing in a chance for happiness. I was happy those days. Completely and obliviously happy.

"Right... Well, Remy doesn't want to be away from me for two weeks but he can't go on the trip with out leaving Belladonna so I offered an invite."

"You invited a pregnant woman... on a our trip to Japan. On a very long plane ride? Isn't she going to get sick? Morning sickness and all that."

"Maybe Bella will get nauseous and have to stay to stay in the bathroom lavatory giving me and Remy some alone time on a plane. Whats wrong with that?"

"Isn't that like... mean?" Kitty pondered.

"...Maybe," I indulged.

"Oh! I see that smirk on your face! Wow! That is soooo evil! I love it! Thanks for letting me in on your little plan."

"Um.. okay?"

"I mean... I didn't know we were friends. Cuz you like said we weren't friends but now you are sharing secrets with me and its way cool. I thought you would be mad that Pete and I are kinda dating. Which is going kinda okay its just hard that Peter is in Russia, but you know that already cuz you dated him. And you probably don't want to hear any of this huh? Sometimes I think-"

"Kitty, just shut up. We aren't friends, exactly, but I'm not going to hold a grudge on you for the rest of my life."

"Thats... good. Thats like good right?"


"I can't believe you guys just... go to Japan. Dis is crazy! I have only been out of New Orleans one time an' dat was to go visit you in New York! But Japan! Dis is just... crazy! You know dat was only my second trip on an airplane!" Bella exclaimed as she hugged me.

Please be quiet. Why does she have to be so sweet and nice? As if she isn't having my boyfriend's baby and that we could maybe be friends. She is so beautiful and doesn't have mutant skin like mine. Maybe Remy should just stay with her. I love him. Of course I do. I love him and I want to be with him, but maybe he'd be happier that way.

After arriving in Japan we drove out of the city and into a rural area. It was beautiful. The opposite of New York. Escape the tall buildings. Escape civilization. It felt like untapped land. It felt like no one had stepped foot here. There were trees. Lush, green, ubiquitous trees. The suns rays peered through the cloudy sky and it was... it was beatiful.

We reached Logan's house, which was more like a small shack, and I could tell our work was cut out for us. Lucky we had some helpful hands: Peter, Jamie, and Roberto were going to be very useful considering their mutant powers. I didn't stay there long enough to hear Logan bark one order though luckily. Beast flew in on the X-jet to pick Remy and I up for a little excursion in some Chinese ruins. Belladonna stayed with the gang as they got started on the groundwork for our new house. We'd be back in day to help out.


"Way different then Egypt huh?"

"I don't miss de sand chere."

"I kinda do." I loved Egypt. I don't know why, but it just spoke to me. But being here, in a new place, and the idea of finding something that has been untouched for years... its just amazing don't you think?

"Here's dat brush you wanted."

"Thanks." I continued dusting a stone carved mural.

"Hey, Rogue?"


"Come here."

"Why?" I asked not looking away from my task.

"Just come here."

"Ugh." I place my tools carefully on a plastic mat on the stone groud. I walk over to Remy who puts his arm around me and pulls me in for a kiss. No magic trick. "What the heck? How did you just..."

"I don't know..." We kissed over and over again.

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